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These addiction articles cover all addictions, from alcoholism and drug addiction to gaming disorder. Whether for yourself or a loved one, learn about addiction symptoms, causes, treatments and the struggles of living with an addiction.

Addictions General Information

Alcoholism Articles:

Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment of Alcoholism

Alcoholism Articles: Alcohol Relapse

Alcohol Addiction Articles: Alcoholics

Alcohol Addiction Articles: Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Addiction Articles: Effects of Alcohol and Alcoholism

Cocaine Addiction Articles:

Cocaine Information

Cocaine Addiction Articles

Cocaine Articles: About Crack Cocaine

Drug Abuse Articles:

Drug Abuse Information

Drug Addiction Articles

Food Addiction Articles:

Gambling Addiction Articles:

Gaming Disorder Articles:

Heroin Addiction Articles:

Heroin Information

Heroin Addiction Articles: From Symptoms to Treatment

Internet Addiction Articles:

Marijuana Articles:

About Marijuana, It's Effects, Statistics

Marijuana Addiction Articles

Meth Addiction Articles:

Methamphetamine Basics

Meth Articles: Articles on Methamphetamine Addiction

Nicotine Addiction Articles:

Nicotine Addiction Information

Nicotine Articles: Stop Smoking and Treatment of Nicotine Addiction

Opioid Addiction Articles

About Opioids

Prescription Drug Addiction Articles:

Sex-Porn Addiction Articles:

Shopping Addiction Articles:

Work Articles:

Family Impact Articles:

Addictions Blogs

Addictions Related Information

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