TJ DeSalvo
I’ve always been one who enjoys traveling. However, much as I like to travel, there is one part of the process that I’ve always been uncomfortable with: actually traveling. Specifically, flying to my destination.
Jessica Kaley
I have a talisman that I carry with me everywhere I go, and it helps keep my self-esteem strong. A talisman is a good-luck piece, but it can also act as a trigger to evoke a memory or an emotional response. Here's the story of my talisman and how you can use one of your own.
Court Rundell
Rapid weight change due to mental illness is challenging enough without dealing with people's reactions. I've experienced rapid weight loss and gain on three separate occasions. The most dramatic weight change I survived was a 30-pound loss that left me looking like a skeleton with dark circles under my eyes. The only thing more shocking was people telling me how great I looked. As infuriating as these reactions were, I learned that my rapid weight change created an opportunity to start talking about mental illness.
Krystle Vermes
One of the most fear-inducing symptoms of dissociative identity disorder (DID) is dissociative amnesia. When the mind is elsewhere and split off from the conscious body, it can be easy to lose track of everything from time to conversations with other people. It took me years before I understood this commonly overlooked symptom of DID, and just as long to gain control over it and my everyday life.
Hollay Ghadery
I'll state the obvious: dating someone in eating disorder (ED) recovery can be difficult. Since my husband and I are coming up on our 11th wedding anniversary, I'd thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the challenges of forming healthy relationships when one party is struggling with an ED. 
Megan Griffith
Medical trauma is an underrepresented form of trauma that happens all too often to people with mental illness. For example, when I was 19, I sought treatment for what I then thought was bipolar disorder, and the reactions I got from doctors left a psychological wound that still affects me today.
Martyna Halas
The change of seasons can often make us feel moody, and add seasonal depression on top of self-harm urges and you might have a problem. Especially in winter months, it’s hard to remain positive when all you see outside your window is doom and gloom. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not uncommon during those times, making us feel depressed and, well, sad. It can also fuel self-harm urges, so it’s crucial to practice coping skills and lots of self-love when it’s dark outside.
Laura A. Barton
The links between mental health stigma and trigger warnings are multifaceted, which means navigating trigger warnings can be complicated. Mental health triggers are often easily dismissed as weakness or laughable, but they're very real, and warnings can help people prepare for a situation. However, those who don't want trigger warnings can also feel stigmatized by them.
Martha Lueck
With the COVID-19 pandemic still among us, social distancing rules will affect winter holiday celebrations, but you can use tech to close the gaps with your loved ones. If you usually have huge family parties, perhaps fewer long-distance friends and relatives will attend this year. This might make you feel sad and disconnected. However, the use of technology can help you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Continue reading this post to learn about how to take advantage of technology for the holidays.
George Abitante
I noticed while trying to think of a topic for this week's article that I often write about anxiety in terms of the individual experiencing it, but up until now, that has not included asking for help when you're anxious. I'll sometimes bring up things like helping someone else with anxiety, but I rarely discuss how to ask for help when you feel anxious yourself.

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Megan Griffith
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Lizanne! I appreciate them so much.
Krystle Vermes
Thank you so much for the kind words!
What do you do when anything you try or even just asking them to be respectful or ask or even just pick up your room flush the toilet is met with complete screaming or verbal abuse not just from the mentally bpd violent child but their father. To where your feelings way you would like to be treated or respected in your own home your boundaries of something as simple as having a specific food or dish you just want for yourself is treated with such absolute ridicule contempt. Or when the mentally disturbed child is given control or power over you you then have a kook of a psychotherapist tell the other parent that your goal is to divide from the children after believing the lies of the violent abuser. Or asking to have them please turn down her music is met with. What is your problem what's wrong with their music being loud...but when it disturbs their activity. Hey turn it down

When a 16 yr old who just threatened suicide and screamed vulgar things and names at you and their dad threw water all over a computer and important papers calling you all sorts of names but her father repeatedly said call the police you do then she calls and tells you that you're crazy and you should be the one to just die that she the violent abusing 16 yr old tells you to just lease die they so want you dead to just lease kill yourself how dare you call the police on me...and your husband her father stays silent while she flips you off smirks at you keeps demeaning you as he gets angry at you for calling the police....never stops her just sends you into another room. Never says once you don't talk to it treat my wife like this. You know. I actually prayed for death when I went to take an antidepressant of mine last night. How much I actually stood looking at all the pills poured them into my hand stool there for a minute ..looked down at my dog who would be in danger with them thought of my own adult birth daughter and poured the pills back into the bottle....they have no clue the brink they really do and have broken me with their 6 yrs of abuse by his child and thanks to her now her brother and verbally and with no care consideration or respect for me their father has done the cheating emotionally texting online but since he didn't touch them just told them with written and verbal words how much he wanted them over me. Oh no that's not cheating. How close my life almost did end due to them
Lizanne Corbit
This is such a valid point and one that is vitally important for people to recognize: "I no longer felt like I could trust my own perceptions about my body or my mind". This can be incredibly disempowering and it happens more often than we think. I am so glad you are on your journey and able to share it with others. Yahoo for your brilliant mantra! Keep with it.
Lizanne Corbit
This is a very thorough and well-expressed explanation of something that a lot of people can struggle to really understand. I am so glad that you have found tools to help you move from that place of fear and in doing so, you are also shining a light for so many others. Thank you for sharing!