I’m Hayes Mitchell, and I am excited to join "The Life: LGBT Mental Health" blog. I’m a mental health writer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing with a minor in psychology. I identify as queer and transgender (trans). I began discovering my identity back in high school. Today I’m 22 and still learning about myself every day. I’ve changed my labels many times over the years. I’ve identified as bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and demisexual. I tend to withhold telling people because when I change my mind, I don’t want them to discredit my past experience. Every one of those identities has been real to me at each point in my life. I believe in gender and sexuality as being a spectrum. Everyone exists somewhere on that spectrum.
Living with verbal abuse can drastically alter your life choices and how you navigate the world. However, it's critical that you break away from being the victim if you are recovering from a verbally abusive past. Dealing with abuse is only part of your story and is not the only way to define you as an individual.
I think I’m on a very good medication cocktail. There are several reasons why, but the funniest one is that when I typed “medication cocktail” into my notes on my phone as a story idea, the predictable word “hour” appeared. I was able to see the humor in that, and when I told my husband, Tom, about it, he said, “Medication happy hour!” and we both laughed. Ain’t love grand?
I’m Rachel Craft, and I’m excited to join the "Coping with Depression" blog at HealthyPlace. I was diagnosed with depression over a decade ago in college. As a type-A perfectionist, I was constantly overwhelmed with stress and never got enough sleep. My habitually low self-esteem took a dive at one point, and I developed an eating disorder and started experimenting with self-harm. It was a terrifying period of my life because I realized I might not survive if I didn’t find help.
Hello, my name is Obsessed with Metrics. I say this with snark, but I also genuinely mean it. A few months ago, when I wrote about my exercise addiction, I briefly touched on how metrics fuel this behavior. I count the number of steps I take. I count the number of miles I run. I count the number of stairs I climb. I count the number of minutes I exercise. I count the number of calories I burn. At times, I feel like a human calculator—ironic, since math has never been my strong suit.
After a year of blogging for HealthyPlace, I must now depart. However, a long goodbye isn't really useful for anyone, including me. So this final post is addressed to you -- the undiagnosed reader who suspects they may have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is looking for guidance on how to proceed.
When you struggle with anxiety, it is sometimes inevitable that you will also cope with depression. The constant worry, the feelings of insecurity, the fears, feeling overwhelmed, and most noticeable for me, the feelings of exhaustion from the anxiety -- all of these things can lead to suddenly feeling down. What has concerned me about this in the past has been that if I feel down and continue to feel this way, the depression may become severe to the point that it is difficult to pull myself out. So I've had to be mindful of taking care of myself in order to avoid anxiety becoming depression.
Taking risks has a bad reputation. We advise people against decisions that seem "risky," warn children away from capers that might result in injury, and, as a general rule of thumb, seek certainty at all costs. On the surface, this ethos makes perfect sense. Why take risks when the odds are against you? After all, that's what risk is: a poor probability or an unlikely shot. 
The idea of attracting bliss brings many different images to mind. We often associate the word with heightened mental states such as those brought about by meditation and a life of simplicity. At the other end of the spectrum, we might picture a life of complete abundance rooted in physical sensations, wealth, and material possessions.
Verbal abuse can come from individuals of any age, including children. Unfortunately, the understanding that kids can be cruel is too common for many parents. So, why do children resort to verbal abuse to handle difficult situations? The answer could be due to learned behaviors or a developmental phase.

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Ken Jeffers
Very good results just from breathing and eating better, thank you for this information it’ll help immensely. I’ve started taking niacin and really feel that helps a person with there anxiety helping too clear the fog and not worry. It’s been about two months since I’ve started taking niacin with the flush and enjoy the results. I know I ate a lot of processed foods up until the last year or two, and I couldn’t remember anything, getting very depressed. Journaling helped hugely too release my anxiety, I’m still trying to control my thoughts and hopefully your suggestions help with clarity. Thank you
Oh wow. I never knew it was a thing. I just thought I was stupid. I have never know my left from right, I have to imagine picking up a pen and writing my name in the air to know that’s my right hand, sometimes I need to do it twice to make sure.
I can relate to all the previous comments, I have spent 90% of my life being lost.
I moved house two years ago after putting off relocating for years mainly because of my poor sense of direction, I was so worried about finding my way around a new town.
I don’t or can’t go anywhere without the sat nav, it sounds ridiculous but sometimes the destination I enter into the sat nav is only 1.5 miles away but I still need it otherwise I would be driving around aimlessly getting nowhere fast. When I arrive at my destination I then spend the whole time worrying about how will I get home.
I can’t recognise roads (they all look the same) or read maps, if I hold a map in my hand I never know if it’s upside down or not. After rotating it 5 times or more it gets thrown to the side crumpled into a ball of frustration. I rely heavily on technology.
I’m no better on foot. I can walk in the wrong direction for 30 minutes before I realise I have gone the wrong way, it’s so embarrassing, I can be walking along quite happy and then suddenly realise i must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, I then stand rigid not knowing which way to turn.

If I am in a restaurant and I need the loo I am not able to find my way back to my table. I have asked the waiter before now to escort me back to where my family are seated. It has nothing to do with having drunk too much wine, although I’m happy for the waiter to think that.

Large hotels are a nightmare for me, with all the corridors carpeted exactly the same and the lifts all looking the same. I can never find my way back to my room from reception (especially if it’s not well signposted) maybe by the end of my 10 day holiday I may have just cracked it but it’s then time to check out.
I don’t have a diagnosis of any kind, do you think I should be tested for ADHD?
I am so glad to find your blog. My son is is schizoaffective and extremely resistant to bathing at all. He is very good to wash his hands and is often very concerned about the cleanliness of food prep but will not bathe. It is so tough because he also refuses therapy and medication so we work very hard to keep him involved with his family everyday to prevent bad episodes that seem to be worse after being alone too much. HIs smell is really not great and it lingers on the furniture and around the house. We want to make him welcome to be with us whenever he wants but the smell is really challenging.
I’m turning 14 this year I’ve been self harming since I was 10 I stopped because my mum found out but I didn’t actually stop I just moved from my upper arms to my thighs she didn’t notice for about 2 1/2 years. In may I got sick of doing in on my thighs it no longer hurt to see in the mirror it no longer hurt when I cut myself I didn’t feel a thing no matter how hard I tried so I started doing it on my upper arm again. It hurt It felt good then stopped hurting but I didn’t really care this time because I had a routine to follow ever since April I would cut myself every week I’d make a deadline for myself so if I did it on Thursday the next week I’d do it on Thursday again or before that cutting no longer felt good it felt like a chore but I didn’t care. Mum found out in December and has been trying to convince me to show her my arm I refuse. New School year started I have no friends in any classes I sit alone and no one talks to me I feel invisible to everyone. I can’t focus on my work because all I can think about is the appropriate time to ask to go bathroom for 10 minutes unnoticed so I could cut myself because I feel so shut I just want to feel something I’m so desperate I started on my wrist today for the first time and I love the burn but I’m worried about the long lasting scars and the fresh cuts that will keep coming because I can’t make myself stop for the life of me especially when I’m at school. I cook a lot I have cooking in school mums signing me up for cooking classes I need to roll up sleeves for cooking I’m screwed and I can’t decide to myself if I regret it or not if I could go back in time and change that decision would I do it?
Thank you so much for this.
Living with anxiety its easy to forget to have courage.