Krystle Vermes
One of the most fear-inducing symptoms of dissociative identity disorder (DID) is dissociative amnesia. When the mind is elsewhere and split off from the conscious body, it can be easy to lose track of everything from time to conversations with other people. It took me years before I understood this commonly overlooked symptom of DID, and just as long to gain control over it and my everyday life.
Hollay Ghadery
I'll state the obvious: dating someone in eating disorder (ED) recovery can be difficult. Since my husband and I are coming up on our 11th wedding anniversary, I'd thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the challenges of forming healthy relationships when one party is struggling with an ED. 
Megan Griffith
Medical trauma is an underrepresented form of trauma that happens all too often to people with mental illness. For example, when I was 19, I sought treatment for what I then thought was bipolar disorder, and the reactions I got from doctors left a psychological wound that still affects me today.
Martyna Halas
The change of seasons can often make us feel moody, and add seasonal depression on top of self-harm urges and you might have a problem. Especially in winter months, it’s hard to remain positive when all you see outside your window is doom and gloom. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not uncommon during those times, making us feel depressed and, well, sad. It can also fuel self-harm urges, so it’s crucial to practice coping skills and lots of self-love when it’s dark outside.
Laura A. Barton
The links between mental health stigma and trigger warnings are multifaceted, which means navigating trigger warnings can be complicated. Mental health triggers are often easily dismissed as weakness or laughable, but they're very real, and warnings can help people prepare for a situation. However, those who don't want trigger warnings can also feel stigmatized by them.
Martha Lueck
With the COVID-19 pandemic still among us, social distancing rules will affect winter holiday celebrations this year. If you usually have huge family parties, perhaps fewer long-distance friends and relatives will attend this year. This might make you feel sad and disconnected. However, the use of technology can help you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Continue reading this post to learn about how to take advantage of technology for the holidays.
George Abitante
I noticed while trying to think of a topic for this week's article that I often write about anxiety in terms of the individual experiencing it. I'll sometimes bring up things like helping someone else with anxiety, but I rarely discuss how to ask for help when you feel anxious yourself. I may have avoided this topic in part because I believe there is a fine line between asking for help and using others as a way to reduce anxiety. I think a lot of what makes our coping skills and tools useful for anxiety is the manner in which they're applied, and this holds true for how we ask others for help as well. There are times when asking for support from a close friend or family member can be a fantastic means of coping with anxiety, and I believe it's important to use our social supports in those cases. But there are also ways we can ask for help that perpetuates anxiety instead of helping us cope with it. Today I wanted to talk through my thoughts on how we can ask for help when anxious in a healthy, productive way that does not exacerbate anxiety in the long term. 
Court Rundell
I recently experienced rapid weight loss from anxiety, and it felt like a vicious cycle that would never end. My anxiety worsened with every meal I missed and every pound I lost. It was completely overwhelming and scary, but I got through it. Read on to learn how I was able to stop the cycle of rapid weight loss and return to a healthy weight.
Jennifer Lear
Shame has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. It is one of the things that makes human relationships and social structures unique, and is arguably a necessary component of every civilized society. However, it is a sad reality that people with mental health issues experience shame at a disproportionately high level, and this can be incredibly detrimental not only to their recovery, but also to their relationships with the people around them.
Elizabeth Caudy
I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my first and only psychotic, schizoaffective episode two years ago. That’s right, I said “celebrated.” You see, when I had my episode, it alerted me and my family to the realization that something was wrong, and I started to get treatment. That’s why that schizoaffective episode is something to celebrate.

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Thank you do much for the post and especially video. It felt as if you were talking about the same kind of person I knew. We had lost contact shortly after college, now it's been 4+ years since then. To me it's particularly triggering because she helped me when I was at my darkest... It feels now as though I could've returned the favor... . . . .
Run, nothing more nothing less. As a woman who has spent the better part of her life trying to raise a husband out of a scared boy I can tell you that one of yours isn't opting for adulthood. Adults do not allow themselves to be emotionally blackmailed by ex-spouses. If she really has a problem with you she should be able to discuss it with you without abusing you, him or the kids. That she has dictatorial powers over your marriage to him & how he will behave is proof he's not done with her and cleaving to you as his wife. That said you would do yourself a deep disservice and be self abusive to let him dictate these terms too.
Take yourself & go, say nothing to any of them you owe no one else an explanation other than to say something as noncommittal as "we didn't see eye to eye" let them explain, ppl outside will think what they want anyway. Hold your head up , your real friends will take your side no matter what. Do not be this joker's "sometime wife", any male (even the lowest, unprincipled, or immature) will tell you if he really wants you yourself for his wife nothing absolutly nothing will stand in his way of being with you. Best of Luck GF.
Hmmm...I’m gonna kind of have to disagree with you and call BS on the suggestions above.. Medication is the only fix...for severe cases of I have...Calling it out and acknowledging it along with meditation are exercises in futility...I know cause I tried all the above....endlessly for a week....You can try to give your self a break, but your Bipolar 2 won’t give you a break... Medication is the only remedy...My meds were mailed to me last month because of Covid and my doctor was traveling... so she mailed them out the day I ran out, on the 30th day of my last script fill... for some reason it took 7 days to arrive...for 7 agonizing days they were in transit with all the other holiday mail... so I paced my living room, back yard, and and then rocked back and forth on my couch like a retard till the sun came up...I did all of the suggested remedies you listed above...useless....but I kept on trying..all day and all night....I called it out loud, and acknowledge it...tried meditation with the soft spiritual music in the background....and the result was the same all day and into the wee hours.... the driving urge to keep pacing till the sun came up was the winner in the battle of the will verses the mind....exhaustion was my remedy.....nothing fixes bipolar 2/ADHD insane restlessness like my prescribed mood stabilizer and my ADHD meds.... I liked your article though...sorry for the candid criticism... a cup of tea and just relaxing doesn’t fix this guys symptoms...
I forgot how crazy I actually was untill I went 7 days with out my meds for the first time in 5 years...
Hi, I found out what DID was about two days ago and I found this website today, I have done a few online quizzes and they said I might have DID, someday I just completely space out during a conversation and I come back, not remembering anything and I have a bad headache afterward, and I am very confused and embarrassed when that happens, and I dont know what it will be like to be diagnosed with DID, and I dont know where. Is it possible to get diagnosed online without meeting face-to-face, if so how can I, because I have all, if not most, of the symptoms and I have heard voices in my head and sometimes it feels like Im a ghost and the presence of another is in my body, and I get really confused, a lot of my friends say I am very forgetful and that I change personalities, voices, handedness, and almost everything about me.
Please help and tell me if I can be diagnosed, if I can, please tell me what website, I cant really go out in public in this time...
Thanks in advance.
Dave H
I have a terrible time remembering names of people I've just met, but I can remember other things in great detail 30 years later. That's always baffled me, but it sounds like it's the context in which the information is presented (being overwhelmed with unimportant stimuli at the same time, or not) greatly influences the outcome. Thanks for a great article.