Generally speaking, I'm not a very good liar, but I am excellent at lying to myself. I count myself amongst the majority in this department. Most people value honesty and seek to use it in their relations with others, but when it comes to themselves, they may be so adept at deception that they don't even know they're doing it.
I had somehow convinced myself that my life would be over the moment I walked out of there. That’s a tad dramatic, but at the time, I didn’t know better; I was so clouded by feelings of self-doubt to see beyond the tragedy (as I would have described it at the time) unfolding right before my eyes. You’re a little lost, so let me dial it back for you.
When treating bipolar disorder, I think it's critical to gain bipolar mood stability first and only then tweak up or down as needed. That means that if you're in a depression right now (and let's face it, that's when people seek help the most), the goal isn't to treat depression, per se, but rather to gain bipolar stability. Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks this. The esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Jim Phelps agrees: treatment should focus on bipolar mood stability first.
I have a long history with perfectionism. In fact, I cannot recall a time in my life when this fixation wasn't driving my performance and achievements. I suspect this is one reason I have always been drawn to activities or pursuits that measure excellence in visible, quantifiable terms. In school, I only accepted straight As. In athletics, I gravitated to sports like archery, where I could aim for the center of a literal bullseye. And in my career, I have turned to writing—a skill based on technical precision. But as I continue to heal my thoughts and behaviors from the residue of anorexia, I am learning to appreciate that eating disorder recovery is not about perfection.
It can be discouraging for many individuals to move away from and begin verbal abuse recovery once they realize the journey is not straightforward. Unlike overcoming other life obstacles, recovery from verbal abuse may present setbacks, leaving an individual with lost hope for a healthy relationship. Although the process may not be as simple as avoiding an abuser, it is possible to hold meaningful connections with others.
In my experience, the worst part of schizophrenia is having episodes of psychosis. Losing touch with reality can be terrifying. For me, psychosis always involves hearing voices, delusions, and paranoia. I usually stop eating, which most likely makes the symptoms more severe. Complicating my experience with psychosis is a symptom called anosognosia.
As a writer, I’ve found creativity is one of the first things to be affected when my depression rears its ugly head. Depression makes it harder to motivate myself to write and harder to express my unique creative voice—the thing that brings me the most joy.
You may have heard some variation of the famous saying, "perspective is everything." While many people believe this is a good life philosophy, I disagree. Perspective is vital, but it is not everything.
As I tried to come up with a topic for this blog post, my mind spun a web of negative thoughts. I realized that the deadline for publication was looming. Like many weeks, I scolded myself for procrastinating. Then I started thinking about unrelated issues like my work performance, unmet goals, rejection, friendships, and relationships. Depression tortured me with lies that I will reveal in this post. Here are five of the lies my depression has told me and what I have learned from them.
I’ve never described it in these terms, but I hacked my skin-picking disorder. Excoriation disorder used to control every aspect of my life—physically and emotionally—and I was certain I’d suffer forever. Today, I can share with you that this is far from reality. I might have skin picking disorder, but it doesn’t have me.

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I'm not reading any discussion about what to do about the sensitivity to noise. Many doctors are saying that earplugs have a negative effect, and that you have to normalize yourself to noise. I wear earbuds with the sounds of natural water flowing at a level near my tinnitus, it is soothing for me, but has not really changed my response to noise. I have read it will take time, so I am being patient and keeping at the sound therapy.
Hi Brooker. How are you? Are you okay? I feel the same. When I need an operation, I welcome the sedative that puts me to sleep. No, I don't want to wake up. I feel as I drift off, the release of pain & torture. I feel at peace. I am tired of being counseled, no one will seek revenge for my ongoing torture of psychopaths on our planet. Why would I want to share our planet, with mean, nasty, selfish people or plagues of sewer infested rats, mice & some people. I have thought of suicide since age 6. A violent alcoholic father, then a sex mad male loving mother. Then a using psychopath narcissist fiance of 30 years. Who ran around being a gang bang for any female, who wanted him, secretly behind my back. Not one female cared he was my fianc'e & I am not willing to share. No one even loved me enough to make me a mum. I only attract gay males with trying to taking my money., Or trying for poo jabs from me. I am a female. Or they try to steal our home. Some Very rotten, decay, gold digger maggots, we share this planet with. Even my baby brother was killed in front of me, a drunk, underage driver, hit & run. They tell me I have depression & post traumatic stress syndrome. I wonder why? People still making wars, over 6 billion people on our planet, why? Lots of over egoistic power, money hungry people. I love babies to, however, nobody seems to stop & think? Paradise is shrinking, food is plastic, we are numbers. Greed is pollution. No, there's no room on this planet for I. Media smiles when they report deaths, propaganda chases us for money, our prime minister constantly meddling overseas, some cultures are bossy & overtaking, I don't like their stools either. Oh yeah, we are bullied into leaving the planet . Greed overtakes. I feel there's a lot of takers, a lot of passing the buck & not many who want to work. No, Brooker your not alone in your journey. Too many people only want us as chauffeurs...God Bless, Being Bless & Alien u.f.o. bless...
Thanks for the article. I struggled to understand why I began to self-harm, and I'm equally stumped on finding at reason to stop.
At this point I just feel like it's not affecting my social life in any way and it brings relief when I do it... I can't find a reason to stop.

I began self-harming because I've been struggling a lot with work and feeling like a huge failure, so I wanted to self-harm to prove to myself I was capable of *doing* something. As if self-harming was a success. I can *make* myself do something, I can control it, instead of failing and constantly struggling.

So yeah. It's hard finding resources online to try and help find reasons why to stop. All I find are "Why people self-harm and how to stop", when I want to find *why* to stop.
My husband abuse me when he a a methal health break down we been in a relationship for 22 year ive now left but i still talk to him he say he sorry & that he was unwell he want us to get back in to a relationship i still love him but my childern dont want us to as he always made all of fell like were not able to look after our self they want me to stop talking to him they say that they dont mind us talking as friends i dont know what to do if i should believe him & get back in a relationship with him or just talk to him as a friend as he cant hurt us again by talking to us my children think that if husband support work think that it would be alright for him to see me again then that be ok but am still worried if he help to look after me again with me beening disabled that he get stress out & come un well & blame me & my childern again & carry on pulling us down & make us fell like we cant cope with look after me like when we was in a relationship he try & stop me from geting help from other care saying that if i didnt turst him looking after me then there no point in so beening in a relationship can u help me
Rebecca Chamaa
Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for your comments and question.
I think you would need to ask a counselor or doctor to get an excellent response to how to help someone in a crisis (psychosis).
Thank you for watching the video and for your support!