I recently read a book on being more effective in which the author discusses the utility of daily visualization. Daily visualization might make us think of guided visualizations or meditation, but this particular method is distinct from that. 
Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about her relative who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She was worried for her relative because they told her that part of their OCD involved worrying that they were gay. Until then, she'd never heard that rumination about your own sexuality can be an OCD symptom and felt like her relative was probably just part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.
It's important to know how to reduce anxiety fast because sometimes it feels like your anxiety builds up too quickly to do anything about it. Like you were feeling ok one minute and then suddenly felt extremely anxious? This is a common experience, and it often starts with something going just a little bit different than we might like.
There are many ways to show that you love someone who is struggling with a mental health condition. Giving a gift is one very important method. Read this article to learn about the importance of gifts and how to find one for someone who is struggling.
Self-acceptance isn't easy when you live with complex posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD makes it easy to continually beat yourself up when you have challenging moments and struggles. This just leads to getting stuck in a trap of self-defeat that falsely makes you believe there is no hope for overcoming PTSD. One of the essential things needed for you not to find yourself stuck, however, is self-acceptance.
My name is Amanda Richardson and I am a new author for "Debunking Addiction" at HealthyPlace. For as long as I can remember, addiction has been a part of my life. Addiction and substance abuse have occurred in my family for at least the last five generations, so I was no stranger to it when it first took hold of my life. Read on to learn more about my experiences with addiction and why I want to write for "Debunking Addiction."
Overcoming anxiety is a lot like learning how to tie shoelaces. Both are frustrating. Both require patience and perseverance. Accomplishing them feels triumphant. Once you've largely overcome anxiety, put on your shoes and tied your shoelaces, you're ready to go places. Grab your shoes, and let's look at how overcoming anxiety is like learning how to tie your shoes.
So here’s the thing: I am an entrepreneur for the usual reasons, like passion and flexibility. But I am also an entrepreneur because I struggle to hold down a full-time job. Yes, you read that right. I am an entrepreneur because I cannot work full-time. And the reason I cannot work full-time is because I have major depression. Let me explain.
What are borderline personality disorder (BPD) and my fear of abandonment like for me? Borderline personality disorder keeps abandonment on my mind. I have a long-term and near-constant fear that the people I love are going to stop loving me. This fear of abandonment caused by BPD makes me worry that my relationships could be lost at any given moment and stops me from relaxing because I feel relentlessly on edge.
Having a baby affected my mental health recovery. I knew when my daughter was born three years ago that my life would never be the same. I had lots of support, but I still wasn't sure how having a baby would affect my recovery from schizoaffective disorder.

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I’m sorry but there is a line. Growing up with two mentally ill parents has been a nightmare. My father is schizophrenic and my mother is bipolar. Both have also Narcissism but different types. My father is grandiose and mother is the victim type. Both are seriously types of abuse my sister and I grew up with. As adults we have separated ourselves from both of them. Both of us have trust issues and our own problems from growing up with them. My mother needed help leaving him and us kids helped. She was happy and social when it happened.. But after six months she became dependent, lazy, self neglect and avoided any social interactions. Period with no breaks. Not a episode. Got her medicine changed once. Six months later it is worse. Because she became combative when given her meds. Because she is too lazy to take her own meds... So I have to keep up with them. I moved her near me to help out.. But now she suffocates me. I’ve seen her intentionally show up to my child’s events in dirty clothes without brushing her teeth or combing her hair. She’s not depressed she just didn’t care to want to clean up. She wouldn’t unpack for a year and I had to make her get in there and unpack the entire time her cussing at me and throwing things around because I was making her do something she didn’t want to do. She will be late to things and loves to show up to places and convieantly claim she “doesn’t have the money” to participate in the activities forcing someone else to pay.. Only to find she did have the money and all her bills are paid.
She is literally like a overgrown child. So is my father. He is the type to throw tantrums and scream at you. Like how he wears military uniforms with incorrect patches or medals. When confronted that he never served he would scream at you.

This is my nightmare. They are TOXIC and yes you can be mentally ill and USE IT AS A EXCUSE to behave badly.
Both of them have tried to go out of their way to ruin any success me or my sister have tried to achieve. It is frightening hearing from their therapist how our own parents hate us for doing better than they are. That they envy us.
Our parents hate themselves and each other. I’ve already cut my father off. My mother is on verge next. Because I’ve tried to get her proper help. This is including a at home healthcare nurse and a psychiatrist. She has intentionally kept me from telling them her symptoms and things she does that are concerning. Because she knows the things she does are bad enough I could have her committed.
I have children to think about..
So yes I find offense how you defend it so much. Because when you do.. People like my parents are able to use MENTAL ILLNESS as a excuse to ABUSE their loved ones. At some point we should not tolerate it anymore. I know the frustration of feeling lied and hurt and taken advantage of.. and being told..” They don’t know what their doing it is the illness”.. When I can prove they knew very well what they were doing and just do not care about anyone but themselves.

So please.. Understand there is a line.
If you have someone this toxic in your life..
Because you do not deserve to subject yourself to their insanity to the point it corrupts your SANITY.
Laura Barton
That's true, too, Teresa. We do become vulnerable when we open ourselves up and that's scary. There is definitely a fairly big collection of things that factor into why people don't speak about their struggles.
Teresa Richter
I think it's very much about control - at least for myself.
you become vulnerable if you tell people about your feelings.
Elizabeth Caudy
Dear Vincent,
Thank you for your comment and for your suggestions. I'm sure many readers will find them helpful. I'm sorry to hear you have suffered from suicidal ideation. In case you ever feel that way again, here is a link to our Suicide Hotline Phone Numbers:
here are some successful coping methods if you feel that bad you need to remember that your worth it talk to somebody listen to some music it may seem impossible but go work out set your cycles right do what makes you happy every day and what I do is bike riding and barbell lifting watch a funny video I was hospitalized before I was doing all this twice for suicidal ideations so I would know

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