When facing repetitive verbal abuse, you may wonder if abusers can change and become loving and supportive people. So, can a verbally abusive person change and stop using hurtful words and intimidation on others? Of course, the answer will depend on the individual and their dedication to embracing change. 
My schizoaffective disorder tells me a lot of bad things about myself and makes me think I’m a bad person. Here are some of the ways that it does that and how I fight back.
It’s hard to be happy when you struggle with anxiety. Anxiety, in and of itself, contradicts happiness. If you think about it, when you’re happy, you’re experiencing positive emotions. But when you’re anxious, you’re experiencing fear, uncertainty, worry, and doubt.
When faced with a difficult situation, it can be overwhelming and sometimes lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt. This makes it hard to stay motivated and confident. In my experience, it is important to develop coping mechanisms that help you over the long term because everyone experiences difficult times in their lives.
I'm demisexual—I'll explain. The first sign that I was on the asexual spectrum was back when I was in middle school. I remember driving in the car with my mom getting annoyed as I listened to the radio. Every song was about sex, love, or drugs. I didn't understand why the themes for music were so narrow. People could sing about anything, yet they would always sing about the same old things. I off-handedly said, "Why is every song about sex? Can't they sing about something else?"
People often hide their depression well. We don’t want to worry our loved ones. We fear being judged and stigmatized—even now when mental illness is much better understood and accepted than in decades past. We may see our disease as a weakness, something that we need to tackle alone. Maybe we’re in denial, hiding our depression not only from others but from ourselves. 
Leaving verbal abuse behind is hard. Verbal abuse can be traumatic for individuals of any age, regardless of how much exposure there is to this harmful behavior. Of course, each person is unique and will react in different ways when facing verbal abuse. These responses can determine how effective it is to leave verbal abuse behind and move toward a healthy and happy life.
It's common knowledge that too much stress is bad for our health, but those of us with a mental health diagnosis can face another risk from stress, which is increased symptoms. As part of my self-care or lifestyle monitoring, I try to reduce how much stress I experience daily to manage anxiety and schizophrenia symptoms.
This year, I started training for a particularly ambitious fitness goal: a 10-day trek in the Himalayan Mountains. In October 2023, I will travel to Nepal and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, but first, I need to acclimate to hiking in extreme weather conditions at the highest altitude on earth. That's no small feat for someone who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, a desert with minimal elevation.

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Siete Jimenez
You must remember that each part has held a part of his past trauma, do u know his story and all parts of him! If he suffered sexual abuse maybe he is severely disoriented and if he was honest with you from the beginning which shows a great deal of trust then take joy in knowing you are truly loved from the inside out because most systems of DID are not that open or trusting!
Eating is the only things that's ever helped w my anxiety I never wanted to take meds for this because it doesn't happen too often. When it does happen though it's random & hits like a ton of bricks, I can't stand when someone says we'll what's wrong what are you scared of. I wasn't scared actually I was in my zone working listening to music & then BAM it struck out the blue. No one gets it until they get it, u til it happens to them. I can't replace eating something w running or exercise I'm at work so I hurried to get a slice of pizza. Now I'm sitting here ready to get back to work. I hate these feelings I get I wish there was another way to fix it but I haven't found a way that would work for me other than this.
Helen Belnap
My daughter has COMPLEX -PTSD, she is 44 , she has had COMPLEX- PTSD since she was 28. She is also highly Intuitive and an empath. She often gets very tired after a stressful event or stressful events. I am helping, she lives with me, I am 74. Any helpful tips would be appreciated, She has seen a Psychiatrist. You can reach me at my email. Thanks
Such a relief to read this! I think I’ve been masking navigational difficulties subconsciously all my life! From being unable to find my way around the stockroom of a shoe shop when working a Saturday job as a teenager to looking at the map of the hospital before every shift when I worked as a trainee nurse as a young woman - Once I’d qualified I still struggled every day to find my way to the ward!
Thank you so much ☺️
Earplugs!! Red glasses at night because the colour red calms the brain down. Quiet time. Ocean. Ocean\water sounds. Nature, grounding. Cuddling with pets. Lots of sunshine(or Vit D when not available). Sleep, power naps. CBD.