Verbal abuse can come from individuals of any age, including children. Unfortunately, the understanding that kids can be cruel is too common for many parents. So, why do children resort to verbal abuse to handle difficult situations? The answer could be due to learned behaviors or a developmental phase. 
Living with self-harm scars is different for everyone. Some folks have more visible scars; some have to cope with scars that directly affect how they live their day-to-day lives. As for me, my scars' appearance—and impact—on my life have been subtle, but powerful.
I believe people with schizophrenia can achieve great things. I know of three women who have schizophrenia who started and run non-profit organizations. I know of three women who are parents to young children. I know several people with schizophrenia who have jobs as writers or artists and others who work as marketing professionals and content creators. Elyn Saks, one of the most well-known people with schizophrenia, is a doctor and professor. These are examples from the two to three dozen people I follow on social media or who I have become friends with in my years of advocacy. If I knew more people with schizophrenia, I assumed I would find people with the illness in every role/identity/profession. 
There are so many things I took for granted before I had bipolar disorder. Just like many people, I was living a normal-ish life. I was 18 years old; I was at university; I was living with my boyfriend; the stats on my life were definitely in the meaty part of the bell curve. And as such, I certainly never thought about mental illness. I wouldn't have been able to correctly define bipolar disorder for you for a million dollars. Those are certainly days I miss. And looking back, so many things were different before I had bipolar disorder.
Last year, I realized that it was time for me to change therapits. While my former therapist helped me in many ways, I began to feel like I would connect better with another female closer to my age. I was placed on a waiting list for several months before I got connected with a new doctor. However, it was well worth the wait. I started seeing my current therapist a few months ago. So far, she has been a great fit for me. To learn about the five attributes that make her a wonderful therapist, continue reading this post.
If the title didn’t give it away, I’m a millennial, and mental health is important to me. In the same way millennials are a generation within a space of pre- and growing technology, I see us as existing in the space of pre- and growing mental health conversations. I’ve been thinking about what that looks like and what that means for me.
Last week my coworker said she believes addiction is a choice. Her exact words were, "At the end of the day, each person always has the choice to pick up or put down drugs." In response to her comment, I had a full-body, physical reaction. My armpits got sweaty, my heart rate skyrocketed, my shoulders tensed, my jaw tightened, and my neck broke out in red blotchy hives.
My name is Adam M., and this is my story about using negative coping strategies after experiencing a trauma.
Finding a therapist for verbal abuse recovery can be challenging. The mental health industry has numerous professionals that can help support individuals through many circumstances. However, not every certified psychologist or designated therapy professional may be right for you. Not every therapist is the verbal abuse therapist for you.
I have schizoaffective disorder and take birth control pills for my premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). But lately, I have been having a problem with my birth control. Here’s what’s been going on.

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Isaac Smith
Hi there, thank you for this segment as someone who is suffering from BPD I tend to overthink the worst possible outcome due to my home town and not being as close to family as I used to be so helped look at things differently
This is similar to what my mom told me about hers and i started self harming at age 12. I saw friends doing it and i knew my mom did it so why not right? I think kids need to have it explained how wrong this is and be taught good healthy coping mechanisms. I like the lies for toddlers tho ie: ‘i had a really mean cat’ or ‘i fell in a rose bush’. But once they are able to understand right from wrong i think thats when to start introducing lightly that self harm is wrong and mom made a mistake as a kid because she didnt know better.
Hi! Ik this post is over a year old! But as a kid who grew up with a mom who self harmed and never explained it. I started self harming myself at age 12 because i knew my friends did it and i saw my moms scars that she would give vague and confusing answers about. So I thought if my mom coped like this and my firends cope like this i should too. But if my mom had really sat me down and told me when i was younger that ‘if i ever had those feelings to come to her first and not to take it out on myself’ i think my path may have been different. Just know she will see it other places and might make the connection to you doing it herself if you dont explain how wrong it is. But obviously i dont know your family or your child its just my best advice as someone who was in a similar situation as her!
Please, please leave him!
You said yu can work, you have a job - just pack up and go rent a tiny flat on your own and spend all the time with YOU learning to love yourself.

Put your house on the market tonight!

Put a sign outside your house tomorrow morning for a yard sale? Sell everything super cheap whilst he's out. Ditch anything you can't get out in time. Tell the neighbourhood to help themselves! Let him come back to an empty, ransacked house!

He is not keeping you safe, he is not caring for you, he is not loving you.

We love you though ❤️
hey, im 14 and have been self-harming since I was 13 and these scars wont fade and im really scared that they are going to be there forever and that people are going judge me for it especially because everyone ive known has already judged me for drug addiction. I really just dont want another reason for people to talk about me or laugh, can you please tell me how to make them fade quicker?