Kate Beveridge
Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) is harder in a city. Coping with the condition is difficult at the best of times, but living in a chaotic city environment makes my BPD symptoms worse. I live in Lima, one of the largest cities in the South American continent, and it plays havoc with my BPD.
Juliana Sabatello
Feeling shame in a relationship can begin a cycle of shame that's debilitating to mental health. An ex-boyfriend once told me I was a liability. My mental health was a risk against his future, and he didn't want his professional friends to know that he dated me. He made it clear that he was ashamed of me.
Nicola Spendlove
The partnership between families and mental health professionals is often a key component of adequately supporting a loved one with mental illness. I see this every day in my working life as an occupational therapist -- when there's no buy-in from the family, chances of an intervention being successful are dramatically reduced. When my brother developed chronic anxiety and depression seven years ago, I had to practice what I preach and actively foster a good relationship with his medical team. Here are some points about that experience that I wanted to share.
Meagon Nolasco
My mental health caused me to visit a psychiatric hospital when I was 19 years old. I had never experienced hospitalization for my mental health, nor did I have adequate coping skills going in. In addition to my mental health deteriorating, I had just come out as a lesbian. I was searching to find my place in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc. (LGBTQIA+) community. I found ways to cope once in the hospital, though. Read further to see what helped me cope during this dark time in my mental health past.
Martha Lueck
Mood tracking makes understanding your mood triggers or patterns and talking to mental health professionals easier. If you see a therapist, one of the questions they might ask you is how you would rate your level of anxiety and/or depression. Answering this question can be difficult, as moods change all the time. If you had a terrible week but feel good at the time of your appointment, you might be tempted to say that your depression is low. However, the best way to manage anxiety and depression is to acknowledge your overall mood from a specific time period (such as a week or a month). An effective way to rate your moods accurately is to track them every day.
Brandy Eaklor
I never realized how many mental health benefits of having a dog there were until I couldn't see my dog regularly. Once my ex and I broke up, I moved to an apartment where I couldn't have dogs. Now that I am moving out, I know having my dog is a must for my mental health. In this article, I will go over all of the mental health benefits of having a dog.
Natasha Tracy
Going off bipolar medication is a bad idea -- well, it's almost always a bad idea. I know why people want to do it. I would suggest that pretty much everyone on bipolar disorder medication has wanted to go off of it multiple times during treatment. This is completely normal and almost unavoidable. In spite of this strong desire, though, going off bipolar medication is almost always a bad idea.
Mahevash Shaikh
We are two weeks into 2021, so it's safe to assume that most of us are back at work. But instead of healing you, what if the holidays made you realize you want to hibernate until the pandemic is over? In other words, if you're too depressed to work, here are some tips from someone in the same boat as you. I promise you will not find the usual suggestions to meditate, exercise, or journal; I'm sure you've already tried those.
Cheryl Wozny
Verbal abuse in work relationships happens regularly. After all, haven't you heard the cliche that employees leave bosses, not jobs? In many situations, this is quite true, especially when the person you report to is verbally abusive in the workplace. Unfortunately, I was the victim of verbal abuse at work on more than one occasion. Thankfully, I was able to pick up the pieces of my shattered ego and leave for a better career path.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
Anxiety advice is fairly easy to find. One of the advantages of our modern era is the plethora of information available to us wherever we are and whenever we want it. Self-help books abound, and in them, you can find incredibly useful techniques for managing anxiety. Websites like HealthyPlace are wonderful resources. Videos are great resources for anxiety tips, and social media platforms offer pages, groups, and posts from individuals working their way through anxiety and eager to share success stories to help others. This is very positive, of course, but it can also be daunting, overwhelming, and exhausting. It can be helpful to know how to manage all this information once you have it so you can actively begin reducing your anxiety.

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Daoloth PTSD Anime Manga Satire OVR
I've probably had PTSD since I was like 3ish from a sea saw having a hive of wasps that all stung me swarming all over my hands... I've had accumulated, lots of early death like grand parents who died one slowly of cancer the other of a stroke... I had a speech problem so kids would taunt or tease me on the bus saying Teven or other things. I couldn't say sneakers I would say geakers or geekers. Certain sounds like my own name I just couldn't do my best friend michael mccormick was unable to say his name.

I'm dyslexic so when lose ability to articulate or communicate well its tough. I hear anything buzz or that stings I'll still freak out. Things seemed a bit endless I have 5 Teven Sagas of Prisoner of The Horned Helm on my channel I started around May when had a real bad episode. I thought every second or minute somebody watched it would extend their lives I explain it in the about. Its not gone well I've had Youtube shadow banning my comments or ghosting so for months I wondered why nobody liked me or ever replied. Only Creators if anybody could see them. That made it really hard to socialize even on-line. I've had least 3 times Moderators or Wrenches went after me knowing I had PTSD timing out me so I can't talk along with deleting messages. The last time even person running channel was upset saying exactly what I was thinking how I was not even doing or saying anything that constituted that in the least :).

Things got bad around 2015 as the accumulated Trauma/on/off getting jumped assaulted twice having a TMJ issue. I got rear ended so needed to have a C5-C7 operation I was on verge of being paralyzed from neck down but Zhitner all these doctors none would believe me or send for MRI. MOnths were this BS until finally went to a doctor who did then called me at like 11 PM telling me I was a jolt away from ending up a paralegic or so. Whatever term is to be in wheelchair paralyzed from like neck down.

I don't know if anybody will see this but if you have PTSD or Mental Obstacles I hope will consider watching some of my videos. I do some characters even Satire or Virtual Standup sing some folk or Shanty songs. Daoloth PTSD Anime Manga Satire OVR (Organic Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes) for any who wonder.

I'm having a tough time as Dad died years ago in November I found him/saw him as they tried to revive him my dog had just died not long before that. Then during the Funeral stuff Maggie ran away who he was yelling at when I checked on him calling ambulance and cousin then mom at work as well. December I had a dog die within last fear years I was really attached to who had Spleen Cancer. Last year on my birthday in January oldest dog at time Beagle died a few days after sudden like stroke or whatever but he had cancer which I had checked for in November so. Then Misty Haze my current Beagle had an issue where though she would die on what would have been my dads Bday. She seemed to have same issue as Smokey some sorta Seizure maybe there was blood which made me think of Candy when she died she p'd blood.

So I'm already in vivid dreams or flashbacks reliving the events or trauma then all this occurs on top of all that heh. I really like this Female but I don't think I have any hope so I've sent some messages on FB. She had offered to help take care of dogs even coming from another country when was going for surgery but I declined for various reasons. Concussion, Post Concussion stuff, really bad PTSD the other issues I think it would have been hell for her it was more for protection. Also didn't know had lived in NY before as there is a learning curve.

She really is only person I think who could deal with me or have relationship. She seems to ignore me though know what to say or when to say. So eve if ramble its not like that anxiety to face or see how might react. When mentioned might disappear or this long stuff she just said OK. When said a lot of stuff how felt about her or whatever she seemed to be fine with that. So its like confusing as expect to just say your a nice guy but or this or that. Yet there really isn't much reaction or any surprise.

I am in a bad spot trying to get SSD other things. I was actually going to give her all my money years ago ending things. She wanted no part of that got very upset though didn't block me or anything back then which I think most would have. That really helped not send me into a really bad spiral as it would have probably. I really wish I was doing better with Youtube so I felt I was making a difference in the time I have. I know what its like to feel finally got it all together then it falls apart. I look at as phoenix constantly rising from ashes. I had the Prisoner of The Horned Helm concept which I think will help now I'm going to expand into this Miglionico Vampire way to view PTSD. I was explaining things to her where it sorta manifested a bit like An American Werewolf in London.

I had some Neurologist say the PTSD when had the car accident but didn't really see it as real or understand it really. As if anything is like been a part of my life for as long as I can recall. Often if can stay busy or focused on something it helped. Then all stuff locked down can't even see people or do much esp if not already in relationship to meet anyone now is heh.
Kate Beveridge
Hi Maria,
I'm not the author of the post but I am the current blogger for the More than Borderline blog.
I have spent a lot of time in your home country and I agree that it's definitely a cultural institution of Argentina. I never quite liked the taste but I enjoyed the sharing experience with Argentinian friends.
Kate Beveridge
Hi D,
I'm not the original author of the post but I am the current blogger for the More than Borderline blog.
I'm glad to hear that this video resonated with you and your previous relationship. I'm also glad that you harbor supportive feelings towards your ex and that you have taken some positive lessons from the relationship.
Ken Adams
I am a father of 3 small children. I have CPTSD which I only acknowledged 12 months ago through EMDR therapy. I work in a prison which is trauma filled on a daily basis which I struggle to manage.

With parenting any slight incident I can feel my blood start to boil, my children now shout at one another and at me which in turn makes me more angry. I left the family home last year as I thought they would be better off without me but I moved back in due to corona virus, also I fully believed I could cope after having 12 sessions of EMDR.
I am now finding myself depressed, unmotivated, sad, angry, hopeless and existing. I feel like a terrible parent living here but don't want to cause my children further trauma.
Everyday is a struggle.
Megan R
I am someone who has Bipolar and thank you for this.

I started showing symptoms at 12, I had a manic attack then followed by the sudden swing down and had my first suicide attempt. My mom doesn’t believe in mental illness and never got me diagnosed. I had another suicide attempt at 16.

I finally got diagnosed at 21 and was put on medication that didn’t work. Another suicide attempt at 22 after I quit my meds had a manic episode and then crashed. I then got on medication and but none seemed to work until at 29 I tried lithium and it made me stable.

My being unmedicated has caused a lot of difficulties for me ($20,000 in debt on nothing stuff and some other big stuff) so it’s good that you’re talking about this because you want to set up your child with success and it’s hard to do when they are wishy washy with their medications.

I am 36 and I’ve gone through A LOT because of my bipolar. I still have mild swings but nothing drastic as I had in the past. How I maintain success is 1. Pills 2. ROUTINE I get up at the same time, eat at the same time, and go to bed at the same time 3. Mild Exercise (too much or too long sets off my mania) 4. I generally watch what I eat, nothing is off limits but I make sure I hit the water, veggies, and fruit guidelines.