Megan Griffith
No matter how much coffee I drink, I am exhausted all the time, and it's because of my mental illness. Recovery is hard, but sometimes it's not even about recovery, it's just about getting through the day, and that's where I'm at right now. I have to fight to do anything; even getting dressed in the morning is a battle. As I sit typing this, my hands feel heavy, and with every breath, I want to quit and go back to bed.
Natasha Tracy
People often wonder how long they should try a bipolar medication before switching it for something else (due to inefficacy). I have taken a look at this question, and the answer may surprise some people. When I think about how some doctors (and patients) look at the question as to how long to try a bipolar medication, I think they often get it wrong.
Martha Lueck
Before I started writing this post, I decided to take a big step in improving my confidence by enrolling in a business writing course. One reason for this decision was that school gave me a sense of purpose and hope for the future. I am not where I want to be career-wise. But knowing that I can use education for my future endeavors makes me feel better about myself. To discover what I learned from school and how it affected my confidence, continue reading this post.
Martyna Halas
Most people associate self-harm with self-imposed physical injuries that can be seen on the surface of one's skin. However, self-injury can come in many other forms and include behaviors that are much more complex. For instance, some people may use binge eating as self-harm, or they may struggle with an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia that fuels their self-injury. 
Alixzandria Paige
A family is comprised of a group of individuals so it's no wonder there are going to be disagreements now and again. However, in my family, this disagreement has a way of becoming a meltdown that can cause a rift and a lot of tension between all the members. Here is a guide to surviving a family meltdown.
Nori Rose Hubert
My name is Nori Rose Hubert. You might recognize my name from the Work and Bipolar or Depression blog here at HealthyPlace, where I have been blogging for a little over a year. I have enjoyed my time there, but lately, I have felt called to expand my mental health writing into other areas -- and the subject of mental health in the LGBTQ+ community is a topic that hits very close to home.
Laura A. Barton
It's always nice to see folks speaking up in the name of mental health awareness. Continuing the conversation about mental health and mental illness is one of the key things we can do when combatting mental health stigma, but it's important to effectively communicate in these situations. I'd like to use what happened with Demi Lovato and a small frozen yogurt business as a starting point and example for this conversation.
Jennifer Lear
We all want to feel like we are contributing to the world, but as the world grows more competitive, it can be hard to feel that we are doing "enough"— as employees, partners, parents, or just as members of society. This has resulted in a culture of "competitive tiredness," in which we measure our worth according to how exhausted we are and seek recognition of that exhaustion from the people around us as proof that we are "doing enough." It causes friction in personal relationships and is terrible for our mental health. So why have we become so invested in the idea that to be fulfilled, you also have to be knackered?
Kelly Epperson
How do you know if it's the "baby blues" or postpartum depression? Learn how to tell the difference and what to do if you think it is postpartum depression.
Elizabeth Caudy
I’ve been hearing voices for a long time--almost 23 years. So, I didn’t think anything I experienced during a schizoaffective voices episode would surprise me anymore. Well, I was wrong. The voices I heard a few days ago were very different from anything I previously experienced.

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Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
Hi Mikaela,

Thank you for reaching out with your comment. I am so sorry to hear that you are in the midst of all this pain right now. I would encourage you to seek out resources that can help you take the steps toward healing. Please see HealthyPlace's list of hotline numbers and mental health interventions here: In addition you might find our online Anxiety Community ( and Self-Injury Community ( to be supportive as well. I know it can be difficult, but please reach out for help.

Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
Comment Moderator
Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
Hello, thank you for reaching out to honestly express what you are currently dealing with. That is a brave, admirable first step. I am so sorry to hear that you feel uncomfortable and insecure about your bodyweight, and I would encourage you to seek out resources to help you navigate these difficult, complicated emotions. Please see HealthyPlace's list of interventions and hotline numbers here: In addition, you might also find our online Eating Disorders Community to be helpful too: I know it can be hard, but please continue to reach out.
Do you realize everybody stopped reading your insane rant after the first sentence? Or are you too self-absorbed?
I deeply relate to this. My sense of direction and creating a “mental map” for the future is worthless. My brain just doesn’t retain it. I draw maps or write R and L down in order and then do the opposite on the way back. Not foolproof, but it helps. I also have R and L written in small print on the inside of my shoes just in case 😂 To be serious though, my anxiety and shame when I get lost is the worst feeling. And to be told over and over again that I’m not listening or not paying attention... Lord Almighty, it’s hard not to snap at people.