Virtual support is a much-needed option as loneliness and mood disorders are tough to cope with, especially during the pandemic. The good news is that we have the technology to keep us connected at this time. I found an app called Wisdo to be very helpful in giving me a supportive, virtual community. In this article, I will explain how you can benefit from Wisdo as well as what you should keep in mind when using the app.
Recovering from mental illness is a lot of work all on its own, but lately, those of us in recovery have been handling another major mental health issue: pandemic fatigue. Pandemic fatigue is the sense of weariness and hopelessness that comes from social distancing and missing out on big events as the world battles COVID-19. Lately, pandemic fatigue has been making it much harder for me to focus on my recovery.
It's hard to stay motivated when you are experiencing anxiety. I have goals that I continuously set for myself, but when I'm anxious, it's hard to stay productive and driven to work towards those goals.
Explaining your self-harm scars to others can be uncomfortable. Having your self-harm scars discovered is a bit like being outed against your will. Still, the person who confronts you about your self-injury marks will likely want to know what they are. While you don’t owe anyone an explanation, sometimes it’s hard to avoid this conversation. Here are some of the approaches you can take.
October is one of my favorite months. I love any and everything to do with Halloween, breaking out my boots that have sat neglected in the closet all summer, and anything with the words pumpkin spice on the label. But one thing I don’t love is how the seasonal daylight changes affect my mood, which has a direct impact on the way I work while living with bipolar disorder.
There are both pros and cons to a BPD diagnosis. On the one hand, it can validate your experiences and give you access to necessary resources like therapy or medications. On the other hand, you can fully take on the label of borderline and lose yourself in the process.
Many people aren’t sure whether or not to talk to kids about mental illness. When I was younger my aunt had frequent hospitalizations due to mental health issues, but I was told she had a sore back. I guess my family thought this was an inappropriate topic to talk to a child about. In hindsight, I think it could have been a positive conversation if I had been told about my aunt’s mental illness – here’s why.
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc (LGBTQIA+) community is more prevalent than we think. The possible trauma endured by these LGBTQIA+ survivors is hate crimes, intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Symptoms of PTSD can include flashbacks of the trauma(s) and a fair share of anxiety when in triggering situations. This is how my PTSD manifests in my own life.
I love getting time to myself in nature. Whether it's going for a hike, bike ride, or even driving through a forest, finding time in a natural setting away from more populated areas is very soothing and enjoyable for me.
Medication failure is not bad. Don't get me wrong, I know that it feels really, really bad, but just hear me out on this one: even though it feels terrible, a failing medication is not bad.

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Yes I am faced with this delema as the girl who is going out with my ex abuser has reached out to me when she was emotionally abused a year ago. Then 3 weeks ago she verbally abused me over social media. I then called police about it they told me to block it as it wasn’t my problem as being there done that. Plus I feel is that she thinks the abusive behaviour is normal to her and it’s not it’s hard to get through to someone who is in denial
thanks for sharing! i’ve been struggling with this as well and was wondering if you had any tips lol
I totally agree. In my experience of medication that didnt work was gutting and a massive blow. When at the begining would believe that they would help. I have also felt the pressure from Drs who have made me feel it was somehow my fault they didn't work for me.
Libby and Lacey P.
This is a true story and actually happened to me and my twin sister! We grew up in a medium size town in central Illinois.When sis and i were 15 our parents decided to join the local catholic parish in town.We were told that sis and i would have to recieve our first sacrement of baptism upon joining,then make our First Holy Communion a year later.The Baptism director told us and our parents that our baptisms would be done during sunday mass.Me and sis and our parents were then handed a sheet of paper listing our required all white baptism outfit.The Baptism director went over the list with us and sis and i were shocked to see what we had to wear! The required outfit was a white,knee length,short sleeve baptism gown with a matching bonnet,white tee shirt,cloth diaper,rubberpants [plasticpants],white tights and white mary jane style shoes!She told us that since we were new,that we had to be like babies joining gods family.Sis and i were quite upset! Our parents ordered identical gowns and bonnets for us and two pair of white,adult size rubberpants.We had to get the tee shirts,diapers and the tights and shoes!Our baptisms were set for three weeks later. With in the next two weeks,we got the tee shirts,high waist tights,two packages of the 24x27 inch cloth diapers and diaper pins and the white mary jane style shoes.Mom sewed the 10 cloth diapers in each package together to make one diaper for each of us.The next week,our gowns,bonnets and the rubberpants came in and we went to the parish and picked them up.The gowns were just like infant gowns only in tee size as were our bonnets and the rubberpants were just like babypants only in adult size!The weekend of our baptisms,mom took sis and i to get our hair and nails done,then we got ready for our party sunday after noon.Sunday morning,we went to the bridal dressing room where mom pinned the diaper on sis and i,then we put on the rubberpants,tights and tee shirt,then our gowns and last our bonnets.We both felt like over grown babies! Mom and dad took sis and i to the Baptism directors office to get checked out.We were then baptized as babies during mass and it was somewhat embarrassing!
No! It's outrageous!! Psych patients in this country are treated like animals! And apparently psychiatry residensies have difficulties recruiting medical students. Why? Because the medical studients perceive there is very little science to it, and on top of that, the patients don't get better.