I'm a huge supporter of ending the stigma surrounding all mental illnesses, which is why I support talking to your kids about eating disorder recovery. This said, as a mother of four children under nine years of age and someone who has been in recovery for a while now, there are two things I think everyone should consider before talking to their children. 
An addiction to food is likely one of the most acceptable forms of addiction in our society, but does food addiction always imply the diagnosis of an eating disorder? Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Click and read more.
My schizoaffective anxiety sometimes makes me afraid to do pretty much anything. So, I often do things even though I’m afraid because, if I didn’t do them, I couldn’t function. But since, as I’ve said, I’m anxious about doing so many things, I have to work up a lot of courage to accomplish tasks other people do without a second thought.
An anxiety journal is a powerful mental health tool. Keeping a journal can help you reduce anxiety and move forward freely into your quality life. Beyond that, an anxiety journal can empower you to know what that quality life will be like and how to create it.
I am currently using opposite action to save my social life. Learn how opposite action, a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill, is helping me.
There is a vicious, rampant correlation between eating disorders and bullying—the epidemic is real, and children of all ages can be vulnerable to the mental and physical ramifications. In the United States alone, 65% of those with eating disorders have reported that incidents of bullying caused their behaviors to manifest. Learn more...
My name is Kim Berkley, and I'm the new author of Speaking Out About Self-Injury. I’m looking forward to putting my writing skills to particularly good use here where I hope my words will bring some measure of comfort and clarity to those struggling with self-harm.
I've found hope is harmful. I know, the reflex is to disagree with this, but, at least in my case, hope is harmful. I recently found a bit of hope of ending a profound, debilitating depression. I knew feeling that hope was a mistake, but some part of my brain refused to listen to that. And sure enough, it turned out that hope was harmful.
There’s been much in the way of discussion regarding “toxic” cultural practices, and "toxic positivity,” is receiving its due attention. I couldn’t be happier. A culture of toxic positivity poses an active threat to the wellbeing of anyone who is mentally ill.

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Susan Smith
I too have Bipolar Disorder and I am an extreme empath. Your story I can totally relate to. I have always been able to sense danger especially. I have excellent instincts. I don't watch the news because it breaks my heart!! Crowed places overwhelme me severely. As of two days ago a 15 month old Eveyln Boswell of Tennessee was reported missing and hasn't been seen since December 26th, 2019. Abused, missing, ect. children always have a profound emotional affect on me, especially because it took two monthsfirvher to REPORTED missing. . But this one is the worst sense of danger I've ever felt with a missing child. I can sense others pain and have physically felt the pain from people I'm the closest to. It's almost like a sixth sense. But a few extremely close relatives have fooled me because of how much I love them. My Dad is a psychopath, my sister a sociopath and my cousin and best friend has Narsacisstic Personality Disorder; all on my Dad's side of the family. Yet had it been a stranger, I would have immediately picked up on the betrayal, gaslighting, deception and abuse. To my knowledge I've yet to meet a another empath and it's hard for family and friend's to understand how I sense what I do that they've seen come to pass. For me being an empath and having Bipolar is so difficult for me. The pain I feel with my depression and the pain from others is unbearable at times. I so much wish that there was another empath that I could text with about how we feel. Please , if there's anyone here that would be willing to help me and I help you, please let me know.
That's exactly what happens to me too, I struggle a lot with it. Do you guys have some tips on how to calm yourself in this situations?
Willa Goodfellow
Therapists making promises they can’t keep relieve their own anxieties. But they set their clients up for a betrayal of trust. I am glad my docs never promised my treatments would work. Because they didn’t. But we were able to maintain a partnership in seeking for what might help at least a bit.

I think you are on track, Natasha. The genuine hope you offer is that your readers discover there is somebody willing to tell us the truth. And that we are not alone.
I thought about this last night, as I tossed abs turned. So many times I placed hope on the wrong thing, wrong people, unsubstantiated dreams. Like casting a fishing rod into sand.
Natasha Tracy
Hi Julie,

Thank you for saying how hard it is but that you never give up. That's amazing.

- Natasha Tracy