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Thank you for visiting our sponsorship - advertising area. The first thing we want you to know is that we are very sensitive to the needs of our sponsors. Here, at, we understand that when you pay money for marketing and promoting your product or service, you expect real benefits in return. We don't just put your banner up and hope for the best. We are proactive in getting your message out and helping you measure your return on investment.

A Little About Us is the largest consumer mental health site on the internet. We provide information and support to people with mental health concerns, along with their family members and other loved ones. has been in continuous operation since March 2000.

Here are the vital statistics for the website ( As of January 1, 2017:

  • over 2M unique visitors a month come to our award-winning website. That number continues to grow by about 5-10% a month.
  • pageviews run about 5 per visitor session. The site has over 15,000 pages of content. We add about 100 pages of new content every week.
  • average session time: 5-7 min.

Another 1M people are engaged with us across our various social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We have nearly 550,000 people who have signed up for our "targeted by disorder" email newsletter lists.

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Many people come to for information and support to help them cope with various psychological and emotional problems they, or a loved one, may be experiencing. We provide authoritative, constantly updated, information in written form, video and audio, as well as through "chat conferences" and relationships with specialized information and service providers.

Our visitors know that we sincerely care about them and their particular situations. We have literally helped hundreds of thousands of people who are searching for information on what they, or a loved one, are suffering from. This is something we are extremely proud of. That's why our visitors keep coming back home to

Here's what some of our visitors have to say:

Nancy: "I just sent you my email and I got such a quick that is magic!!!!!! Your chatrooms are like a lifeline to me. We are quite a community/family there. You should be proud of the service you have provided for so many. Thank you again."
Scott: "You all do a great job. Your newsletter is something I look forward to! The chat rooms are a great place to go to. Keep up the good work!!"
Nora: "I have been helped so much by this service in the short time I've been using it that I would like to share it with our student body (I teach at a high school). Thanks for being here to help us! I'm REALLY glad I found this site."
Jill: "I sought help due to a much needed push from my husband. He suggested I visit the HealthyPlace website. I learned so much. I have started taking Celexa. An incredible difference. Here I am at the top again! Thank God. By the way, I am obsessive compulsive, with panic attacks, and also borderline anorexic. Ouch! But here I am doing quite well and succeeding in most everything I do. Being a mother, wife, and full time employee in a job I love! I don't know how I can begin to thank you for this incredibly valuable service you provide."

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From a recent Audience Profile Report based on surveys of our visitors, we've discovered that draws some of the most inquisitive people on the web; men and women attracted to the hands-on interactive and professional quality of our content.

  • 82% of our visitors are adult women.

  • 44% have a 4-year college degree or graduate education. 29% have attended college, but didn't graduate. 18% have a high school degree.

  • 46% list their annual household income as between $35-99,000; divided pretty evenly between the income strata. 37% make less than $35,000/yr. and 10% report a household income from $100-200,000+ per year.

  • 80% of our visitors are between 25-60 years old. They are curious, highly participative and motivated towards learning and getting better, or helping their family member or close friend get better.

  • Many of our visitors come to our website ( more than once a week and stay for over 20 minutes on each visit.

  • Most visitors who participate in our social network come an average of 3 times a week and stay from between 15-45 minutes per visit.

We receive about 70-100 emails a day from visitors wanting more information about a particular problem or suggesting topics they would like to see covered on our website. Needless to say, our visitors are extremely interested in anything that can help them understand and alleviate the symptoms of whatever they or their loved one is suffering from.

Here are some of the subjects that most interest our visitors:

  • mental health
  • pharmacology - medications
  • smoking cessation products
  • treatment programs
  • natural treatments and supplements
  • insurance & health plans
  • parenting
  • dieting, weight control, body image
  • general health issues
  • relationships
  • work/career
  • financial matters

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