Cocaine Rehab Centers and What is Cocaine Rehab Like?

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Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are almost never life-threatening, but with a relapse rate of over 94%, cocaine rehab can be very challenging, and cocaine rehab centers offer the best possible environment for the cocaine treatment success. Cocaine rehab (rehabilitation) centers offer a 24-hour treatment environment where everyone involved is focused on cocaine rehab. The support offered in cocaine rehab centers can make the difference between staying off of cocaine, or not.

Cocaine Rehab Centers: Why go to Cocaine Rehab?

Cocaine rehab centers are specifically designed to handle the physical and psychological effects of cocaine withdrawal. Cocaine rehab centers offer many cocaine rehab services, some of which are available to those not residents of the cocaine rehab center also. However, staying in a cocaine rehab center has the advantage of staying in a safe, healthy, drug-free, supportive environment while going through withdrawal and the work of cocaine rehab.

A cocaine addict often lives in an environment where everything they do and everyone they know is centered around cocaine usage. This environment makes it extremely difficult for the cocaine user to get clean and stay clean. A cocaine rehab center provides an environment away from everything the cocaine addict has previously associated with cocaine use (known as triggers).

Cocaine rehab centers commonly offer the following services:

  • Medical oversight
  • One-on-one and group therapy
  • Treatment for co-occurring addictions or mental illnesses
  • Peer support
  • Preparation in dealing with a home environment and triggers
  • Services once the addict has left cocaine rehab

Cocaine Rehab Centers: Entering Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addicts often walk into a cocaine rehab center in acute withdrawal, with symptoms including paranoia or drug-induced psychosis. Cocaine rehab centers understand this and have medications and techniques available to help with cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine Rehab Centers: Continuing Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine rehab is as much about peer addicts as it is about the cocaine rehab center itself. During cocaine rehab, not only are addiction professionals working with the cocaine addict, but peers are also holding the cocaine addict accountable for their behavior in cocaine rehab. If the addict relapses or exhibits anti-treatment behaviors, they must answer to a group of people who are just like them. The peer accountability found in cocaine rehab can be a powerful motivator in keeping an addict clean.

Cocaine rehab treatment centers offer therapy and counseling to delve into what initially caused the addiction and how the addict is psychologically addicted to cocaine (read: Cocaine Dependence and Is Cocaine Addictive?). The counseling in cocaine rehab treatment centers also teaches cocaine addicts how to create healthy patterns in their lives and new strategies for dealing with stress.

Additionally, cocaine rehab centers typically offer aftercare: cocaine treatment designed to help once the cocaine addict has left the cocaine rehab center. This aftercare is crucial in ensuring the recovering addict remains clean and sober.

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