Heroin Addicts: Life of the Heroin Addict

The life of a heroin addict almost always leads to jail, illness and death. But heroin addicts can feel being addicted to heroin is worth it. How? Read this.

The average age of a first-time heroin user is just over 23-years-old,1 but in only a few months, that 23-year-old can have the life of a heroin addict.

The life of a heroin addict is often one of homelessness, joblessness, crime and malnutrition. As heroin addicts put their addiction before all else, heroin addicts tend not to eat, sleep or bathe regularly. Heroin addicts are typically in poor health, not simply due to heroin use, but because of the lifestyle factors surrounding being a heroin addict.

Heroin Addicts: Words of a Heroin Addict

Heroin addicts often know of the devastating effects heroin addiction has had on their lives, but in spite of this, they continue to be addicted to heroin. In heroin addict Pipster's story2 below, he tells of being in jail 17 times because of what he's done because of being addicted to heroin, getting out clean each time, and yet using heroin once released.

"Why do I do this? The simple answer is that I feel nothing else I have ever experienced compares in the slightest, nothing in my life seems worth stopping for, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it's just too hard to stop.

Imagine feeling good about yourself, life seems good too, then when you wake up all that has changed, life is s*** again until you have a bag of gear . . .

Life is empty without it, there is nothing to replace it with, nothing to look forward to. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize how skinny and ugly you look and it just seems like such a long road to put it all right again. You just think "screw it" and carry on with the drugs."

Unfortunately, a heroin addict often loses the good parts of their life because of being addicted to heroin and these losses further fuel their desire to remain high and forget about their problems. A heroin addict can lose everything and still choose heroin over all else. Heroin addict Pipster continues:

"I have lost everything due to heroin, or my own lack of restraint. I'm not allowed to see my son. My family can't even look at me anymore. I walk with my head down at all times - my life just seems worthless without the pursuit of money for drugs by stealing. . .

I am going crazy just sitting here trying to be normal. I don't think I know how anymore. I'd rather go out and risk my liberty for some money for gear.

Heroin gives you a feeling of everything is OK, nothing is that bad and everything can wait until tomorrow. Without it, life is s***."

Heroin Addicts: Facts of Life for a Heroin Addict

While being addicted to heroin, the life of a heroin addict looks grim. The people and activities surrounding the heroin addict are all a part of being addicted to heroin. Getting out of heroin addiction means changing everything the heroin addict has come to know.

However, being a heroin addict almost always leads to jail, illness, heroin overdose, poisoning and death and the heroin addict has to choose to get treatment for being addicted to heroin to regain a healthy and happy life.

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