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Just click here. The next time you start your browser, will greet you with the latest mental health news, information, and support.

Audio & Video

get_windows_media_player We're one of the most media-rich sites on the Internet. With the FREE RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player, you'll get audio, video, and more. Click the links to download them now. All you have to do is close your browser, run the RealPlayer or Windows Media Player setup program and you're done.
get_adobe_flash_player We have a lot of flash video content on the website. Make sure you have the latest flash player

The Latest Browser

get_internet_explorer.jpg a whole lot more fun. To take advantage of certain areas of our site, you should have at least a 7.0 version of your browser.



You can check your browser version by clicking on "Help" along the top edge of your screen. Then click on "About Firefox or Explorer."

To Upgrade your browser, go to Firefox or Microsoft. The upgrades are FREE.

The Latest Adobe Reader

get_adobe_reader Having the latest adobe pdf reader makes it easy to down and read files and information from the website.

Make Your Homepage

If you are tired of having to tell your browser that you want to visit the best mental health site on the Internet, it may be time for you to make your default home page.

By following the directions below you can setup Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to automatically fire up every time you start your browser.

The steps below will not affect your browser in any other way, nor will they impair your ability to view other sites.
Internet Explorer

1. Select Tools then Internet Options
2. Click on the General tab
3. Where it says "Home page" type into the address box
4. Click OK, and you are done!


1. Select Tools then Options...
2. Click on the General tab
3. Where it says "Home Page" Location(s): type into the address box
4. Click OK, and you are done!

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