What is covert verbal abuse? When we hear the term “verbal abuse,” it’s easy to conjure up name-calling or demeaning comments spoken in anger. Verbal abuse isn’t always so obvious, however.
I don’t go to parties, as I have confided before. This is especially hard to pull off during the holiday season. I used to party when I was younger, but now I have less of a tolerance for the noise and confusion. Here’s why this schizoaffective avoids the holiday mayhem.
Most people have a tendency to minimize traumatic life events that continue to be distressing well after the event has occurred. We shame ourselves and think, "I should be over this by now," or "it wasn't that bad." Adding even more shame, family and friends may say "Why can't you just let it go?" The problem is, trauma often doesn't go away on its own and no amount of trying to convince ourselves we should be over it will change that. 
Feeling anxious and busy--too busy--seems to be an epidemic. Feeling strapped for time negatively impacts a lot of lives. Sometimes this is a signal that big changes are needed; however, sometimes changing what is overwhelming is either impossible (at least immediately) or is undesirable ("busy" doesn't always mean "bad") There are ways to deal with anxiety and busyness without giving your life a major overhaul.
Sometimes the scariest thing about self-harm is just knowing our brains are capable of having such dark thoughts. It is not always obvious at the time, but looking back at and reflecting on those moments, especially if your struggle with self-harm is a thing of the distant past, it can feel strange to recount all the thoughts you had before, during, and after engaging in self-harm. Because of the intense physicality of self-harm, it is easy to overemphasize the literal action of self-harm when in reality it is the thoughts surrounding the action, not the action itself, that hold real power over us. 
A few weeks ago, I outlined why I think American society causes anxiety. I want to revisit this topic again, but this time focus on one particular social plague: what Medium’s Gabriella Rackoff calls: "the cult of the entrepreneur."
Breakthrough symptoms caused by mental illness can really hinder your progress towards goals; however, reaching your goals is not impossible. Stress exasperates mental illness symptoms, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Understanding your symptoms as well as your limits can be crucial to your success.
Do you feel anxiety during the holiday season? While the holidays are meant to be a fun time for everyone, you are not alone if you struggle with holiday season anxiety. There are many circumstances that could trigger anxiety during this time of the year, like gaining weight, seeing family you don't get along with or buying presents. Read this article for three tips on managing anxiety during the holiday season.
Bipolar can wreck your work life. It's just a fact. It can. If you've ever had a severe episode of depression or mania/hypomania, you know this. But what do you do when bipolar disorder wrecks your work life. Here are a few ideas.

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Megan Griffith
Ugh, Rebecca, I completely get this feeling. It totally paralyzes me some days, leaving me unable to do anything, productive or otherwise. I'm so sorry you experience this too, but I suppose it's nice that we're not alone? I haven't really figured out a way to beat back this awful feeling, but if I do, I'll leave a comment for sure. Good luck, and know you have a friend out there feeling the same way.
Megan Griffith
Drew, that isolation sounds incredibly depressing, I'm sorry you're in that situation. I completely understand getting bored with the job and not feeling motivated and looking for other options. Do you think you would benefit from meeting with your boss at your current job to ask for more responsibility or just a wider variety of tasks? As for the isolation, I know when I feel isolated, especially by my mental illness, I reach out to online forums. That might be a source of community that makes you feel a little less alone? Sorry, I don't mean to try to "fix" everything, I totally get how crushing it is to wish you were someone else, anyone else, and I'm just sorry you're going through that.
Megan Griffith
I'm so sorry you're feeling that way Max. If you don't feel safe, please know you can reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or if you're like me and much prefer talking about this stuff on the computer, they have a chat option on their website: It sounds like you've been through a lot of trauma, I'm so sorry. I know that can feel impossible to deal with, especially when family members insist on comparing us to people without mental illness. It takes me forever to get out of bed too, I get how awful that can make you feel about yourself, especially when everyone is judging you for it. I'm working on setting up some boundaries within my family so that they have fewer opportunities to criticize me and I can feel a bit better about myself. Maybe that would help you too? It's easier said than done though, I know.
Elizabeth Caudy
Dear Gayle,
Thank you for your comment. I feel exactly the same way.
Britt Mahrer
Hi Mamoune, I am glad you found this interesting. Self-improvement is a life-long journey for all of us and can be rewarding and beautiful.

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