These first 25 years of my life have been defined by shame; but, for a long time, I thought what I was feeling was guilt, which is a very different emotion. Guilt is a signal from our minds and bodies telling us that something we've done does not line up with our internal moral code. It is focused on our actions, and it can be used to help us grow and become people who act in accordance with our standards. Shame, on the other hand, is a totally different beast.
Life is tough at the moment. Every day that passes by seems to be filled with anxiety after anxiety, and there is no clear end in sight. COVID-19 has thrown all our lives into disarray, and coping with mental health issues is harder than ever. Being stuck at home is undoubtedly difficult for everyone. Human connection is an essential part of life, and being unable to connect with friends and family members because of the coronavirus is taking a toll on all of us. But for people with serious mental illnesses such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social isolation can present unique challenges.
Managing anxiety when you have coronavirus is not easy. When you have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder like I do, you are constantly catastrophizing every situation. One of the worst-case scenarios in this pandemic was, in fact, contracting coronavirus (COVID-19). Well, guess what, I have anxiety, and I got coronavirus. Aside from anxiety, I am young, healthy, and without any known coronavirus risk factors living that single girl life in Chicago (i.e., living in pure isolation). Here is my ongoing journey of managing my anxiety while having coronavirus.
We're all doing a lot of waiting recently due to COVID-19 restrictions -- but how does it compare to the ongoing waiting experiences of those with mental illness? Read on.
The isolation required by coronavirus is exhausting me. I find this odd as isolation doesn't require that you "do" anything, per se. We're not talking about a state in which one must exert oneself. We're talking about a state in which one must binge Netflix. It doesn' seem like that would make a person tired. It turns out, that's wrong, however. Make no mistake about it, coronavirus isolation is making me exhausted.
Are you experiencing mood disorder symptoms for the first time during the pandemic? Read this article for tips about how to acknowledge and treat mood disorder symptoms for the first time.
After receiving a clinical diagnosis for "mild inattentive attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)," something strange happened. What I thought would be liberation turned into weeks, if not months of self-loathing and debility. Instead of learning how to coexist with my ADHD, I became it.
I started my journey on the "Coping with Depression" blog almost three years ago. Today, I am writing my final post for this blog. I have been fortunate to work for HealthyPlace and will always be grateful for the time and space I was given here. I conquered both fear and doubt to become a mental health blogger, and I could not have done that without the support and guidance of the team and staff at HealthyPlace.
It was just your common cold--a slight sore throat, a slight cough, sniffles and no fever. I wouldn’t have paid it any mind if the coronavirus weren’t running rampant. My schizoaffective anxiety didn’t help the situation either, though, honestly, everyone was freaking out.
A panic attack or anxiety attack is an intense but short-lived experience of gripping anxiety. These attacks can be severe, causing a host of miserable symptoms. While the actual attack doesn't last long, typically peaking in about 10 minutes but sometimes lasting a bit longer, the effects can continue and make life after a panic attack or anxiety attack miserable and difficult. Knowing what to expect during and after a panic attack can help you minimize and shorten the recovery time and move forward more easily and positively. 

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I have removed myself from therapy too.. I let my alters take over more than I'd like to say. We didn't want to be cured.
I really liked this read, everything you had to say really came as a comfort.
Binge eating had always been a problem of mine. Even more so because I suffer from thyroid problems. It's so nice to know I am not alone in this.

Lately I have been trying the Custom Keto Diet and really seeing the difference. However reading blogs and post like this really keeps me going.

If anyone would like to try with me here is the link.
Krystle Vermes
That must be extremely frustrating, I'm sorry to hear that. I recommend getting grounded whenever possible, perhaps with some fidget toys or through meditation.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
Hi Elizabeth,

If you feel extra stress or have negative thoughts, worries, or emotions when you don't know what is going to happen in a given situation, you might have uncertainty anxiety. ("Uncertainty anxiety" isn't an official anxiety disorder or diagnosis. It just means that someone's anxiety is caused or increased by not knowing what to expect or not being guaranteed a certain outcome.) If you experience anxiety or stress, start to tune in to it. Notice when you experience it the most. If you notice increased symptoms in times of uncertainty, then this uncertainty might be a cause or contributing factor. It is only a problem, though, if it is a pattern (it happens often when you're faced with any uncertainty) and if it interferes in your ability to do what you need or want to do. Talking with a mental health professional can help you sort out the cause of your anxiety, and once you know the cause, you can work on a solution.
It’s hard and my alters are getting very unhappy and crazy and weird half of my alters have been Doing things sexually,trying to protect me from outside dangers,Protecting my parents
Among other things and they keep showing me dreams of how they act if I didn’t set restrictions