There's a new Weight Watchers weight loss application (app) for kids called Kurbo. When I first heard about Kurbo I felt a little nauseous. It’s precisely the sort of thing that a young, adolescent me – embroiled in an eating disorder – would have latched onto as a source of “inspiration” to fuel my illness. I was curious as to how Weight Watchers, recently rebranded as WW, would market and defend their new product – and why they thought the app was even remotely a good idea.
Remembering my medication at this point in my life and mental health recovery is very important. I accept that I need psychiatric medication to function. That can be a hard thing to admit sometimes. I'm at a place where I have a lot going on in my life and I feel it would fall apart if I didn't take my medication. Long story short -- my medication is extremely important.
As a recovering addict, I have been fortunate enough to encounter many methods of recovery, including but not limited to the 12-step group for sex addiction. I first found my way to the most common group options like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and eventually, I discovered the variety of sex addiction-related 12-step groups available. After spending plenty of time in the 12-step group world, I can honestly say that I'm abundantly grateful for the recovery work they do within the community. However, I cannot give 12-step groups all the credit in regards to my recovery experience and maintaining sobriety.
It can be hard to find someone to talk to about your depression yet it is one of the first pieces of advice people give. Others tell you to find someone to talk to. That someone could be a friend, a family member, or a professional therapist. Whoever it is, the important thing is that you have someone to talk to about your depression. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we have no one.
Grey area verbal abuse makes it hard for you to tell who is an abuser and who is simply human, especially after coming from a place of prolonged abuse. How do you tell an abuser from someone unintentionally hurtful? This was a question I hadn't considered after I broke free from my narcissist.
We all have habits that cause anxiety or worsen existing anxiety. This does not mean that we're intentionally causing our own anxiety, not at all. No one is to blame for their anxiety. Habits are merely things we do (or don't do) because we're so used to doing them, we don't even think about them. Occasionally operating on autopilot and inadvertently doing things that worsen or cause anxiety is actually pretty empowering. When you learn about habits that worsen your anxiety, you can actively stop those actions and replace them with more mentally healthy ones. 
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is one of the most stigmatized mental health conditions, along with conditions such as schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder and other personality disorders. I have been discriminated against by healthcare professionals, struggled for years to talk openly due to stereotyping and see few compassionate representations of the condition in the media. There are three main myths about BPD and I will outline them here. 
Many people who struggle with having low self-esteem have done so for many years, perhaps for even most of their lives. When you suffer from low self-esteem for this long, you may wonder whether you will ever get rid of it and be able to view yourself in a positive light. Despite the time that has passed and your genuine efforts to build self-esteem, negative feelings about yourself may remain. Your inner critic may be a constant feature throughout your day or crop up during particularly stressful times in your life or major life events. Here, we will highlight what it’s like to feel hopeless about having low self-esteem and how you can combat this kind of despair to ensure that you move forward in your mental health journey.
We all experience anxiety from time to time, and relieving anxiety can be tricky. Some commonly used methods to relieve anxiety actually make it worse. Other attempts at relief just ignore the underlying problem. To get lasting anxiety relief, we must understand which methods help and which ones perpetuate the problem.
I don’t need to convince you that we live in chaotic, scary times – that’s self-evident. Given that, it’s almost too easy to give in to despair and give up. However, support in a chaotic world is possible.

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Jennifer Smith
Hello, Anne. Thank you for your comments. I'm Jennifer, the other author of the Coping With Depression blog. Some ways I counteract the feelings of shame and guilt that can arise with depression are as follows:
1. Keep an encouragement journal.
2. Remind myself that depression is an illness; it is not something I caused or did.
I also practice loads of self-love and self-care, which I discuss in the following posts. You might find these helpful.
Jennifer Smith
Hello, Julia, I'm glad you reached out here. I am sorry you are going through all of this. I encourage you to contact a health care professional who can help both you and your son. It sounds like both of you are dealing with some very overwhelming circumstances. I am thankful that you commented and hope that you will get in touch with a therapist or doctor as soon as possible.
I fight it everyday even when my 30 year old son is being good i still flipp out over nothing an seems like I can never get finished with anything I need for myself house falling apart car falling apart an I have anxiety also yard in a mess I am 56 an disabled my self an have a hard time just doing regular house work if I do more it takes me 2 days to get over it like extra stuff around the house an every time someone comes to help me my son runs they off I can't try to fix anything around here if he is home an if I try an fix stuff around the house when he is gone he filps out an always mad because nothing if fixed an has knocked holes in the walls that had been fixed if I go anywhere he will put simple things of mine in the yard are like my coffee pot on the porch he has always had problems but it has gotten worse since he is 30 now an over 6 foot an his dad past away 2014 later
It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself