Improving interpersonal communication with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be a lifelong task. For me, interpersonal communication with BPD becomes a battleground where the stakes are high. One misstep could lead to unintended consequences, exacerbating my BPD symptoms.
Learning to trust yourself after trauma can feel like walking through a minefield. In my experience, if I take one wrong step, I fear my entire life will somehow implode. Even the most minor decisions send me into a fight-or-flight spiral. I deny my intuition and operate out of fear, craving a sense of security and certainty one simply cannot have in life. Learning to trust myself after trauma has been difficult.
Looking for a new job is never easy, but depression while job hunting is even worse. Being unemployed at the same time is terrible, too. Unfortunately, I have experienced that in the last couple of years. Getting lost in the cumbersome tasks of revamping my resume and applying for jobs is dispiriting. Thus, it becomes easy for job hunting to cause my depression to set in quickly.
It took me several years of personal growth and cultural awareness to realize there are systemic barriers to eating disorder treatment. My battle with anorexia was painful and tumultuous, but access to therapeutic interventions made the healing journey feel possible. While I am immensely grateful for this, I also cannot brush aside the conspicuous reality that certain prohibitive eating disorder treatment barriers still exist.
Unfortunately, retail and service workers are often the target of verbal abuse. No one deserves to be called names, insulted, or threatened, especially while doing their job. Sadly, verbal abuse in retail and service professions is becoming more frequent in many restaurants and stores.
One thing I’ve learned about having schizoaffective disorder is how to use coping skills for my symptoms. Some of the skills I’ve developed myself and some I’ve learned in therapy. Here are some of the coping skills I’ve learned for the symptoms of my schizoaffective disorder. (Note: This post contains a trigger warning.)
When you are constantly anxious, it is hard to confront traumatic experiences and process your feelings from trauma. What can end up happening as a result is that you may avoid dealing with the situation. However, processing your feelings from trauma is critical.
Do you feel frustrated when people can't pronounce your name correctly? I can relate because my name is unique, and most people mispronounce it. Worse, instead of learning the correct pronunciation, they conveniently shorten or change it without my consent. If people can't pronounce your name correctly, read on to know how you can cope with the consequent distress.
Times get tough, and I'm not immune to wanting to shut the world out when it feels too loud, too heavy, or simply too much; that's when distraction and escapism come into play. Sometimes, a little mind vacation is needed. Just like physical vacations, it can be helpful to mentally check out momentarily to rest and reset. But as with most things in life, there is a balance, and tipping the scales can have harmful consequences.
I've found that nature provides greater self-esteem. Self-esteem is a delicate yet pivotal aspect of one's wellbeing, particularly for those navigating the challenges of mental health. In my personal journey, I have found that nature is a sanctuary that extends a comforting hand toward healing and heightened self-esteem. 

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Natasha Tracy
Hi Z,

I'm the Blog Manager here, and I want to address your comment.

First, I'm so sorry you're feeling such distress right now. I want you to know that no matter what mistakes you make, you do not deserve to be physically harmed because of them. It's great that you want to be a good person, but everyone slips. None of us are perfect, and we all deserve patience when that happens. You also deserve love no matter what mistakes you make.

It's normal for your emotions to get the best of you sometimes. It happens to teens a lot because they're growing, changing, and maturing, but it happens to adults too! Please know that a huge amount of guilt probably hurts more than it helps.

It sounds to me like you have some pretty tough things to work through. You should talk to an adult that you trust about what's happening. That might be a parent, or it might be another adult in your life who is supportive and nonjudgmental.

You could also reach out to a professional for help. You could talk to a school counselor, for example. They may be able to help you deal with the emotions you're having more effectively.

You may also want to connect with this resource:

SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Alternative
Information Line
800-DONT-CUT (366-8288)

Also, remember, you can call 9-8-8 any time to talk to someone. You don't have to be suicidal to call. They may point you toward additional resources.

You're dealing with some difficult emotions right now, but you don't have to do it alone. I've been where you are, and I promise that reaching out in one or more of the above ways can help.

-- Natasha Tracy
Natasha Tracy
Hi Gregory,

Thanks for your input. I'm the Blog Manager here at HealthyPlace, and I want to address your comment.

I can understand why a person may think that video game addiction doesn't exist, but there is evidence to the contrary. In one meta-analysis, it was found that 5% of gamers have an addiction. In that analysis, they mention that two hours of gaming a day is considered more normal, but five hours or more may indicate the presence of addiction.

They found that engaging in an addictive gaming behavior led to effects such as lower academic scores, depression, anxiety, and a decrease in self-esteem, life satisfaction, and social support.

You can see more here:

Internet gaming disorder was even included in the latest "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" ("DSM-5-TR"). More information about it, including diagnostic criteria, can be found here:

It's worth noting that while professionals can, of course, help with any addiction, there are steps anyone can take to help with gaming addiction that don't cost anything.

Most gamers are not addicted, but it is absolutely true that some are.

There is quackery out there, but this is not evidence of it.

-- Natasha Tracy
Actually Clara, theres no such thing as a videogame addiction. You sound like a bot trying to convince healthy people their hobbies are a symptom of a disease so they become paying customers in a fake disease treatment scam therapists, WHO and chinese gov want to make money on.

Theres quackery out there and treating fake diseases is quite a big part of it.
Hello all, I was in a 19 year marriage with someone who emotionally and verbally abused me. And my daughter. I woke up slowly as to what was happening to me. I got involved with my local church. I spent time with people who I wound up helping and seeing their response to me really helped me realize what my situation was. The reason is the people in my church community reflect Gods love for me. I started to realize I am not who I think I am. Not at all. I am a loved child of the most high God. Who loves me so much He sacrificed His only Son for me. For all of us. I started to sense the Holy Spirit inside my heart. I started to feel what true freedom means. The situation at home was very difficult for my heart and mind to understand. But God. I share this for anyone who struggles with who they are before and after they leave. You are a loved child of the most high God. When I started to be curious about the nature of God and how He is seeking a relationship with me. Over time I noticed my heart which was hardened from the years of being treated so poorly. My heart because like a stone. But when I started to know Gods will for me, my heart started to soften. And expand and rest. Truly rest. For me I had to die to leave my situation. Die in the sense of my identity as to who I thought I was. And be reborn as a loved child of God. I read the Bible with new perceptions and the Spirit drew me out. He told me where to go. What to do and when to rest. Doors opened I did not think possible. My daughter chose to reject me and stay with her father. But even that I know will be restored as she begins to know the things that she struggles with are symptoms of something greater than she is.

It is important to realize that I am not the sum of my parts. I am not what this person did to me. I am not the mistakes I made. Or the self hatred that kept me in a place.

I am loved by God and He knows who I am. I hang out with people who seek similar healing and when a boundary is crossed all I do is pray and let myself be led by Holy Spirit.

There is something much greater than all of this. I learned I can have a life in Christ in complete freedom from any of this mess I was in. He died to set me free. He did that for me. He did that for all of us. And all we have to do is believe.

His is an upside down kingdom. The last will be first and some of the first will be last.

I pray he will restore my daughter. I pray my ex husband will learn to love Jesus in his own way. I pray for him not with my messed up old ways but with the love of God agape. Selfless love. Amen.
It is invariably the case that I see most things differently from other people. Instead of inviting arguments, prying questions or other annoying interactions regarding my views, I just listen to them - not because I particularly care what they think - but more to avoid having to say anything. In today’s shallow, utterly vapid society, engaging with most people is a complete waste of time so I don’t bother trying to socialize.