Kate Beveridge
Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be chaotic at the best of times, let alone while dealing with a global crisis. I've been living in Lima, Peru, since March. Peru was the hotspot of COVID-19 and had some of the world's strictest lockdown conditions.1 Paired with recent political instability, coping with my BPD symptoms has been more difficult than ever.
Natasha Tracy
I had to find out what taking a COVID-19 test was like the hard way. I had to learn about the extreme anxiety that is taking a COVID-19 test the hard way. Yes, I had to take a COVID-19 test, and while I didn't want to do it, and it made for a horrifically anxious couple of days, I would do it again anyway.
George Abitante
Why would you think like a scientist to reduce anxiety, and what does mindfulness have to do with it? I've noticed something over the past several weeks, and I want you to know how thinking like a scientist can greatly reduce the anxiety you feel.
Jennifer Lear
t's no secret that depression zaps your motivation to do, well, anything, and can drastically lower your productivity. The constant carousel of intrusive thoughts and worries can have a paralyzing effect — making it impossible to focus on anything beyond the most basic of tasks and making you feel like a failure. Fortunately, there is something you can do to help alleviate those feelings, and it involves reassessing what you think it means to be productive (with or without depression).
Kelli Anderson
With the holidays nearly here, I've been taking some time to reflect on what it will mean to find joy during a very different holiday season. For many people, this time of year brings a mix of happiness and overwhelmingness. And in 2020, both feelings will likely be heightened.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, DAIS
The holiday season is here, and for many, the dreaded holiday anxiety comes with it. The ostensibly festive and happy season can cause significant stress and anxiety. However, you can create a positive, meaningful holiday despite the very legitimate worries and challenges you may experience (especially this year--holidays 2020-style). The following five tips can help you have a peaceful, positive holiday season with less anxiety.
Justin Hughes
I’m Justin Hughes, and I’m thrilled to be joining "Building Self Esteem." This is a subject I have struggled with my entire life. In fact, I still struggle with it today. When HealthyPlace invited me to join this blog, I found the subject ironic, because, of my assorted mental health struggles, self-esteem is the one I have gotten over the least. I’ve made significant progress toward battling my negative self-talk, but I’ve hardly mastered it. Perhaps that’s precisely why I’m here.
Jessica Kaley
Instead of apologizing all the time for the shortcomings you believe make you less worthy, try practicing forgiveness as a method to build your self-esteem. How will practicing forgiveness help your self-esteem grow?
Mahevash Shaikh
I recently went on a social media break -- no doomscrolling, no aggravating my depression -- and it felt great. Social media is where I get most of my news, and given that the world seems to be falling apart these days, it was a relief to get away from doomscrolling.
Nori Rose Hubert
As a working-class person with bipolar disorder, I have several limitations and face a lot of barriers to gainful employment. Jobs that require monotonous, repetitive tasks don't provide my brain with enough stimulation to keep me engaged, which can trigger both mania and depression. Part-time jobs with irregular shifts are also out of the running since inconsistent scheduling hurts my sleep-wake cycle (which any psychiatrist will tell you is essential for managing bipolar). And despite the protections afforded to people like me by the Americans with Disabilities Act, employment discrimination against folks with mental illness remains a serious problem. Yet, in spite of all the hurdles to meaningful, profitable work and financial freedom that I face, the truth is that I'm grateful for my limitations from bipolar.

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I'm going threw exactly the same right now, its been 10 days living in my vehicle, yesterday I misplaced my phone, when I found it I read the most discouraging hurtful words just because I did not reply qick enough, one text is I miss you the next text is I never want to see you then its why are you not responding omg it is truly a Rollercoaster ride on top of all this she has very rude disrespectful lazy think that they are entitled give me give me children who them selfs have called police c.p.s on there mother each time c.p.s and police come they find that the house is clean food etc she will not do anything to correct her children, it has gotten worst my emotional state of mind as well as my health is being affected I really do love her though I am really taking these days away from all this to get some peace of mind
Don't know if you are still reading this in 2021, but can totally relate as have a similar scenario going on, with a slightly older adult child. Hope you have found some help or solutions. There do not seem to be any from where I am currently standing. My own health & wellbeing are going downhill & I have to care for several dependents with an adult dependent child making life a misery for the family. I try to help & would spend every penny if something could help her. But she refuses & calling services escalates things to worse. Everyone blames parents, upbringing , trauma etc but there seems no reason in some cases, maybe a biochemical imbalance or something. I cannot bring myself to put her out of the home as she is not streetwise and would not last long - I would not put out my child with a physical illness so mental illness I treat the same. It is not the same though, is it? Thoughts & prayers to all in this type of situation.
Mahevash Shaikh
I'm glad you agree, Lizanne. Thank you for sharing your professional view. I hope more people can be themselves at work.
Juliana Sabatello
I am so sorry you had that experience. It sounds like she violated many ethical and legal practices of therapy in the way she worked with you and others. I hope something comes from the complaints against her to the state because she can do some serious damage to the people she sees with that type of behavior. I hope you were able to find someone better to help you with your trauma. Thank you for sharing your story.
Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
Hi Peter,

Thank you for reaching out. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and struggles in life. Please consider seeking out help. We have several resources on our website that can point you in the direction of support and interventions. Please see our list of hotline numbers and referral sources here: In addition, our Trauma and PTSD online communities can help you find more information that could be useful: and I know it can be difficult, but please reach out for help.


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
HealthyPlace Comment Moderator