Self-harm causes are hard to define. After all, each person is unique, and so is their emotional pain. However, the way we cope with difficult situations as adults often corresponds to our childhood experiences. Learning about the so-called early maladaptive schemas could help us address some of the unresolved issues that drive us toward self-injury.
Everyone has different coping methods that they choose to use, and it can sometimes seem like not all coping mechanisms are as helpful as others. There might come a time when you have to come to terms with and accept a loved one's preferred coping method. This is the story of a time I went through that situation.
Mental illnesses can have destructive behaviors that accompany them, and these behaviors can often be difficult to understand and, like mental health in general, cloaked in stigma. Because of that, addressing destructive behaviors linked to mental illness can be a challenge, but it's an important part of showing support to those who struggle.
COVID-19 vaccine refusal could be related to depression. I know there might not seem to be a link there, but I suspect there is. Depression could affect how a person feels about getting a vaccine for a number of reasons, and it may lead all the way up to vaccine refusal thanks to depression.
I have an idea for a children's book, but anxiety-induced procrastination is in the way. I've been saying for years that I want to write a book, and last week inspiration struck. I am telling you this because I know that if I don't, the idea will remain just that: an idea. And I will continue to be what I've been for years: someone who says they want to write a book, writes a few chapters, then leaves them to gather dust in a long-forgotten folder on a laptop. I am a pathological procrastinator, but I believe I have found a way to tackle my anxiety-induced procrastination and share it here in the hopes that it will help you, too.
It's easy to write off jewelry—of any kind—as a frivolous fashion statement, pretty but shallow. In the case of self-harm recovery jewelry, however, the meaning runs much deeper than that.
The medication cocktail I take is far from perfect. For one thing, it doesn’t stop my schizoaffective anxiety from remaining a disabling challenge. For another, my antipsychotic causes a ridiculous amount of weight gain. So you’d think that when I learned about a new antipsychotic on the market, I’d jump at the chance to try it. I’m not jumping. Here’s why.
Due to the number of hours many of us spend at work, it is natural for work to become an integral part of one's identity. In fact, there's a term for it: work identity. Depression also affects one's work identity, so much so that it might define you in your workplace. What's more, it may also define the way you see yourself.
Anxiety can severely limit lives, so much so that it can be difficult to leave the house to go to work (or anywhere else, for that matter). Anxiety symptoms can be crushing and exhausting, and anxiety attacks or panic attacks can leave you overwhelmed, drained, physically ill, and haunted by strong, negative thoughts and emotions. This makes daily functioning, including going to work, incredibly difficult. While it's not necessarily a quick and easy process, you can break free from the shackles of anxiety, anxiety attacks, or panic attacks and not only get to work but feel steady and actually enjoy life again.
Let's talk about quasi-eating disorder recovery. This is by no means a term I invented, but it is a state of being I am acutely familiar with. I have experienced it myself, and I have seen it manifest in other people who are on healing journeys as well.

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Mahevash Shaikh
Hi Nishita, I will surely write about it in the future. Thank you for following my work.
I don’t know why my Physicologist after my 19 year old daughter diagnosed me with bipolar 1. I feel I am just grieving. I also lost my dad in 2020, my 19 year old daughter in 2021 and my husband of 38 years this year in May.

Has anyone else been diagnosed like this even though I feel it’s just grieving!

Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated.
You call them honest? I think those are people trying to sabotage your feelings. We all have good things about us. These are the ones we offer and we can still develop better qualities not just to be likable to others but also to ourselves. I believe you need to find people that truly see the good in you and at the same time can give you constructive criticism to better yourself.
Elizabeth Caudy
Dear Ellie, Thanks for your comment. I've been in a psych ward, and I know how unpleasant it is. I'm sorry to hear that your son may be taken away. You may need to consider what you're prepared to do to keep him in your life. Your last statement makes me afraid you may have suicidal thoughts. If you do, please talk to one of the professionals in your psychiatric ward or contact: Thanks again, Elizabeth
Leslie Gavel
I really appreciated this article. I find this topic to be taboo. I think it’s hard to acknowledge how widespread the problem is. Students are so often blamed for acting out at school when it’s a relationship problem with the teacher. I wrote a book called dropout: how school is failing our know kids and what we can do about it. I call attention to bullying by teachers and administrators. Thanks for writing this!