Martyna Halas
Is social media increasing your self-harm urges? Scrolling through social media is an everyday activity for most of us. We can lose ourselves in it for hours on end. However, our digital obsession can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. It could even become a self-harm trigger for those who suffer from low self-esteem.
Laura A. Barton
When you're up against something and constantly pushing back against it, it's inevitable to wonder if the efforts are achieving anything. For instance, are we making progress combatting mental health stigma? There are campaigns upon campaigns, advocates upon advocates, so many voices and messages joining and leading the conversations about mental wellness and mental illness alike year after year. Surely, we must be making some progress combatting mental health stigma, right?
Natasha Tracy
"I'm the craziest person in the world" is something so many people with a mental illness have said to themselves, and maybe even others. This happens a lot before treatment but can happen even after. Feeling "crazy" is a real thing for so many of us, and feeling alone with feeling crazy is a real thing too. If you've caught yourself thinking, "I'm the craziest person in the world," you need to read this.
Hollay Ghadery
Whether your therapist suggests that you start writing about eating disorders or you decided to start on your own, there are many benefits to the practice. However, not everyone writes about their experiences for the same reason. 
Amanda Richardson
Change is one of the biggest guarantees in life so, at some point in your addiction recovery journey, you will likely have to experience it. I personally despise big life changes, not just because of my addiction, but because of the enormous impact change can have on my mental health.
Elizabeth Caudy
My schizoaffective disorder used to make me afraid to wash my hair, so weeks would go by when I didn’t do it. I thought of it as occasionally washing my hair. Now I take a bath every day, and I take a shower and wash my hair once a week. I brush my hair in-between times and I now have a system that enables me to keep on a regular hair-washing cycle.
Kim Berkley
Shame and guilt aren't just common self-harm triggers—they are also often numbered among the scars self-injury leaves behind. Moving on is a vital part of the recovery process, but how do you forgive yourself for hurting yourself?
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
Another school year is upon us. As always, anxiety is often an unwanted stowaway in backpacks or an unwelcome guest at home. This year, it may be even more prevalent than ever courtesy of the continued COVID-19 situation. Don't let anxiety tag along with your family this school year. 
Mahevash Shaikh
It's a common assumption that depression affects those who aren't strong enough, also known as people with depression are weak. What's worse is when people with depression themselves blame their lack of strength for being the reason they are depressed. But the truth is that depressed people are strong, not weak.
Nori Rose Hubert
We live in a culture with a profoundly unhealthy attitude towards work. Every day, we are fed a message that our worth is directly tied to our productivity and that making room in our lives for rest, play, or tending to our basic needs as humans is frivolous, even selfish. The go-go-go attitude and desire for endless productivity in our workplaces is stressful for even the most neurotypical person, but when you live (and work) with bipolar disorder, the game has even higher stakes.

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Sarah Sharp

Thank you for sharing so much of your story with us. It sounds like everyone close to you is going through a lot and is in a lot of pain.

Thank God you put those pills back in the bottle. Do you have a therapist, doctor, or another advocate you could talk to? If not, there are suicide and domestic violence hotlines you could call to get more information about where to turn for help. You can learn more about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at and the National Domestic Violence Hotline at

Sometimes I have to remind myself that eventually, life WILL get better, no matter what I'm going through at the moment. It can't hurt forever. There are moments in my future I WILL want to be here for. I just need to hold on tight and keep doing the next right thing.

We at HealthyPlace are here if you want to chat more.

Kindest regards,

Sarah Sharp
Sarah Sharp
Good morning, Aeron,

Thanks for reaching out. What's on your mind?

Kind regards,

Sarah Sharp
Sarah Sharp
Hi, O.S. Lamb,

Thank you for talking about your experiences, but I'm sorry to hear you've suffered so profoundly from your mother's mental illness. Do you think it would've made a difference for everyone if she had had access to treatment?

I'm looking forward to talking more.


Sarah Sharp
Sarah Sharp
Hi, Sara.

Thank you for sharing this, and I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you did everything you could do for your son. It sounds like he stayed so strong and hid his pain so well that probably no one knew what he was going through.

I've never lost a child, but I am a mother. Trying to imagine the pain you're experiencing feels unbearable. I do believe, though, that if you give yourself some time, it will start to hurt less. I don't think a parent gets over that kind of loss COMPLETELY, but I think with time it can hurt LESS.

I hope you have a strong support system, too. There's no way you can do this by yourself. If you do feel alone, maybe a therapist could help.

And please feel free to talk more on this page if that's the outlet you need.

Kindest wishes,

Sarah Sharp
Natasha Tracy
Hi Anonymous,

I'm sorry you had to go through that. Seven days can be a very long time.

I don't disagree with your experience. It was yours and I believe you. What I would say, though, is that not everyone is the same and these tips will help some people. I'm sorry that they didn't help you.

- Natasha Tracy