I have found that being too overwhelmed can lead to a loss of executive function. Basically, my head gets filled with life's troubles and illness, and then it can't think complicated thoughts. That's the crux of it. The thing is, complicated thoughts like those involved in planning and problem-solving are pretty crucial for getting through your day. So, how do we deal with the effects of overwhelm on executive function?
Recently, I posed a challenge to myself to see if I could tolerate one day without a fitness tracker. This experiment should have been simple: Just set the device aside, then continue with all my normal activities for about 12 hours. The key phrase here is "should have been simple." But to be honest, it was so painfully difficult. Here's why I took on this endeavor—plus the humbling lessons I learned from one day without a fitness tracker. 
Opening up about borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms can present unique challenges, and disclosing this condition to immigrant Filipino parents adds another layer of complexity. My BPD symptoms include intense mood swings, fear of abandonment, and unstable self-image. Opening up about my borderline personality disorder symptoms with parents who come from a culture and generation that stigmatizes mental health issues is a delicate and, at times, painful process. 
Healing from my trauma required me to tell my trauma story — but not to over-identify with it. When I first began my healing journey, I would talk about my trauma to anyone who would listen: new friends, strangers on the Internet, distant family members, etc. In a way, telling my trauma story — and owning what I'd been through and how I got myself through it — empowered me. It gave me a sense of purpose and a feeling of pride; it also gifted me with much-needed validation.
My name is Kris McElroy, and I am the new author of "Dissociative Living." I received a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID) in 2013 when I was 28 years old. Since then, I have been navigating the complexities of living with DID, especially in relation to parenting, coexisting with alters, professional pursuits, and interpersonal relationships. I aspire to foster a shared understanding through the exchange of our experiences as we navigate the journey of dissociative living together.
Verbal abuse can affect many areas of life, including your view of body image and diet. Because this abusive tactic targets your self-esteem, experiencing negative comments about your weight can directly impact how you manage food consumption. In short, verbal abuse can affect your diet choices.
Schizoaffective anxiety and recovering from surgery are a particularly bad combination. Yesterday, I was picking up some packages from the mail room. The mailroom is down a flight of stairs from our apartment. Only one package of four free COVID tests would fit in my tote bag, so I had to carry the other one by hand. I have a system for getting the mail on such occasions since I just had double knee surgery, and it’s hard for me to get up and down stairs. Schizoaffective anxiety in recovery makes it harder because I'm scared.
One of the most significant symptoms of anxiety that I have struggled with has been hypervigilance. Hypervigilance pertains to being on guard and alert for threats in the environment and may result in engaging in behavior with the purpose of preventing danger.1
For the longest time, I felt something was wrong with me for being an introvert. While most kids my age loved noisy parties and socializing, I preferred quiet one-on-one conversations and the company of books. In tenth grade, when an unimaginative bully called me "boring," I took her jibe to heart. It took me a couple of years to realize she was dead wrong. I am not boring; I am an introvert. And there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. 
A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to edit an article that caused great stress and anxiety. I agreed to do this, not knowing how complex the text would be. After a few minutes, I stressed out about why I couldn't comprehend the content. My stress soon morphed into anxiety, pounding my head with thoughts like, "I'm so stupid, and If I can't edit this piece, my friend will be disappointed." I was tempted to give up and apologize to my friend. But before I did, I remembered that my stress and anxiety didn't have to consume me. To learn more about my experience with stress and anxiety and how I have learned to deal with them, continue reading this post.

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Karen Mae Vister
Thanks for the feedback. I like to think my experiences can make a difference for someone else, so this meant a lot to read.
Helpless Human
Same happened to me through the years, I used hardworking as a coping mechanism to bring my self perception from black to white.
you know what white and black mean to BPD.
Macy R.
Hi,Believe me its not hard to feel like a baby while wearing a diaper and rubberpants for bedwetting! Just after i turned 12,i started my puberty and the bedwetting came along with it.My parents got me cloth diapers,diaper pins,rubberpants,babypowder,and diaper rash ointment from various websites.The diapers were thick,just like regular baby diapers and the diaper pins were in pink,yellow and blue and some with teddy bear and duck heads!The rubberpants they got me were in adult size in pastel colors and some with nursery prints on them that i wasn't overly crazy about.Every night before bedtime,i took a quick shower,while mom laid the folded diaper in the center of my bed with the pins,and rubberpants beside it.After my shower, i had to lay down naked on the diaper,mom would rub the rash ointment on me then apply the babypowder.The diaper was then brought up and the corners pinned with the diaper pins.After the diaper was adjusted,i would raise up my legs and mom would pull the rubberpants up my legs and over the diaper and adjust them.Since they were adult size,they fit me blousy and bulged out.After they were on,i would put on my nightgown,go and give dad a hug,then get into bed.The rubberpants crinkled as i walked and made me feel like a baby!A couple of months later,the one night i had a pair of the nursery print rubberpants on over my diaper,and started sucking my thumb!I don't know why i did it,but it made me feel very babyish! Then a short time later,i started sucking my thumb while mom was putting the diaper and rubberpants on me and she thought it was cute! A few days later,as i was about to lay down on the diaper,mom brought out a pacifier and stuck it in my mouth and told me it is better than sucking my thumb,so from then on,i used the pacifier while mom was diapering me.My bedwetting went on all thru 13 and 14 and i got to feeling more and more like a baby! When i was 14,i had my first sleepover with two of my closest friends and they watched mom put the diaper and rubberpants on me,then they told me they wanted to be diapered also,so mom put a diaper and rubberpants on them also,so i wasnt the only one in a diaper!My bedwetting went on all thru 14 and two months into 15 and that was hard,being 15 and like a baby at night.My bedwetting ended and mom was sad that she didnt get to diaper me anymore.The last time i wore the diaper and rubberpants was on my confirmation day in May under my required white floor length dress with the veil.I had the required white tights over them and mom loved it!
not disclosing
Trust someone that had allergic reaction with 8 bottles, If God does not want you in Heaven yet
you will not die!
I did all those things you regret not doing.. I brought my .3 children up alone, everything home cooked, took them everywhere, tried to be the perfect mom. They would admit this, but as they got into their early 20s, they began to discard me and it's now all about their partners parents. They have even tracked down their long lost father and all is forgotten. My long years of struggle don't matter,. So I don't think you need to beat yourself up because you didn't make home cooked meals..I know of terrible parents who's adult children adore them. It's the luck of the draw how they turn out, however good or bad you brought them up. I could not have done more, yet mine have no time for mem. I'm done with the crying after so many years of this....I'm now just numb...i will never really from a broken heart.