On Tuesday night's show, we addressed the difficulty in recovering from eating disorders. Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft mentioned a key factor in understanding this disease is to remember it is not about having a fat phobia‚ but it has to do with control, or maybe even lack of.
For many people with an eating disorder, trying to recover from anorexia or bulimia can be a long and difficult process. June 2, 2009 we're discussing what recovery from an eating disorder really means and why it's so darn difficult to "quit your eating disorder." Our guest, Shannon Cutts, will give us a look inside her life and her 15-year struggle with anorexia and bulimia. Shannon understands firsthand the total isolation, dead-end thinking, and exhausting mind tricks that eating disorders confine you to.
On the HealthyPlace TV show, airing live tonight at 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 Eastern, the topic is sexual addiction . It's a difficult one and some of the points we'll be addressing include: How to tell if your sexual impulses are normal Where to find help if you have a sexual addiction What it means to maintain sexual sobriety
Recently, several celebrities including, most famously, David Duchovny, have publicly faced 'sexual addiction'. What does it mean to have a sexual addiction? Isn't it normal to love sex?
Tuesday night, during the live show on 'Finding Hope for Treatment Resistant Depression,' Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft and our host, Gary, discussed some important information for those suffering from treatment resistant depression (TRD).
Great advances have been made in the treatment of depression . The advent of SSRI's like Prozac continue to change the lives of millions. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of depression sufferers do not respond to antidepressant medication and modern psychotherapy either completely or partially and are still affected by sadness, disinterest in activities, and sometimes suicide.
Imagine feeling your chest tighten and you cannot breathe. You know you're having a heart attack and you rush to the hospital only to be told there is nothing physically wrong with you. For many people suffering from panic attacks , these symptoms can be a commonplace occurrence. These anxiety attacks can be completely debilitating, preventing people from living normal lives or even going to work. Panic attacks accompany a wide range of other mental illnesses such as depression and agoraphobia .
The National Institutes of Health has estimated that between 3-5 percent of all children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) . The diagnosis of ADHD has never been without controversy.
I want to thank all of you who tuned in to our show last night on families and addiction. A lot of time is spent discussing the addict and the addiction itself, but not enough time is spent on family and friends of the addict.
According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, over 23 million Americans suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We all know addictions can destroy the life of the addict, but what about the family? How can the family cope and support the addict without being co-dependant and feeding the addiction? Our topic for the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV show airing live, this Tuesday, March 31st is "Families and Addiction."

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Elizabeth Caudy
Dear William, thank you for your comment. I can definitely relate to it and I'm sure a lot of other people can, too. Best, Elizabeth
I have just read this and actually had a little bit of a tear up. I'm a Brit on a waiting list for ADHD assessment. I have always had trouble buying clothes (and other things). Everything has to be just, just, perfect...every damn detail. I used to do exactly as described in stores but online shopping has made this worse. If I'm looking for something I end up with bags of clothes bought online (100's of £'s worth) which I'll go round and round trying on for days before returning at the 11th hour. It drives my partner (and me too, actually) batty having all this stuff in the corner of the bedroom. Currently it's summer trousers...omg.
I wonder if potential ADHD-ness also has something to do with the way I obsess, to the point of tears, over what I'm wearing to certain key things/events that really matter to me: evening out, work thing, seeing old friends after a while. I have to allow extra hours to go through the wardrobe rotation. I have been known not to go if it's just not right.
Fight hard and support your son through this hard time eventually the truth will come to light and your son will be heard.
William morgan
I am diagnosed with Schizzoaffective disorder and the part of my sickness I hate the most is severe anxiety. It attacks me from the pit of my stomach to my brain. I get so afraid that something terribly wrong has happened. Also, I’m afraid to see or be seen by my neighbors at times. This is a difficult thing because I enjoy getting out of the house at times. My anxiety is worse in the morning after waking up. I have no social life at all because i shy away from any kind of human interaction because I have social anxiety also. I freeze up in fear and all I can do is listen to others around me talking, and I am in fear to talk or communicate with others.
Hi Kathleen, I am a pastors wife with Bi-polar 2 and I hear how you miss hearing and feeling God as He once was. I hope by now he has found better meds. I’ve also found other causes to my mental illnesses that have helped them work better. Ie my copper levels were very high from Wilson’s disease brought on by a rare bacterial infection from farming called Whipples disease. When they were Chelated, I had 10 years of feeling so well. Also have found a gene that interferes with neurotransmitters that aid serotonin levels. And take TMG an amino acid that helps too, I’m only heterozygous of this gene but I wish I could remember more to help more. The last factor that’s affected my moods is having hyperaldosteronism… an adrenal disorder that can effect our ability to cope.
So a copper, zinc cerruloplasma blood test. Anything higher than 17 is symptomatic even though a bells curve in science has the level higher. The Bill Walsh institute is dedicated to these bio chemical issues. Not sure where in the states they are.
Then aldosterone renin ration for adrenals. … early symptoms are a higher diastolic blood pressure than normal. But eventually it leads to hypertension that seems resistant to meds.. took them ten years to do this blood test on me with hypertension.
Hope ruling out things means he gets a better hold on it. But sometimes my favorite bible verse for my low mood times is “And it came to pass”