Why do fall activities help depression? For many of us, myself included, our depression causes us to feel as if life is merely one long, monotonous trek we have to muddle through; days turn into weeks that turn into months that become seasons, and before we know it, another year has passed without our truly noticing or caring. One way this is evident is when we no longer enjoy the holidays or seasons that we used to enjoy. So, how can we find pleasure in favorite seasons or activities again? How can we keep depression from interfering with our pleasure? We have to actually make a plan for fun fall activities with depression.
Can a pet help with depression? Although emotional support animals are well known for supporting mental health, having a house pet also helps with mental illnesses like depression.
I’ve found that stuffed animals help with my anxiety. However, for most people, sleeping with stuffed animals is something considered appropriate only for young children. Instinctively, it does feel a bit strange to imagine an adult with an army of stuffed animals thrown about on their bed. But perhaps it’s time to condemn that instinctual judgment as inaccurate and overly bigoted –- perhaps the benefits of sleeping with stuffed animals to help with anxiety into adulthood are something we should all take seriously.
If you feel suicidal in any way, you need to talk to your doctor about your suicidal feelings. Even though suicide conversations -- with anyone -- are scary, you absolutely need to have them. I have had many I know this to be true. Read more on preventing suicides by learning how to have a conversation about suicide with your doctor.
Suicidal thoughts have been a part of most of my young adult life. Learning to cope with these thoughts has been one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced. As a young person, it's natural to seek help from the digital mediums that are such a significant part of my life. I've found support and many resources by searching online, utilizing apps, and using social media. I learned to cope with suicidal thoughts using digital media.
Are you in the gray area of suicide? Not everything is black and white, and that includes suicide. Sometimes, I feel suicidal but I also know that I won't actually give into those feelings. You may feel this way too, and you probably think that you are alone in this. September is National Suicide Prevention Month, so today, I want to raise awareness for those of us who are in the gray area of suicide.
Using sensitive suicide-related words can uplift those who are struggling; conversely, insensitive words, however well-intended, can cause further pain. Most people often find great difficulty in discussing suicide; especially in these delicate situations, suicide-related words exert immense power. 
It's difficult to cope with depression. I have dealt with depression for most of my life. While at times it seems that we are helpless to combat this mental illness, the truth is that there are things we can do to help us cope with depression. Here, I give my best advice on coping with depression.
Having a regular sleep cycle is important, but for years after I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia and then schizoaffective disorder, my sleep cycle became completely reversed. I was up all night and asleep all day. It wasn't until a little over four years ago--just before I started writing for HealthyPlace--that I got a regular sleep cycle back in place so that I'm awake during the day and asleep at night. What a relief. Here's how I did it.
Suicidal thoughts have a strong relationship with anxiety. Understanding the nuances of this relationship can help save lives that might otherwise be tragically lost. September is Suicide Prevention Month because the more we know and understand, the more equipped we all are to talk to each other about suicide. The more we talk--reach out and connect--the easier it will be to give and receive help, hope, new perspectives, and life. This look at suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and relief can help you understand what you are experiencing if you're having suicidal thoughts and it can help you recognize suicidal ideation in someone you care about. 

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TJ DeSalvo
This is a really sweet story. One of the primary reasons for me to sleep with my stuffed animals is to help me sleep - I've never been one to sleep that easily, and having stuffed animals helps me a little.
I have been having a really hard time sleeping since my husband and I moved to a new home. I sleep in the day due to night shift and the noises and stress of the new environment have kept me to anxious. Well, today he put my stuffed froggie which I have had since I was a very little girl in the bed and he said “I thought you might need someone to snuggle with since you can’t snuggle me.” I have not slept with froggie in years and today I slept for a full 8 hours without interruption. I felt so comforted snuggling froggie and it brought back memories of comfort and safety from my childhood. Stuffed animals are no joke in the anxiety department. I’m so glad you wrote this article. People need many options for handling anxiety.
Sounds to easy, yet maybe that's the key to freedom from imprisonment from anxiety, getting out of its box. Thanks, can't wait to start my next schedule, taking back my life. Scheduling has always been a big help for me, never thought of it as a way to control things as well as getting things done.
Marni Charm
I too have suffered from an eating disorder (binge eating/restricting) and depression for over 20 years. I’ve also had diabetes, failing kidney, dialysis, 2 transplants, ADHD and a son with serious behavioral issues, I hope to find recovery in my near future. It all has just beaten me down and makes living exhausting,

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