I just tested positive for COVID-19 on top of managing schizoaffective disorder and anxiety, and having just had the second of double knee replacements.
Practicing self-care is not selfish. If you struggle with caring for your needs, you aren't alone. Individuals who are targets of verbal abuse often neglect themselves because they are hypervigilant about their abuser's behaviors. This increased alertness can cause extreme sensitivity to your environment, causing you to overreact in some situations. Living in this continuous state of fear and anxiousness drains you mentally and physically, creating a self-care deficit. It's important to learn that it's not selfish to practice self-care.
I often find that I experience high levels of anxiety during the holidays. This can make it difficult to enjoy the holidays and to experience the season's festivities. It's also difficult to appreciate the holidays with elevated anxiety.
Let's face it: navigating family interactions over the holidays can be stressful when you're queer or transgender. Some of us come from accepting families; some of us do not. Some of us have a mix of experiences with our families and face additional stressors over the holidays. The holidays are stressful for everyone, but they pose special challenges for transgender and queer people this time of year. Today, I'd like to break down some tips for navigating family at this time of year.
I'm proud of the little things. In today's world, we are supposed to accomplish significant life goals one after the other -- and celebrate them publicly. In the process, we often overlook small wins as if they don't matter. However, being proud of the little things makes life easier, more so when you frequently experience anxiety, depression, and stress.
Career development is a priority for me, and while navigating the professional world is tricky enough, throwing in the challenges that come with managing a mental illness with a career makes the situation even more difficult. As someone who struggles with focus and drastically fluctuating energy levels, work can feel impossible, leaving me emotionally and mentally drained. The desire to succeed professionally can be much more difficult when there are extra mental obstacles, but there are ways to make the process easier. Having a mental illness and a career is possible.
Mindful observation can help you in your daily life. I have discovered a profound source of resilience. This is the ability to break free from the cycle of event-reaction. Too often, we find ourselves caught in the web of immediate responses, whether to subjective experiences or external occurrences. What if there was a third option, a path less traveled, that could grant us the power to enhance our self-esteem? For me, that third option is mindful observation. 
This is your reminder to continue to use your support system over the holidays. I say this for a specific reason. Sometimes, the holidays make our bipolar support system more accessible, it's true, but then, sometimes, the holidays make them less. We visit the people we don't normally see over the holidays, and they may not be part of our trusted circle. If we're going out of town, for example, the people we rely on may disappear for a time. But we need to continue to connect with our support system over the holidays.
Gambling addiction is fueled, in part, by the advertising and marketing that pushes that product. The gambling industry continues to experience remarkable growth year on year, partly due to the proliferation of online gambling and also due to marketing and advertising efforts. Gambling advertising and marketing shape consumer behavior, but where does the line lie when it comes to navigating responsible practices?a
I have anxiety after verbal abuse. One tool I've picked up from my years of therapy is using words of affirmation. I think how you talk to yourself can help reinforce positive beliefs and improve your self-esteem. I've been using this strategy for years now to help heal from verbal abuse. However, more recently, I've noticed that it can also help calm my anxiety even when I'm not facing verbal abuse.

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Almost sounds narcissistic I have beeN doing a ton of reading to try and understand the guy I was seeing that did the same. I can tell as we got closer he did this to protect himself from all the feelings he was having vs trying to hurt me.
I met a young lady who is bipolar she stayed with me for 4 days no sex involved and on the 5th day I said something and she just started going off verbally on me it didn't help that I yelled get out to her it's been 6 days since I have had any communication with her she has my phone number I really like her as a friend but it is starting to seem maybe I blew it with her and I am feeling sad and guilty over the way I reacted towards her what do I do now
Dawn Gressard
Hey Chima,
I want to start with thank you for reaching out... I have been in your shoes, feeling hopeless and that the world is a difficult place to be. I want you to know you are not alone. Truthfully.
There are resources and people ready to support you and help you through these thoughts and times of hopelessness. Please call or text 988 or click this link for other people to reach out to:
I have 2 children with ADHD. questioning potential autism/aspergers with the youngest. They are 10 and 8. I'm so tired. I'm so tired of the phone calls and emails from school telling me how out of control the child is and this is with medication. You are totally right, I'm throwing myself a pity party for 1. Some days I just wonder what it is like sending your kid to school and not have to worry. To take them to activities and not being the parent of the child not listening and throwing things. I'm ashamed of myself for even feeling this way because I'm supposed to be the adult and I'm not coping. Tonight I got so frustrated that I told off my youngest and he is lying in bed staring at the ceiling so upset that I told him off about his behaviour and telling him I was just over it all. I don't know what to do anymore
Kenny Whitfield
We had always listened to other people talk about the voice in their heads they would say it said this or that we had always felt we were very similar learning later not everyone had different names or different languages , that’s when my suicidal tendencies became very real . Fortunately our now friend a psychologist basically fixed our situation being advisory’s to each . After 5 years of working very hard learning digging acceptance techniques , skills , medication , meditation , an a deep spiritual experience I became now what I 😉 I have came ti believe I am is a spirit having a human experience an Devin an Emil exist only in my flesh ! Because that was what had been abused an under extreme trauma with weekly death events to the point of waking up after sexual suffocating abuse did I meet Devin an later Emil which saved my life early on in my abuse . My greatest tool is negotiation skills letting them have time under my control an timing I’ve been working with both now for over 2 years using this technique with extremely low bouts with anxiety or suicidal ideation, I would only recommend this type of strategy with very close an open honest visits with my psychologist remember it begins as a thought them emotions they win once you take action on that emotion , negotiation happens way before any emotion other than gratitude you now have a tool for a very important part of your story . Thanks for letting me share this