Midlife Stress is on the Rise

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Stress and mental health challenges are increasing daily for those in midlife, between the ages of 45 and 64. Learn more. Get 4 easy ways to reduce stress.

Midlife Stress is on the Rise

Modern life is stressful, and it seems that stress and mental health challenges are increasing daily. While nearly every age group feels this added pressure, the people who seem to have experienced the greatest increase in stress from the 1990s to the 2010s are those between the ages of 45 and 64.

Researchers at Penn State interviewed a group of adults of all ages in 1995 and a different group in 2010 to compare stressful experiences. Middle aged adults showed the biggest increase in stress and decrease in reported well-being in that two-decade span.

The increase in technology, including smartphones, and the way it has sped up life and created 24-hour access to news and other stress-inducing sources affects all age groups (take our online stress test). Additionally, people in midlife have increased responsibilities to many people, including their young-adult children, aging parents, and people at work and in other areas of their lives. The stress is taking a toll on mental health.

Self-care is perhaps more important in the new decade than ever before. While responsibilities to others is intense in middle adulthood, people must remember to take time for themselves to destress. Some low-pressure ideas:

  • Pause every hour to breathe deeply for one minute
  • Keep a journal to record times of gratitude
  • Exercise, even just 20-30 minutes a few days a week
  • Turn off technology and screens at least an hour before bed every night


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