Should You Go to a Mental Health Support Group?

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La descripcion es: Mental health support groups can helpful for some, but is it for you? Learn more about mental health support groups at HealthyPlace

Should You Go to a Mental Health Support Group?

Mental health support groups are gatherings of people who come together around a common goal, usually to cope with a mental health problem and develop skills for handling it. Understanding the nature of support groups can help you decide if they are right for you.

Support groups can be specific, such as an eating disorders support group. Alternately, they can be broad, open to anyone struggling with any mental health issue (such as NAMI Connection groups).

Support groups are often

  • led by a non-professional, usually someone who is experiencing or has experienced struggles similar to the purpose of the group (such as depression or OCD)
  • tend to be open, meaning there isn’t an official start and stop date, and people can attend when it works for them
  • Allow people to share struggles and get feedback from group members
  • Help people learn new coping skills
  • Offer social connection in a safe environment

If you are easily triggered by listening to others’ experiences or if you simply aren’t ready for this type of sharing with others, it’s okay to say no to mental health support groups. Your goal is to heal, and you get to decide if a mental health support group is right for you.

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