5 Ways I Stay Motivated When I Feel Like Giving Up

May 15, 2019 Megan Rahm

It's nearly impossible to stay motivated, calm and focused when you're a frazzled working mom. There's a lot coming at me right now and there's even more I want to do in the future. However, day-to-day life can be so grueling that those future plans seem hard to fathom. Some nights I congratulate myself just for getting through the day. Here are five things I do to stay motivated and moving forward even when I'm ready to throw in the towel.

How I Stay Motivated

1. I display tangible reminders of the things that keep me going.

I have a cork/white combo board perched on a chair that faces my bed. It's one of the first things I see when I wake up. It displays pictures of my family, a poem I wrote that I'm proud of, and dates of events I'm looking forward to ("How to Make Your Own Positivity Wall").

This board has been really useful because mornings are really difficult for me. It's a battle of will power every day. I'm not a morning person, and I tend to wake up slowly. On the days I actually get up earlier and get stuff done, I feel great, but getting to that point sometimes feels impossible. Seeing my board first thing in the morning gives me a much-needed boost.

2. I try to remember good things will happen again.

Sometimes when I want to give up, I try to think back to the things I have achieved and the good things that have happened in my life. There is no reason why good things can't happen again. This is one way I try to stay positive even though it can be difficult some days.

3. I check off items on my to-do list.

I've preached about the importance of organizational skills in other articles because they truly hold my life together. I find making lists every day and checking off completed tasks to be very motivating. (I know. I'm a nerd.) It reminds me that I'm getting stuff done throughout the day. Checking off an item encourages me to keep going to the next item. No task is too big or too small. I write down everything from things I do at work to grocery shopping to picking up the toys in the living room. There is nothing more satisfying than a completed to-do list at the end of the day. It feels good to know you're accomplishing something when you're overwhelmed and barely staying afloat. We need to be reminded of our progress.

4. I remember that tomorrow's another day.

Some days just need to end. Just go to bed and start fresh in the morning. Take another shot at it tomorrow.

5. Sometimes I welcome distraction into my day.

Some days I just need a break and time with my family. It helps to talk to my husband, but just leaving the house can make a huge difference, too. It's amazing what an hour at Target with my husband and daughter can do for me. Sometimes you need a distraction to get back on track.

Staying Motivated

I wear many hats, and it's easy to lose steam. To make matters worse, my mental illness symptoms re-emerge when I feel overwhelmed. It's crucial that I keep my head in the game and find ways to stay motivated. I have a lot I want to do in life and I'm not ready to give up yet.

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Author: Megan Rahm

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Lizanne Corbit
May, 20 2019 at 9:14 am

I love how real and approachable you've made these suggestions. The truth is that we all face moments or periods where we just plain don't feel like we have it in us. I particularly love how you call on past memories of good times and accomplishment to remind you that more will come and the idea of embracing a bit of distraction! Sometimes we can get so severe with ourselves about sticking to the task but we're just banging out head against the wall. Sometimes a little break is the best thing to get us moving again.

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