New Year’s Resolutions for the Bipolar

January 1, 2011 Natasha Tracy

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I generally find them phony, unreasonable and dead by the second week of January. I feel if you’re ready for change in your life you make change at that moment, not when a ball drop tells you to.

That being said, people insist on making New Year’s resolutions anyway. It’s a psychological and societal time of renewal and a life reset that people choose to mark with promises. So if you’re bipolar, what kind of New Year’s resolutions might be helpful?

Bipolar Resolution 1: I will stick to my treatment plan

This is a resolution that you should be keeping all year long. You and fancy professionals have taken the effort to create a detailed bipolar treatment plan and it’s your job to follow the treatment plan. If you don’t, it can’t possibly work. Now is a good time to remind yourself to get back on track.

Bipolar Resolution 2: I will reach out to others when I need to

Pad of Paper & Pen

People with bipolar disorder tend to isolate themselves. It’s just a thing we do. I suspect most of us feel that no one can understand us and that what we feel isn’t suitable for the public. I get that. But everyone on this planet needs the help of other people, and we’re no different. We, in fact, need it more. So this year don’t suffer in silence – get help.

Bipolar Resolution 3: I will put effort into my personal relationships

Number three is really a precursor to number two. We need to make an effort to keep our personal relationships vibrant so they are there when we need them. So try to get out for lunch now and then, talk more and accept invitations to tea.

Bipolar Resolution 4: I resolve to help someone else

There is research that suggests that people with chronic illnesses benefit from helping others. True, one might suggest that helping is its own reward, and it is, but sometimes we need a bit of extra motivation. So there you have it. Helping others helps you too.

Bipolar Resolution 5: I resolve to be kind to myself

I beat myself up. Ferociously, actually. It’s a thing I do for a multitude of reasons, in no small part thanks to depression. This isn’t always the most helpful behavior. Sometimes, instead of being angry that you didn’t do what you should have done, be kind to yourself. You deserve it.

Don’t Expect Wonders from New Year’s Resolutions

And remember, most people don’t stick to their resolutions, that’s why #5 is so important. When 1 – 4 don’t work out, and sometimes they won’t, you still have #5 to fall back on. Be kind to yourself when you don’t meet your goals. It’s OK. That just makes you like everyone else.

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