Alternative Treatments for Bipolar - Keep Your Doctor Informed - Video

January 3, 2011 Natasha Tracy

Alternative treatments for bipolar disorder, and any mental illness, abound. People will advise you to do anything from cut gluten out of your diet, to take an herbal cocktail to cleans your aura. I, myself, have seen a few alternative health care practitioners and tried a few of their treatments. And while I didn't personally find any benefit, and I don't find most of these treatments credible, if you are going to try a bipolar treatment outside of medicine, there is one major rule to follow.

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People frequently ask me about alternative bipolar treatments and what I think of them. It's actually pretty simple, as long as the treatment doesn't hurt you, and you want to give a new treatment a try, go ahead. (But I will note that "hurting you" also includes your pocketbook. Not everyone can afford all treatments.)

But whatever you try, there is one golden rule: keep your doctor informed.

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