Accepting the Recovered Compulsive Gambler Label

January 25, 2024 Kevin Anyango

I am a recovered compulsive gambler. Overcoming gambling dependency was a long road of self-discovery and transformation. Going through the process of breaking free from the shackles of compulsive gambling left me vulnerable and a lot like someone who’s on the outside looking in. As a recovered compulsive gambler, I continue to identify as a gambling addict despite my recovery milestones because owning this identity gives me power over the compulsion that held me hostage for so long.

Navigating Fragility as a Recovered Compulsive Gambler

While it may be considered a sign of failure, I find that this self-labeling is a testament to my ongoing commitment to recovery. At the same time, calling myself a recovered compulsive gambler acknowledges the potential fragility that persists beneath the surface. It is a reminder that I need to choose self-awareness every day and stay clear of things that could lead to a relapse. The recovered compulsive gambler label is a powerful act of identification that shows the complex nature of addiction and marks the importance of the continuous effort to stay free from its grasp. This way, I can maintain a proactive approach to my continued recovery.

It is important to understand that recovery is not a linear process. As a recovered compulsive gambler, I have been confronted by the reality of a relapse. Therefore, I wear the badge of being a compulsive gambler to remind myself of the underlying triggers, emotional vulnerabilities, and other factors that could reignite my addiction. With this heightened self-awareness, I’m able to navigate the challenges I face in life without resulting in gambling.

Wearing the badge is also a conscious effort to break the stigma. When I introduce myself as a recovered compulsive gambler, it fosters open conversations about the complexities of recovery. It encourages people to seek help or discuss their recovery struggles without fear of judgment. This label communicates that recovery is possible, but it is an ongoing process.

Strategies for a Recovered Compulsive Gambler

Retaining the label of a recovered compulsive gambler also helps prevent complacency. I need it to keep me vigilant and away from destructive patterns that could erode my hard-won progress. Identifying myself as a compulsive gambler is an acknowledgment of my responsibility and a commitment to honesty and transparency with myself and those around me. Watch the video below for more on this topic:

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