Recovery from Mental Illness When You're Young

September 26, 2017 Nancy Zacharakis

Becoming aware of mental illness when you're young is the first step to recovery. Now that you're aware, what's next? Read this for support in finding help.

Suffering a mental illness when you're young is extremely difficult and debilitating. When you’re young there is an immense amount of pressure to fit in as well as to act and to look a certain way. Judgment and stigma from peers can run high and be openly expressed. Many times, those who suffer from mental illness when they're young believe that something is wrong with them and don’t know how to “snap out of it.” As difficult as it can be to live with a mental illness when you're young, it is also hopeful to know that the suffering doesn’t have to last forever.

Awareness of Mental Illness When You're Young Leads to Recovery

Being aware that something is wrong, that you don’t feel like yourself, that you are unnecessarily suffering, is the first step in recovering from mental illness. Without awareness, the same thought and feeling patterns will occur over and over because those negative thinking patterns will become normal. Your mental illness will become a part of you that you recognize as yourself and you may not think anything is wrong.

You may think not wanting to get out of bed every day is normal. You may think that everyone worries about everything and that is a part of life, a part of growing up, a part of being an adult. You may think that the irrational thoughts in your mind are rational and real. Awareness of mental illness in youth brings us back to our true selves. Finding this blog and reading this post shows that you are aware that something isn't right, so you’re on the right path.

Ask for Help to Recover from Mental Illness When You're Young

Many people who suffer from mental illness suffer alone. They do not want to bother anyone, they think they can get through it by themselves, and/or they are embarrassed by their mental illness. Asking for help is key for recovery from mental illness especially when you’re young.

Mental illness can lead to hiding, isolation, and not wanting to spend time with others. If you live with your parents or have roommates, they can often be confused as to what’s going on and you may feel guilty for avoiding them and not wanting to spend time with them. By doing this you’re spending more time in your head, probably feeling like things can’t or won’t ever improve. This absolutely isn’t the case.

Taking the Next Step Towards Mental Illness Recovery When You're Young

Telling one person you’re suffering, sharing with someone what is going on, asking for help, seeking support and treatment, are all incredible steps in the right direction. Reading this blog is a great sign. Keep going. Don’t stop here.

If someone can’t help you, reach out to another person and see if they can help. Staying consistent and persevering through hurdles is so important. Recovery from mental illness when you're young may not be a smooth ride but it is well worth the effort. Even if you don’t believe in yourself right now, borrow my belief in you and move forward. Recovery from mental illness when you're young is possible.

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