Is It An Anxiety Attack or An Asthma Attack?

March 25, 2016 Becky Oberg

Is it an anxiety attack or an asthma attack? This is a question that those of us with both frequently ask when we feel short of breath, have chest pain, and are light-headed (Panic Attack Symptoms: Warning Signs of Panic Attacks). If you are in doubt you should call 911 or whatever your emergency number is, but there are some ways to tell if it is an asthma attack or an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attacks and asthma attacks can look the same. Telling the difference between an anxiety attack and an asthma attack includes two observations. Read now.The first way of knowing if you're going through an anxiety or asthma attack, at the risk of sounding obvious, is how you feel. If you feel anxious, panicky, or uptight, then it's probably an anxiety attack. If you feel calm, tired, or worn-out, then it's probably an asthma attack. How you feel during the attack is crucial to identifying whether it's an asthma attack or anxiety attack.

The second way to tell the difference between anxiety and asthma attacks is your reaction to medication. Just as anxiety medicine won't work on asthma, asthma medicine won't work on anxiety. Take your medication and watch your reaction. Whichever medication helps is the one that identifies the culprit.

Anxiety Attack or Asthma Attack? Watch this Video

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