When Mental Illness Symptoms Return: What To Do

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When your mental illness symptoms return with a vengeance, what can you do? Learn how to troubleshoot the problem and get ideas to fix it on HealthyPlace.

When Mental Illness Symptoms Return: What To Do

Have you ever experienced a time when your mental illness symptoms were mild (or even gone), and you enjoyed feeling well and participating in your life on your terms…until your symptoms returned out of the blue and with a vengeance? This is a common experience when you live with a mental illness or a personality disorder, and it can be incredibly discouraging.

It’s natural to feel disheartened when this happens, but the return of mental illness symptoms might simply mean that it’s time to troubleshoot your mental health. Think of it as your brain communicating with you that it needs a tune-up. Like an engineer or a mechanic, inspect yourself and your mental health to fine tune anything that isn’t running optimally. For example:

  • Inspect your power sources. Are you eating healthy and drinking plenty of water? Are you getting enough quality sleep?
  • Are you operating smoothly or sluggishly? Is it time to increase daily exercise times?
  • Is your system overloaded with stress? Are you relaxing and practicing healthy self-care to keep your brain from being agitated and overstimulated?
  • Have you been bathing your brain in oxygen by regularly taking slow, deep breaths and, weather permitting, stepping outside for fresh air?

By troubleshooting what you’re experiencing and how you’re feeling, you can repair neglected areas and regain mental health and wellness.

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