Take a Deep Breath for Mental Health

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Deep breathing can improve your mental health. Find out how on HealthyPlace.

Take a Deep Breath for Mental Health

Breathing, something every person does automatically, can improve mental health. It's the advice heard around the world: take a deep breath. (A Simple Breathing Exercise Creates Serenity) We hear about deep breathing so frequently that we have quite nearly become deaf to it, our selective hearing tuning it out. Because deep breathing is so important to our mental health, we thought we'd provide a gentle reminder.

Why is Deep Breathing Good for Mental Health?

Intentional deep breathing improves mental health by relaxing both the body and the mind. Taking slow, deep breaths increases oxygen in our bloodstream and thus in our brain. Deep breathing signals the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and thus induce relaxation throughout the body. When we pause to breathe deeply, our heart rate slows and our blood pressure decreases. All of this positive activity increases our wellbeing.

When our body relaxes as we breathe deeply, our sense of stress is diminished. We feel fewer negative emotions, and our mind becomes quieter, our thoughts stiller. Breathing deeply reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Deep breathing calms people frustrated by the challenges of any mental illness. While deep breathing doesn't cure mental illness, it calms people and in so doing increases mental health.

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