Suicide: The Ultimate Consequence of Stigma

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Suicide: The Ultimate Consequence of Stigma

Unfortunately, stigma is real. People are judged for the state of their mental health. People do face loss and die by suicide because of the misunderstandings that drive stigma. The stigma-induced fear of judgment, loss, and other consequences can drive people to withdraw. From deep within themselves, they suffer silently, afraid to reach out, to talk, and to seek professional mental health help.

The ultimate loss that can result from stigma is the loss of life. When people don’t receive adequate help for whatever mental illness or mental health challenge they face, the risk of suicide increases.

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain: Their Suicides are Proof Stigma is Real

We’ve seen this, not for the first time, in the recent deaths of high-profile designer Kate Spade and star of the culinary world, Anthony Bourdain. Both died by suicide. Both plastered on fake smiles and showed the world happiness, confidence, success, and positivity. Both were hiding inner pain.

Kate Spade was reportedly suffering from depression and anxiety, according to her husband, Andy Spade, but her sister speculates that Spade’s symptoms pointed to bipolar disorder. She supposedly refused treatment because she didn’t want to tarnish her “Happy Kate” image. Bourdain battled depression. He saw a doctor once but chose not to follow the doctor’s advice. Neither could face the consequences of the stigma that could come from opening up, from admitting that they needed help. Both suffered silently and alone, and in the end, they lost.

Studies show that getting help works. It can save lives. Further, “interventions that reduce self stigma, stigma-stress and shame might successfully reduce suicidality.” Stigma is ignorance. People’s lives, your life, has value beyond that ignorance. If you need help, please reach out. These resources can help:

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