Despair and Depression. Am I Too Depressed to Get Better?

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Despair is one of the cruelest aspects of depression. It makes you think you’ll never get better. So how do you deal with despair? Find out on HealthyPlace.

Despair and Depression. Am I Too Depressed to Get Better?

It’s one of the cruelest aspects of depression and nearly every other mental illness. It’s despair, the feeling and the thought that you’ve fallen so far down that you’ll never be able to climb back out. When the symptoms of depression, severe anxiety, and more crush you under their weight, it’s almost impossible to believe that you have the strength to push them away and climb.

The thing about despair is that it feeds on itself. It pushes the real you—emotions and thoughts and beliefs and actions and hopes and dreams and a sense of purpose and love and connections—aside so it can grow.

How to Deal with Despair

Despair, though, is nothing more than one of many human emotions. Rather than thinking of climbing up, think instead of slipping past it. The first step is getting out from under its weight. To do so, remember one part of the real you that is still there, and you want out of hiding. Gradually go after it. Maybe it’s an emotion like amazement. To feel amazement or awe, get online and explore things that you find interesting. Even if you still feel despair, you’ve brought back a piece of yourself and are starting to slip past despair.

You are not too depressed to get better. We can all get better. Reclaiming pieces of yourself shrinks despair and nurtures your true self.

(Note: If you feel like you’ll never get better and are considering harming yourself, please call or chat with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255);

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