Self-Harm and Moving Forward into Spring

April 4, 2014 Jennifer Aline Graham

After months without a job, I have finally begun a new one that I am extremely excited about. I am working as a Family Worker helping families and children overcome their struggles with poverty and difficult home lives. This really is a dream job in my eyes.

Over the last few months, I had fallen into a deep depression. This depression was something I hadn’t felt since the days I struggled with cutting. Luckily, I didn’t turn to self-harm as a coping skill, but like all recovering self-harmers, the urge was there on a daily basis.

These past months have taught me that not only can I overcome the bumps that life brings, but also I have the motivation to work through them. I had to force myself out of bed and into the community to fill out applications. I would lie in bed crying because I feared not being able to pay my bills. All of these fears would have led to my cutting in the past.

Now, I have the ability to fight through those urges and I know it is possible for everyone else to do the same.

Embrace the Sunshine Instead of Self-Harming

Moving forward into spring can motivate positive changes in your self-harming behavior. Let the sunshine help you stop your self-harm.

If you live in the Northeast, you are probably overjoyed that some of the snow is starting to melt. Many people get affected by the seasons changing and not until this year did I really understand those feelings. Maybe it was the additional stress of finding a job, but this winter has been Hell.

Now that the sun is starting to peek back into our lives, we need to embrace it and do something with the positive energy it brings. Instead of napping, walk the dog or go to a park with some friends. For those struggling with negative emotions, the motivation to get up and do something can be painful. However, sunshine can actually help and by recognizing the changing of seasons, try to recognize that change as a positive start.

Make Spring the Season of Positive Change

This positive change can be the push you need to stop your self-harm. It is a tough process when trying to stop an addiction. Especially with self-harm, you see your scars and marks everyday because they are part of your body. With the sunshine brightening up the days, this could be even tougher because it makes your scars stand out. Recently, the marks I have that do show have become more noticeable in the sunlight.

And no, we’re not vampires.

Try to find ways to divert your eyes from the negativity and focus on the positivity around you. Surround yourself with friends and family members who support you and keep pushing you forward. Seek out opportunities that will help guide you towards a life where self-harm is a part of your past.

Make Spring the season of change for your self-harming behavior.

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Author: Jennifer Aline Graham

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