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Millions of Americans suffer from depression. The Centers for Disease Control report 1 in 10 adults, 18 and over, are depressed at any given time and people age 45-64, women, minorities, those unemployed, and people who were previously married are most likely to meet the criteria of major depression. Keep in mind, the symptoms of depression can be experienced at any stage of life, by anyone.

Depression is very serious and if left untreated can lead to deteriorating health and even suicide. There is hope, however. Depression is treatable.

We want to help you learn as much as you can about depression and to offer you depression support in your recovery. We have trusted, in-depth information on the different types of depression, depression warning signs and the different kinds of depression treatments. And, if you or a loved one need it, we have suicide hotline numbers and comprehensive suicide information.

If you are living with depression, please, read this depression information and see your doctor.

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