Coping with Depression

Finding gifts for depressed people can be confusing, but with the holiday season in full swing, some of you may be looking for thoughtful ideas for presents to give to someone who has been diagnosed with depression. Perhaps you yourself have depression and are trying to figure out what types of gifts you'd like to receive this year. I decided it might be helpful for me to share some of my favorite present ideas with you so you can give gifts to depressed people that make a difference to them.
Knowing how to deal with a crisis is especially important when those of us diagnosed with depression are faced with one. It can be especially difficult to cope with both the crisis and our depression simultaneously. Yet, in spite of the difficulties, we can not only survive but even thrive while managing both a crisis and our depression. This can be done by practicing the effective coping skills discussed in this post for dealing with a crisis.
How do we go about practicing gratitude while we are struggling with depression? I will admit that I am currently trying to figure that out myself. This article is meant to help me as much as it is those of you who are reading it.
It's possible to use songs to cope with depression. Many of us who are diagnosed with depression, myself included, find comfort in music. Often we can identify with an artist and his/her feelings and experiences; also, we may find that songwriters are able to eloquently put into words the thoughts and struggles we have but are unable to express aloud. This is why I find using songs helpful in coping with my depression. So, how do I use songs to cope with depression?
I'd like to discuss ways you can protect your mental health while we cope with depression because World Mental Health Day is Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Depression itself is stressful enough on our brains, but then certain outside factors exist that can make things worse. How can we avoid, or limit, these stress-inducing situations and people that can worsen our depression? I've discovered some strategies that protect your mental health and work for me, and I'd like to share them with you.
I wrote my first post for "Coping with Depression" one year ago. This year has now come to an end, and I’m writing my last post a "Coping with Depression" co-author. Today, I’m sharing with you a fear I’ve overcome, what I’ve learned this past year, and encouragement for those suffering from depression.
Why do fall activities help depression? For many of us, myself included, our depression causes us to feel as if life is merely one long, monotonous trek we have to muddle through; days turn into weeks that turn into months that become seasons, and before we know it, another year has passed without our truly noticing or caring. One way this is evident is when we no longer enjoy the holidays or seasons that we used to enjoy. So, how can we find pleasure in favorite seasons or activities again? How can we keep depression from interfering with our pleasure? We have to actually make a plan for fun fall activities with depression.
It's difficult to cope with depression. I have dealt with depression for most of my life. While at times it seems that we are helpless to combat this mental illness, the truth is that there are things we can do to help us cope with depression. Here, I give my best advice on coping with depression.
Should you share your suicidal thoughts? How will the choice to share affect your depression? Whether we face suicidal thoughts or have had one or more suicide attempts, the decision of whether or not to share these experiences affects us and how we deal with our depression. 
When we’re depressed, we often lack the motivation to do things. We may lack the motivation to do difficult tasks or we may even lack the motivation for basic self-care, such as showering and eating well. Here is how to get motivated when feeling depressed.