Winning the Depression Battle

June 13, 2018 Jennifer Smith

The depression battle is fought by courageous warriors against an enemy that wants to kill you. Learn how to win the depression battle at HealthyPlace.

The depression battle is fierce, as those of us with depression know. How can we win this battle and conquer depression? I have discovered three effective strategies that are helping me win the depression battle.

The Depression Battle Maims and Can Kill

First of all, we should recognize that we are soldiers in a true battle against depression. Our depression does not make us weak; in fact, it's quite the opposite. We are strong and brave. We arise each day to fight an illness that tries to kill us. This shows a remarkable amount of strength and courage. Don't feel inadequate because you have depression; you are a strong and courageous soldier.

Secondly, we need to realize that we will get wounded. Depression itself will wound us, but so will uninformed and sometimes, sadly, intentionally hateful people (What Is Stigma?). As depression soldiers, we need to be equipped with the proper armor so we can defend ourselves against the ignorance and spitefulness of others. We need to know that we are not able to "snap out of it" and that we are not "attention seekers."

How Do You Arm Yourself to Battle Depression?

Exactly how do we arm ourselves? It may vary from person to person, but, for me, it required therapy. However you choose to equip yourself, you need to know that depression is an actual medical condition that one cannot simply "snap out of."

Also, as far as "attention seeking" goes, I look at that two ways. Number one, I see that as ludicrous since those of us with depression find it hard to speak out or be in the spotlight in any kind of way. It infuriates me that anyone would make that statement. Then, number two, I see it as a blessing that anyone with depression would "seek attention." Thank goodness. It could be a cry for help before that person takes his or her life. Let them seek attention. It could save their lives.

Don't let the words of others stop you. Fellow soldiers, arm yourselves, encourage one another, and keep sharing the stories of your depression battle.

Finally, get some rest from the depression battle. Even the strongest soldiers get weary from battle. Find hobbies and activities that are relaxing and peaceful for you. For me, that's writing, painting, reading, and listening to music. Discover what works for you and make time for those things. The depression battle may last a lifetime; it's vital that you find a way to cope with being a depression soldier. Your fellow soldiers need you. 

In this video, I discuss other ways in which we can be successful warriors in this depression battle.

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Author: Jennifer Smith

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Iris Black
June, 15 2018 at 6:29 am

Amazing article Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about battling depression. Depression needs to be taken seriously, especially because it discourages you from seeking help to begin recovery. It’s important to recognize the symptoms, although that’s one easy when one’s suffering from depression.

June, 15 2018 at 6:48 pm

Hello, Iris, thank you for the encouraging words. Depression certainly does need to be taken seriously, and, as you stated, it can be hard to seek help when we are battling depression. It is my hope that by sharing our stories we will give hope to others with depression and help them take that first step toward recovery.

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