Three Ways I Will Stay Sober Just for Today

April 1, 2014 Becky Oberg

'Stay sober just for today' is part of what Alcoholics Anonymous teaches. Here are the tools and support I'm going to use to stay sober just for today.

One of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is self-destructive, impulsive behavior such as alcoholism. For a person with both BPD and a substance abuse issue, staying sober and therefore able to feel "sane," can be a struggle. Today is one such day for me, but I have a plan to stay sober, just for today.

I'll Stay Sober for Today Using 3 Skills

Ask, "Is it worth it?"

I need a new pair of shoes. I filed a request for money for that with my payee. For the third week in a row, my payee failed to produce my money. I am enraged, and it's a threat to my sobriety.

I know I've said this in other articles, but it's worth repeating--"Is it worth it?" I know that if I go out and get the sake I'm desperately craving, I'll talk myself straight into an emergency admission to the hospital. I have to look at this realistically--is a pair of shoes worth it?

Is a pair of shoes worth my sobriety? Is a pair of shoes worth a trip to the psych ward? I've looked at this closely, and the answer is "No." So I've got to deal with the anger in a constructive manner. How? By remembering what I've learned in A.A. and therapy.

I'll Get Support to Stay Sober for Today

Staying sober "just for today" is part of what Alcoholic's Anonymous teaches. Here are the tools and support I'm going to use to stay sober for today.

I have a wonderful sponsor who understands mental illness. I also have a therapist who specializes in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. I've left a message for the therapist to call me and I plan to talk to my sponsor after I finish this post. I have support to stay sober, and more importantly, I use it.

All the support in the world won't make a difference if you don't use it. There are many different ways to get support if you don't have a therapist. Talk to a spiritual leader. Join a support group. In the worst-case scenario, call a crisis hotline. Support is available if you look for it.

Understand that you have a right to feel the way you feel. But ask yourself if that feeling is helpful or harmful. When the feeling is harmful, as can be the case with BPD, find a way to deal with it. Talk to somebody and move on.

I'll Look at the Bright Side

I know this is annoying advice, but it helps. And as we said in the Army, "If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid." Looking at the bright side can cause a shift in mood, which can be helpful in your battle against whatever it is that bothers you.

So here goes. At least I have the money available on paper. At least my old pair of shoes still do the job. I have a take-and-bake lasagna from a local vendor known for her restaurant-quality food. I have a supportive sponsor and therapist. I have a year sober.

Do I feel better? To tell the truth, I'm still a little angry. But I'm calm enough to look at the situation rationally. I'm able to use my support system.

Just for today, by the grace of God and fellowship of Alcoholic's Anonymous, I will stay sober.

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Author: Becky Oberg

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