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A compilation of videos on mental health disorders. HealthyPlace online TV shows on mental health and related issues.

Alternative Treatments
Bipolar Disorder
Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders
Personality Disorders
Sleep Disorders

Abuse, Self-Injury and Dissociative Disorders Videos

Dena Foman on Dysfuncional Families

Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunctional Living
Guest: Dana Foman
Dena had never been taught the skills of parenting or shown how to be loving. She says her son, later diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, got little in the way of nurturing, loving attention... and this, mixed with a mental illness, is deadly.
Dr. Ana Lopez on Adults Survivors of Childhood Abuse Difficult Issues Facing Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Guest: Dr. Ana Lopez
Dr. Lopez discusses the emotional issues as a consequence of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. She also discusses the impact of the abuse in the person and the family. Dr. Lopez is the founder of Guardian Angel, Inc.
Keith Smith on Male Sexual Abuse Male Survivor of Rape Speaks Out
Guest: Keith Smith, author of Men in My Town
Author Keith Smith was a guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. He talked about his abduction at 14 years of age by a stranger. He was beaten and raped, and identified the man and the car he was driving. After over 30 years of silence, Keith is speaking to bring public awareness to male sexual assault.
Holly Gray on Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder Video Interview
Guest: Holly Gray, author of the Dissociative Living blog
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is an illness heavily laden with stigma and misconceptions. Holly discusses what it's like living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, her goals in treatment and more.
Christie Why Is Self Injury so Addictive and Difficult to Stop?
Guest: Christie
Christie has been engaged in self-injury for 12 years and here she talks about the reason she started, her parents' reaction to it, and tools she uses to reduce the urge to self-injure.
No image available Misconceptions about Dissociative Identity Disorder
Guest: Maria
Maria, shares her first-hand account of living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. For Maria, enduring a very traumatic childhood and even an unexplained medical procedure seems to have triggered her disorder.
Diane Champe Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Guest: Diane Champe
"I was so brutally traumatized that I was covered from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet with hives and the pupils in my eyes were usually dilated.". Diane talks about her story of 21 years being isolated by her parents and mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused.
Maggie Claire Childhood Sexual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder
Guest: Maggie Claire
Maggie Claire was sexually abused by her uncle. She was sometimes given drugs in order to shoot pictures of her without clothes. If she or her cousin cried or refused to do what Maggie's uncle said, they where harshly punished. This is where her other personalities began to appear.


ADHD Videos

Terry Matlen

Unique Challenges Facing Women with ADHD
Guest: Terry Matlen
What happens to girls with ADHD when they become adults with ADHD if much of the focus is on men with ADHD? That is the concern of Terry Matlen, ACSW who is a psychotherapist, consultant, writer and coach, specializing in adult attention deficit disorders.

Laura MacNiven on ADHD Coaching Video on What Is ADHD Coaching?
Guest: Laura MacNiven
An ADHD coach is a professional trained to guide and support a person in overcoming the challenges of living with ADHD at work, at school, and at home. Laura talks about her work as an ADHD coach.
hp-vid-gina-pera-sm Adult ADHD Video: Why Some ADHD Adults Get Poor Treatment
Guest: Gina Pera
Ms. Pera says some doctors as well as therapists, aren't using evidence-based ADHD treatments to the detriment of their patients and clients with ADHD. Watch this adult ADHD video interview with Ms. Pera to discover why this happens.
Douglas Cootey Adult ADHD and Depression
Guest: Douglas Cootey, author of ADDaboy! blog
Adults with ADHD continue to suffer from concentration problems, just like when they were ADHD kids. Facing ADHD symptoms in daily life can lead to low self-esteem and depression. Douglas Cootey, talks about his experience with ADHD and depression.


Addictions Videos

Becky Sherrick Harks Sharing Your Mental Health Story – Band Back Together
Guest: Becky Sherrick Harks
Known as Aunt Becky to the Internet, Sherrick Harks created a website called and invites everyone suffering from trauma, sickness, mental illness or abuse to share their story online.
Kendra Sebelius on Fighting Alcohol Addiction Video Video on Fighting Alcohol Addiction
Guest: Kendra Sebelius
Kendra talks about how binge drinking during her college years did not seem to be out of the ordinary, even though she experienced black outs during this time. She realized she had a problem when she began experiencing extreme panic attacks that land her in the hospital. Kendra experienced a list of comorbid disorders due to her excessive drinking.
Robert Weiss on Sexual Addiction Realities of Sexual Addiction Video
Guest: Robert Weiss
Mr. Weiss, co-author of "Cybersex Exposed: Simple Fantasy to Obsession" was our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show,; Mr. Weiss, an acknowledged professional in the assessment and treatment of persons with addictive sexual disorders and sexual offending, discussed these topics and more in this video interview.
Rachel Brownell on Staying Sober Staying Sober During the Holidays
Guest: Rachel Brownell, author of Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore
A young mom talks about her struggle to stay sober while raising small children. She discusses tips to stay sober during the holidays or any other parties and gatherings.
Laurie Oulett Addiction to Video Games
Guest: Laurie Oulett
Find out how a video game addiction has negatively impacted a 14-year-old boy's life. Laurie's son has gone from being a MVP in football and in basketball teams and a honor roll student;  into failinging a grade, and loosing interest in sports. All because of video games.

Dr. Harold Urschel on Addiction Recovery Video on Science-Based Addiction Recovery
Guest: Dr. Harold Urschel
Dr. Urschel talked about a new, revolutionary, science-based program to recover from addictions. Dr. Uschel will talk about his bestselling book on the program. Healing the Addicted Brain: The Revolutionary, Science-Based Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Program
Cathy Patterson Parents of Addicts and How They Can Best Help the Addict
Guest: Catherine Patterson-Sterling
What should parents do to help their child with their addiction. Our guest, Catherine Patterson-Sterling talked about the things that parents do right or do wrong, when trying to help their addicted child.
Jonathan Daugherty Sexual Addiction Recovery
Guest: Jonathan Daugherty
Watch a video on sexual addiction recovery. Jonathan Daugherty, talks about his experience with sexual addictions and the negative effects it had on his private life. He also gave tips on how to look for help for a sexual addiction.


Alternative Mental Health Treatments Videos

Lee Horbachewski

Feeling Alone in the World, What Would You Do?
Lee Horbachewski
Living with depression, major depression, the most severe kind of depression may best be described as a lonely, isolating, hopeless existence. Left untreated, it can lead a person to take desperate measures – anything to escape one more hour, one more day of feeling “like this.”

Melanie Greenberg

How to Put Mindfulness to Work for You: Empowering Yourself to Heal
Dr. Melanie Greenberg
Recent studies have shown that meditation can have a physical and neurological effect on the brain, thickening the brain in the areas that regulate emotion and pain. Dr. Melanie Greenberg has combined the Eastern-based practice of Mindfulness with cognitive behavior therapy to create a powerful program that helps her patients manage their mental health problems.

Stephen G. Post on Helping Others to Help Yourself By Helping Others, You Help Yourself
Guest: Stephen G. Post
How giving other compassion and hope can get us through our own hard times. Stephen Post is the professor of preventive medicine and director of the center for medical humanities, compassionate care, and bioethics at Stony Brook University.
Michele Howe How to Cope with Life's Challenges
Guest: Michele Howe
Recognizing that life is often difficult may help people acquire the strength to embrace their daily challenges. Michele Howe, talks about how to cope and manage those difficult situations that life brings you.
Patricia Gerbarg Do Alternative Treatments Really Work for Mental Health?
Guest: Dr. Patricia Gerbarg
Dr. Gerbarg gives advice and information about, natural, alternative and complementary treatments for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and a wide range of mental health conditions.
Kathi Kemper Alternative Treatments for Mood Disorders
Guest: Dr. Kathi J. Kemper
Keeping a healthy mind and body in order to overcome mood disorders symptoms is what integrated medicine aims to. Dr. Kathi J. Kemper, talks about alternative treatments for treating mood disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder.


Anxiety and Panic Attack Videos

Dr. Francine Shapiro EMDR Therapy: Self-Help Techniques for Trauma Relief
Guest: Dr. Francine Shapiro
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is primarily used as a treatment for PTSD. Discovered and developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., EMDR uses eye movements, taps or tones to reprogram trauma victims’ thinking. Dr. Shapiro joins us to discuss EMDR and these new EMDR self-help techniques as well as ways to deal with stress, negative thoughts and emotions, and understanding why you may over-react in relationships.
Kelly Brumbelow on Effectos of Agoraphobia How Agoraphobia Affects My Life
Guest: Kelly Brumbelow
Kelly Brumbelow’s world began shrinking due to agoraphobia soon after college. Now he leaves his apartment once or twice a week, mostly for doctor appointments and household shopping. Kelly discusses his medical treatment and the effects agoraphobia has on his life and relationships on this edition of the Healthy Place Mental Health TV Show.
Jodi Aman on Managing the Effects of Anxiety Managing the Effects of Anxiety
Guest: Jodi Aman
Jodi, who is the author of and anxiety blog at HealthyPlace, discusses the common beliefs underlying anxiety and gives examples of alternative and talk therapies that will help you put unhealthy anxiety behind you – permanently. Watch the video on anxiety and then visit Jodi at Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog.
Dan Hays on Healing from Childhood Trauma Healing from Childhood Traumas in Midlife
Guest: Dan Hays
Dan Hays talks about his experience with PTSD. He suffered from PTSD symptoms for many years before being able to determine what was wrong, and it took even longer to recall the causes.
Michelle Rosenthal on Surviving PTSD Surviving PTSD
Guest: Michele Rosenthal
Michele discusses the process she went through to recover from PTSD. In her experience, after a trauma and recovery a person can be very different from who they were before and many relationships can end in separation or divorce.
Justin Dobbs on Anxiety Disorder The Worst Anxiety in Indiana
Guest: Justin Dobbs
In this video, Justin talks about his experience with what his doctor called "the worst anxiety in the state of Indiana". Just talks about his frequent trips to the ER during a whole year. Justin stills suffers of anxiety but is now on recovery.
Melissa Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as an Effect of Childhood Abuse
Guest: Melissa
Melissa suffered from an abusive parent and remembers being abused from the age of 5 through 16. At 16, Melissa developed anorexia nervosa as a way to cope with her life. She was diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder.
Kate White Anxiety and Treating Anxiety Disorders
Guest: Kate White, author of the Treating Anxiety blog
In this anxiety video Kate White shares what it's like living day-to-day with anxiety and depression, how therapy, medications and self-help techniques have improved her quality of life, and the difficulty in getting others to understand what she's going through.
Aimee White Social Anxiety Disorder and the Fear of Eating in Public
Guest: Aimée White, author of The Nitty Gritty of Anxiety blog
Aimee's anxiety symptoms begin when she has to eat in public. Being chided for being a skinny girl and eating small portions of food resulted in Aimee developing eating anxiety, which makes her want to avoid eating in front of others.
hp-vid-lichtman-goldberg-sm How to Deal with Trauma in Your Life
Guests: Drs. Rosemary Lichtman and Phyllis Goldberg
The word "trauma" is used to describe experiences or situations that are emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm a person's ability to cope, leaving them powerless. Drs. Rosemary Lichtman and Phyllis Goldberg talk about trauma, traumatic events, and PTSD.


Bipolar Disorder Videos

Shawn Maxam on Gender, Race and Mental Illness Gender, Race, and Mental Illness
Guest: Shawn Maxam
The biggest difference I see being a Black man and having Bipolar Disorder is the lack of male social workers, therapists and psychiatrists of color. Experiencing something as life-altering and traumatic as being diagnosed with a mental illness it might help to see some of the resource providers who look like you or may have shared your experience.
Craig on Living with Psychiatric Comorbidity One Man, Many Disorders: Living with Psychiatric Comorbidity
Guest: Craig
First diagnosed with depression around the age of 18, Craig was additionally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and OCD over the years. Living with all of these conditions is, he says, very challenging. Watch the video interview and learn more about what living with psychiatric comorbidity is like for Craig.
Shannon Flynn on Mental Illness Advocacy Trip from Mental Illness to Advocacy
Guest: Shannon Flynn
No matter how it comes about, it is always remarkable when a person utilizes their challenges in life, like mental illness, to do good in the world. Our guest, Shannon Flynn, does just that. Shannon has struggled with bipolar disorder, self-injury and suicidality. Now she is decided to pitch in and help the mental health community.
hp-vid-mark-ellinger-sm The High Price Some Pay for Having A Mental Illness
Guest: Mark Ellinger
Mark Ellinger wasn't properly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder until 2001. He struggled with drug addiction and was homeless for 6 years. He shared his experiences and what he learned from them. Watch this interesting video.
Peter Zawistowski Video on Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace
Guest: Peter Zawistowski, author of Work and Bipolar or Depression blog.
Peter talks about the challenges of managing bipolar disorder symptoms and having a job. Tips on how to get organized and keep track of your mood fluctuations.
Natasha Tracy What it's Like Living with Bipolar Disorder
Guest: Natasha Tracy, author of Breaking Bipolar blog
Have you ever wondered what it's like to live with bipolar disorder or any other serious mental illness? Natasha Tracy, author of the HealthyPlace Blog, Breaking Bipolar, talks about her experience with bipolar type-II, rapid-cycling.
Cristina Fender Living with Bipolar Disorder and the Stigma Endured
Guest: Cristina Fender, author of Bipolar Vida blog
Cristina Fender was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2006, she is a wife and a mother raising two young girls in Texas. Cristina talks about what it's like living with bipolar disorder, along with the shame she felt after receiving her initial diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
Julie Fast A Personal Experience with Bipolar Psychosis
Guest: Julie Fast author of The Gold Standard of Treating Bipolar Disorder
The most common symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are alternate episodes of mania and depression. But another symptom can be psychotic thinking, where the person is out of touch with reality and may experience auditory, visual or other sensory hallucinations..


Depression Videos

Deborah Serani on Overcoming Depression Overcoming Depression: Why Some Find It Very Difficult
Guest: Dr. Deborah Serani
Dr. Serani is the author of the self help book, “Living with Depression”, about her lifetime struggles with major depression and suicidal thinking, and how finding the right combination of treatments can lead to health and healing.
Heather McCready Suicide In My Family
Guest: Heather McCready
Heather experienced days filled with “desperate sadness and intense darkness” and was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder and then hospitalized for mania and suicidal depression. The interview discusses Heather’s treatment program, her desire to reach out to others, and ideas to help you overcome suicidal thoughts or support loved ones who have them.
Jack Smith Overcoming Depression: Why Some Find It Very Difficult
Guest: Jack Smith
Jack, who is the author of Coping with Depression Blog, is a man embroiled in a battle against a brain disease called Major Depressive Disorder. He joined us on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show to discuss the realities of living with major depression.
hp-vid-misty-matthews-sm Post-Partum Depression: Worries Over Stopping Treatment
Guest: Misty Matthews
Misty Matthews is one mother who struggles with this issue. Misty is a successful blogger and she talks about life, parenting and coping with Post-Partum Depression. One of her goals is to help other women understand that PPD is nothing to be ashamed of.

I Didn't Recognize Depression Symptoms in Myself
Guest: Ken
There's a lot of awareness around depression these days. So how is it that a person might be suffering from depression but not recognize the symptoms of depression in themselves? Ken shares his depression experience and the impact of missing the signs and symptoms of depression.

hp-vid-amy-kiel Surviving a Long-Lasting Battle with Severe Depression
Guest: Amy Kiel, author ofDepression Diaries Blog
Can you imagine what would it be like to feel sad and depressed over decades? Amy Kiel, shares her experience with severe and long-lasting depression, she also talks about tools to manage depression symptoms and coping methods to fight major depression.
Dr. Becker Schutte Chronic Illness and Mental Health Connection
Guest: Dr. Becker-Schutte
Living with a chronic, serious, or terminal illness is tough. It is life altering and with it often comes a lot of emotional stress. Dr. Becker-Schutte has a private practice in Kansas City, Missouri where she helps those living with chronic, serious and terminal illness and their caregivers to find a healthy and balanced life despite it all.
Jed Diamond Unemployment and Depression: Men Who Lost Their Jobs
Guest: Dr. Joe Diamond
Dr. Diamond talked about how this economy and the loss of jobs is affecting men. How men express their depression, how they deal with it and why more depressed men commit suicide vs. depressed women.
Dr. Ronald Fieve on Treatment of Difficult to Treat Depression Video on Treating Difficult Depression
Guest: Dr. Ronald Fieve
There are many different types of treatments for depression. The best treatment for depression is the one that works for you. Watch this video with Dr. Ronald Fieve, noted researcher, psychopharmacologist and author of MoodSwing and Bipolar Breakthrough will be talking about Treating Difficult-to-Treat Bipolar Disorder and Depression.
Paula Hardin on Surviving Suicide Attempts Video on Surviving Suicide Attempts: Back from the Brink
Guest: Paula Harding
Paula has lived a very difficult life, survived two suicide attempts, the first when she was young and the second in 2006. Watch this video and hear Paula telling us her amazing story of survival and how she's now living a happy life.
Julie Fast on Getting Things Done when You're Depressed Video on Getting Things Done when You're Depressed
Guest: Julie A. Fast
Julie discusses how to: mentally prepare for working while depressed, structure your environment to make working easier, work with others, mitigate the impact of depression on productivity, and more.
Amanda Edgar on Postpartum Depression Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Guest: Amanda Edgar
Amanda is mother of 5 year-old twins and currently pregnant. After her first pregnancy she began struggling with depression and continues to suffer from it. Amanda will talk about her struggles with depression before and after pregnancy.
No image available Coping with Suicide Attempts
Guest: Patricia Gallagher
About 32,000 people take their lives yearly in America. But what if a suicide attempt fails? This situation is not easy to deal with. Patricia Gallagher, talks about her experience when her husband attempted suicide, twice.
Shoshana Bennett How to Survive Postpartum Depression
Guest: Dr. Shoshana Bennett
Isn't having a baby supposed to be the happiest time of your life? Could you be suffering from postpartum depression? Find out more with Dr. Shoshana Bennett, ("Dr. Shosh") who is a survivor of two life-threatening, undiagnosed postpartum depressions.
Carol Kivler Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression (ECT)
Guest: Carol Kivler
Electroconvulsive Therapy or Shock Therapy (ECT), can be a positive experience. Carol suffers from periodic acute bouts of medication-resistant depression, responsive only to ECT ( electroconvulsive therapy).  Listen how ECT helped with her hard to treat major (clinical) depression.


Diabetes Videos

Bill Woods Diabetes and Mental Health Issues
Guest: Bill Woods
Diabetes and mental health concerns are close related, since 1 out of 5 people with a mental illness also ends up with type 2 diabetes as a result of lack of exercise, poor eating choices, and antipsychotic medications that can cause serious weight gain.


Eating Disorders Videos

Kerry Beake Choosing Health at Every Size (HAES)
Guest: Kerry Beake
As a Health at Every Size coach, Kerry’s goal is to support clients as they discover their own intuitive ability to take care of, nurture, and love their bodies. Kerry talks about self-acceptance, physical exercise, normalized eating, and other important topics related to loving your body.
No image available Video on Changing Our View of Body Image
Guest: Carol Bloom
Carol Bloom, one of the co-founders of The Women's Therapy Centre Institute in New York City, joined us for a frank discussion about female body image issues and how exploring those issues can help women and girls honor their diversity and take back their bodies.
Susan Moore on Exercise Addiction / Over-Exercising Exercise Addiction Video
Guest: Susan Moore
Program and Exercise Coordinator at the Renfrew Center on Philadelphia, talked about over-exercising and exercise addiction. How to know if you are overexercising and what steps must be taken about this.
Chevese Turner on Binge Eating Disorder Video on Binge Eating Disorder
Guest: Chevese Turner
Ms. Turner, founder of BEDA (Binge Eating Disorder Association). national organization focusing on increased prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for binge eating disorder, talks about her own disorder and why she founded BEDA.
Nina Vucetic Fully Recovered from Anorexia, Bulimia
Guest: Nina Vucetic

After almost 10 years of battling anorexia and bulimia, Nina now considers herself not only fully recovered, but a healthy, intuitive eater. Nina says: "I eat food that I actually like, I have a healthy body, and I exercise because it makes me feel amazing."
Angela Lackey Video on De-romanticizing Anorexia
Guest: Angela Gambrel Lackey
Angela talks to us about anorexia from the perspective of a 40-year-old woman who's still struggling with eating disorders issues. She will talk about her story of how she fell in the trap of anorexia and not being able to stop.
Joanna Poppink Adult Women with Eating Disorders
Guest: Joanna Popink from Triumphant Journey
Women in their twenties, thirties and forties, can also face a constant pressure to be thin, they can be at risk of developing eating disorders too. Joanna Popink discussed adult eating disorders with us.
Laura Collins Parenting Kids with Eating Disorders
Guest: Laura Collins, author of Eating Disorder Recovery: The Power of Parents blog
Tips for parents of signs of eating disorders, treatment and recovery. Parents are often blamed for playing a role in their kids' eating disorders, Laura Collins has a message for them: "It ´s not the parents' fault!"
No image available Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Body Dysmorphia
Guest: Rebecca
Body dysmorphia is where someone is excessively concerned and preoccupied by a perceived defect, real or imaginary, in the person's physical features. In this video, Rebecca talks about her experience with BDD.
Shannon Cutts Eating Disorders Recovery
Guest: Shannon Cutts
Recovering from an eating disorder  like anorexia, bulimia or compulsive overeating can be a long and difficult process, than involves not only developing healthy eating habits, but living with a realistic sense of your body.


Gender Videos

Dr. Loren Olson Living Straight, Coming Out Gay
Guest: Dr. Loren Olson
The process of coming to terms with your sexual preferences can be challenging and difficult for some people. Dr. Loren Olson lived 18 years of heterosexual married life. After a time of great self-discovery he was able to determine that what was best for him and his family was to live true to his sexual preferences.
No image available The Psychological Effects of Sex Reassignment
Guest: Maxime
Maxime was born and lived her childhood in a male's body while she desired to be female. She has now successfully transitioned to female and works to help others explore their gender identity issues.
Kailana Intersexuality, What's it Like to Grow up as an Intersexed
Guest: Kailana
Intersexed persons, may be neither all female or all male, but have anatomic features of both sexes. Kailana is intersexual (reconstructed male, reassigning female), she was raised as a boy, but parents and doctors didn ´t understand that she didn ´t feel like one.
Daniel Gonzales Ex-Gay Therapy
Guest: Daniel Gonzales
Daniel is now 29 years old, he went trough ex-gay therapy for about eighteen months when he 18. He was taught by the Cristian church he attended to, that the gay life style wasn ´t compatible with his faith.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Videos

Casey Bazarewski on OCD How OCD Affects a Teen's Social Live
Guest: Casey
"I had OCD symptoms for as long as I can remember, but I specifically remember it getting bad when I was in first grade, so I was 6. I was terrified of dying and I started checking locks and my window in my room. I never told anyone about it because I was embarrassed." Watch the video.
Katie Rios on Dermatillomania Video on Living with Dermatillomania
Guest: Katie Rios
Dermatillomania (also known as compulsive skin picking or CSP) is an impulse control disorder in which a person repeatedly picks own skin causing damage. Katie Rios gives her testimony as a sufferer of dermatillomania.
Rachel McCarthy James on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Video on What It's Like Living with OCD
Guest: Rachel McCarthy James
Rachel McCarthy James, also known as RMJ remembers facing her first obsessive-compulsive symptoms when she was 12 to 16 with what she calls " a new manifestation of trichotillomania" (pulling out hair), as she began pulling her eyebrows.
No image available Scrupulosity Testimony
Guest: Kenneth
Everyone once and awhile, worry about doing something wrong, but most of us deal with it and move on. People who suffer from scrupulosity are obsessed with religious or moral issues and consequences. They experience intense, painful guilt.


Parenting Videos

Leah-Kelley-tv My Child Has Autism
Guest: Leah Kelley
Ms. Kelley was a teacher before she became her son’s parent, and “sitting on the opposite side of the IEP table” came as a shock to her. Nevertheless, she’s spent the past years actively seeking the proper social, educational, emotional and governmental support for her students and her child and here, she shares her experiences.
Susan Resko on Bipolar Children Help for Families Raising Children with Mood Disorder
Guest: Susan Resko
Susan, Executive Director of The Balanced Mind Foundation, discuss the struggles families with children who suffer of mood disorders face and how the organization strives to help. Help for families raising children with mood disorders: childhood bipolar disorder, depression.
Ginger Taylor on Taking Care of a Child with Autism Parenting a Child with Autism
Guest: Ginger Taylor
Taking care of her son is Ginger's whole life, experiencing a lot of safety and medical issues. Watch the video and see how Ginger copes with all the challenges that she is presented as a parent of a child with special needs.
Dr. David Laing Dawson Successfully Parenting Your Adolescent
Guest: Dr. David L. Dawson
On the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, we spoke with Dr. David Laing Dawson, the author of The Adolescent Owner's Manual, about parenting teenagers and how to turn teenagers into responsible, healthy, young adults.
Angela Mcclanahan Parents with a Child with Mental Illness
Guest: Angela McClanahan author of Life with Bob blog
How it is to raise a child with bipolar disorder? Angela  talks to us about the challenges of raising a child with a mental disorder, in her blog, Angela relates the daily challenges that she has to face as a parent of a child with a mental illness such as stigma and discrimination.
Dr. Steven Richfield Managing Behavior Problems in Children
Guest: Dr. Steven Richfield from The Parent Coach
Dr. Steven Richfield has successfully worked with countless children and parents for over two decades, focusing his work as a child psychologist on child development, parent education, and the emotional problems of childhood.
Dr. Nancy Rappaport Suicide: How to Explain Suicide to Children
Guest: Dr. Nancy Rappaport
Talking to children about a family member committing suicide or suicide attempts is a difficult task. Dr. Nancy Rappaport, who lost her mother to suicide when she was four, explains how to talk to your child about suicide in the family.


Personality Disorders Videos

Dani Z on Living with a Mental Illness Publicly Living with a Mental Illness
Guest: Dani Z
Why would someone have to worry about sharing the details of their mental health? Stigma! Dani Z has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and is now on a campain to talk openly about her mental illness.
Sam Vaknin Narcissistic and Psychopathic Bullies at the Workplace
Guest: Sam Vaknin from Malignant Self-Love
Do you know someone at work who is a control freak? Does not work well in team? Always seeking to destroy popular co-workers? Someone who is pessimistic, immature and acts childish? You could be facing a narcissistic or a psychopathic bully.
Sam Vaknin Abusers, Narcissists and How to Cope with Them
Guest: Sam Vaknin from Malignant Self-Love
If you have been the victim of abuse, you understand why some people say "it's like living in hell". Abusers and narcissists are almost synonymous and Sam Vaknin talks about relationships with abusers and narcissists.
No image available Avoidant Personality Disorder
Guest: Trish Poce
Lifelong pattern of extreme shyness, feelings of inadequacy and sensitivity to criticism are characteristics of a psychiatric condition called Avoidant Personality Disorder ( AvPD). Trish Poce, talks about her experience as an Avoidant Personality Disorder sufferer.
A.J. Mahari Coping with a Loved One with BPD in Your Life
Guest: A.J. Mahari
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be a devastating mental condition, both for the people who have it and for those around them. Fortunately help is available, and people diagnosed with BPD can live happier and healthier lives.
Sandra Brown Women In Love With Psychopaths
Guest: Sandra L. Brown
Some women fall in love with men with severe psychopathologies like narcissism, sociopaths and psychopaths. Why? How? Expert Sandra L. Brown, explains the reasons and how to get out of a relationship with a psychopath.


Relationships Videos

Deltra Coyne

Mental Illness and Relationships: It's Complicated
Guest: Deltra Coyne
Sharing your diagnosis with others might be complicated. Deltra talks about mental illnesses and relationships, losing friends over your mental illness, romantic relationships, what support means and more.

Jed Diamond Why Mid-Life Men Turn Mean and What To Do About It
Guest: Jed Diamond
Dr. Diamond maintains that mid-life men have menopausal symptoms similar to women. Discover why some mid-life men turn mean. Video interview with Dr. Jed Diamond on male menopause, Irritable Male Syndrome, and how women and men can handle it.
Sam Vaknin Recovering after a Relationship with a Narcissist
Guest: Sam Vaknin from Malignant Self-Love
What makes recovering from a relationship with a narcissist so difficult? Self-proclaimed narcissist, Sam Vaknin, talks about relationships with a narcissist and how they look for co-dependant people who are abuse addicts.


Schizophrenia / Thought Disorders Videos

Bill MacPhee on Successful Despite Schizophrenia Successful Despite Schizophrenia
Guest: Billl MacPhee
Mr. MacPhee, CEO and founder of Magpie Media Inc., was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 24. Bill struggled with his illness, was in and out of hospitals and group homes, and even survived a suicide attempt. Bill is living proof that schizophrenia can be controlled, and those with the disorder can live productive, loving lives.
Dan Hoeweler Life in a False World of Schizophrenic Delusions
Guest: Dan Hoeweler
Dan Hoeweler is the author of the Creative Schizophrenia blog. He knows firsthand what it’s like to live in your own personal psychological thriller and survive to tell the tale. He joined us on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show to describe his schizophrenia symptoms and their impact on his life.
Randye Kaye on Early Onset Schizophrenia in the Family A Family Faced with Schizophrenia Finds Hope and Recovery
Guest: Randye Kaye
Randye is a single mother to her son, Ben, who is now successfully attending college and living a "normal" sort of life. But for the past several years, life has been anything but normal as Ben started to develop early onset schizophrenia at a young age, but it took years and multiple hospitalizations before a correct diagnosis was finally made.
Candra Mackay The Challenges of Living with Schizoaffective Disorder
Guest: Sandra MacKay
Sandra was first diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 15-years old, her current diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder. She has struggled for a long time, both with the symptoms of her disease, and the side-effects of her medication.
Fredrick Frese Sane and Living with Schizophrenia
Guest: Dr. Fredrick J. Frese
Dr. Fredrick J. Frese was has been living with schizophrenia  for 40+ years. In this schizophenia video, he shares anecdotes about his diagnosis and how he's managed to be successful despite it.
Kristin Bell Living My Life with Schizophrenia
Guest: Kristin Bell
Hallucinations and delusions can be present in the daily life of people with schizophrenia, unfortunately many can't afford to get treatment so that they can maintain a stable, productive life. Kristin Bell was able to get treatment for schizophrenia.
Susan Inman Schizoaffective Disorder in My Family
Guest: Susan Inman
If someone in your family suffers of schizoaffective disorder, you and your family, no doubt, are facing challenges, emotions and concerns about schizoaffective disorder. Susan Inman, talks about her own experience with her daughter ´s schizoaffective disorder.


Sex Issues Videos

Wendy Maltz Sex After Sexual Abuse
Guest: Wendy Maltz
Licensed sex therapist, Wendy Maltz, talks about common consequences after being a victim of sexual abuse like: negative reactions to touch, unwanted sexual fantasies, and being troubled with sexual functioning difficulties. She also provides some healing techniques.


Sleep Disorders

Dr. Harry Croft Sleep Disorders and Mental Health
Guest: Dr. Harry Croft, Medical Director
Sleep disorders are common, and they can turn so serious as to interfere with one's physical, mental and emotional health. Also, some mental or emotional disorders can interfere with sleep patterns. Dr. Harry Croft, talks about how sleep disorders are related to mental health.


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Last Updated: 05 June 2017
Reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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