Fully Recovered from Anorexia, Bulimia: Video

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Nina Vucetic started her first diet in 2000. Unfortunately, like it happens to many people, she didn't know when to stop. Nina became obsessed with diets and food. Her story is a common one, and we regret the inavailability of her video interview with HealthyPlace. You can read more about Nina at Eating Disorder Recovery: How One Woman Found Freedom. In her interview's place are playlists about eating disorders and eating disorder recovery from our HealthyPlace bloggers.

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About our guest, Nina Vucetic

Nina Vucetic on Eating DisordersNina became obsessed with food and dieting after her first diet on 2000. Her personal "rock bottom" was when she realized she might not be able to have a relationships, a child, a job, or even die in her unhealthy relationship with food.. Nina says, "I have been recovered from eating disorders for several years and hope to help and inspire others to do the same!"

Nina authors a blog called Help for Eating Disorder

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