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If you're a parent, have the following questions ever crossed your mind?

  • What are some good ways to connect with my elusive teen?
  • How can I help my competitive kids control their rivalry?
  • Can I prepare my child for the social hurdles down the road?

These, and many other parenting questions, cross my mind everyday, sometimes when I'm with my own sons and often times when I'm guiding other parents and their children in my child psychology practice. My name is Dr. Steven Richfield. Most of my professional time is devoted to helping children develop the social and emotional skills to smooth out the bumps in their lives. I maintain a full-time private practice in the Philadelphia suburbs.

The purpose of this column is to offer practical coaching advice to parents on a range of issues that confront kids every day. In each column, I outline goal-oriented, preventive steps that parents can take to help their children mature. Parent Coaching helps you raise the social and emotional competencies of your children so that they can be better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Please feel free to print any of the columns, distribute them to friends, colleagues, teachers or other professionals. Feel free to e-mail me with your questions, comments, requests, and ideas. I can be reached at

Information about my Parent Coaching Cards is available at

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