Misconceptions About Dissociative Identity Disorder: Video

In this dissociative identity disorder (DID) video, our Dissociative Living bloggers discuss living with DID and some of the misconceptions people have about those who live with dissociative identity disorder.

Originally, our guest, Maria, shared her first-hand account of living with dissociative identity disorder. For Maria, enduring a very traumatic childhood and even an unexplained medical procedure seems to have triggered her disorder. Unfortunately, Maria's interview is no longer available. Below you'll find the HealthyPlace Dissociative Identity Disorder Playlist from YouTube. It offers great insight into living with DID.

Watch the Dissociative Identity Disorder Playlist

About Maria, Our Guest on the Dissociative Identity Disorder Video

Maria was officially diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) in 1989, after seeing several therapists and being misdiagnosed with grief, stress, loss and anger issues as a result of being a caregiver for her mentally ill mother since early childhood. Her earliest recollection of living with multiple personalities was at 4 years old. As a teenager and young adult, she recalls making excuses for her alters when she had been told over-and-over again that she had done something she didn't remember doing. At one time in her young life, she was coping with as many as 58 personalities. Now a mother of three in her fifties, Maria has managed to cope with her personalities and has some advice she would like to share with others. Her aim is to debunk the negativity about D.I.D. and show that "alters" (a term she has a problem with) might be a good thing.

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Last Updated: May 10, 2019

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