Self-Injury Video: Help for People Who Cut Themselves

Watch self-injury video on why it's so difficult to stop self-injuring once you start. Christie talks about self-injuring for 12 years.You may know her on youtube as "sullengirl." 

At 25, Christie has been engaged in self-injury for 12 years. In her guest post, she shares why she started self-injuring, her parents' reaction to it, and tools she uses to reduce the urge to self-injure. Christie also discusses her fear that self-injury might last her lifetime. We went into detail on these and other topics in this self-injury video, but the video is inaccessible. Fortunately, YouTube's SullenGirl posts regularly. Below you'll find her playlist on self-injury. 

Self-injury Videos and Playlist with SullenGirl


About Christie (YouTube's SullenGirl), Our Guest on the Self-injury Video

Christie, guest on the self injury video show

Christie started self-injuring when she was 13 year old. Today, she is 25 years old. She runs a YouTube support channel for self-injurers, where topics like cutting, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, therapy and recovery are discussed.

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