Two Ways to Begin Discussing Your Mental Health

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Two Ways to Begin Discussing Your Mental Health

Talking about your mental illness with others can be uncomfortable at first. Here are two ways to begin discussing your mental health with others.When you are struggling with a mental illness, you can feel unlike everyone else. You may feel embarrassed or overly anxious because not everyone understands all of your behaviors or ways of thinking. (Mental Health Stigma: Airing our "Dirty Laundry") However, it is healthy to become comfortable discussing your mental health battle, even if it initially makes you sick to your stomach to do so. By finding an outlet to share your story, or parts of your story, you will begin to get the help you need and begin the journey of removing the self-stigma that sometimes comes with having a mental illness.

Talk in a Support Group

Many people dislike therapy in any form, but some of those same people will admit that talking to a therapist has been helpful in their mental health recovery process. If you're not ready for therapy, how about trying a mental health support group? The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance offer face-to-face support groups in many cities throughout the U.S. By sharing pieces of your story with others who are in a similar situation, you will be able to grab ahold of new coping skills and express emotions you once thought no one else could possibly understand.

Blog About Your Mental Illness

Creating a blog, vlog or podcast discussing your experience with a certain mental illness allows you to share your thoughts, feelings and insight without having to be face-to-face with someone. Some people have difficulty speaking to loved ones or others about their struggles simply because it is so personal. When you write or record those struggles alone on your own time, you get the satisfaction of sharing your story without feeling pinpointed by those around you.

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