How to Remain Calm in Emotional Situations

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How do you remain calm when you feel like freaking out? You can learn 4 steps to staying calm despite strong emotions on HealthyPlace.

How to Remain Calm in Emotional Situations

Many people think of the ability to remain calm in emotional situations as inborn temperament. However, the knack for staying calm despite feeling strong emotions is a skill that can be learned and developed. This involves nurturing your emotional health.

Emotional health encompasses doing things every day to take care of your brain and body. Just as attending to physical health can prevent the flu and other illnesses, paying attention to emotional health can prevent anxiety, panic, and emotionality during times of stress.

These actions and states of mind can help you stay calm even in emotional situations:

  • Practice taking slow, deep breaths when you’re calm. Then, when emotions soar, once again breathe slowly and deeply to regulate and calm the nervous system.
  • Take stock of your thoughts when you notice emotions flaring. Are there other ways you can interpret what’s happening? Just knowing that there are other possibilities can take your emotions down a notch.
  • Be mindful, use mindfulness techniques. Rather than getting lost in spiraling thoughts and emotions, center yourself in the present moment. Using your senses to focus on the here-and-now is centering.
  • A final, important tip: give your brain a break. Step away from technology, take a walk or otherwise move, and do something enjoyable. Allowing your brain to experience calm will help you remain calm in times of stress.

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