For Good Summer Mental Health Two Things Are Essential

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For some, mental illness symptoms can worsen during the summer. Discover 2 things you can do to give your mental health a boost this summer.

For Good Summer Mental Health Two Things Are Essential

Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere. It can mean longer days, warmer weather, happiness, and improved moods; however, it doesn’t always—especially when it comes to mental health.  

In some cases, mental illness symptoms can worsen in the hot, sunny months. Anxiety, for example, can intensify in the summer for some people (Shedding Light on Anxiety and Sunlight). While mental illness is year-round, you can make your summer mentally healthy and enjoyable. These essentials will provide a mental health boost this summer season.

Two Things to Make Your Summer Mentally Healthy

  1. Discover a Sense of Purpose. What needs to happen for your summer to be meaningful? Answer this personal question, and then determine what you can do to make meaning.  
  2. Have fun. Act purposefully, but also allow yourself to let go and have fun. Being playful and doing things you enjoy boosts wellbeing. By making time and taking opportunities for fun, you can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and more. To return to the question above: What needs to happen for your summer to include fun?

Even if it seems daunting at first, taking small steps to create purpose and fun this summer will help your mental health and wellbeing bloom.

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