Does Mental Illness Make You Hard on Yourself?

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It’s not unusual for people with mental illness to beat themselves up. Get concrete tips for dealing with negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Does Mental Illness Make You Hard on Yourself?

Living with mental illness can be challenging enough without your own negative thoughts and feelings about yourself further beating you down. You don’t have to believe what your illness tries to tell you.

Mental Illness and Negative Thinking

Everyone has automatic negative thoughts, thinking errors that influence our emotions and actions. In people with mental illness, these thoughts are more pronounced and persistent.

Some thinking errors that might be damaging your self-esteem include:

  • Labeling—using harsh, negative labels to describe yourself
  • Emotional reasoning—letting your emotions take the lead, shaping your thoughts and actions
  • Discounting the positive—zeroing in on negative beliefs about yourself and dismissing anything positive as a fluke

Breaking Free from Negative Thoughts About Yourself

Thinking about yourself more realistically is a gradual process that takes practice and patience. These steps can help:

  • Awareness—rather than letting your negative self-talk run rampant, start catching the things you say about yourself
  • Question—Ask, “Is this really true?” Look for evidence that it is a lie told by mental illness.
  • Intentional focus—To shape your thoughts, choose what you pay attention to, returning your concentration to the moment or a positive aspect of yourself instead of negative thoughts and emotions.

You don’t have to believe everything you think, especially when it comes to all the negative thoughts mental illness tells you about yourself.

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Come join us, Thursday, July 30 at 3p ET / 4p CT. Therapist, Amy Quinn, will be there too. She specializes in treating adults with bipolar disorder. Ms. Quinn will be providing some concrete suggestions for dealing with the challenges that people with bipolar disorder face on the job. As always, our guests take your personal questions and comments.


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