Doctors, Therapists Who Hide Your Mental Health Diagnosis

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Doctors, Therapists Who Hide Your Mental Health Diagnosis

Doctors, Therapists Who Hide Your Mental Health Diagnosis Having worked at HealthyPlace for almost a decade, when it comes to mental illness, I thought I had heard and seen it all. Apparently not. In today's environment, I had never heard of a doctor or therapist purposefully hiding the mental health diagnosis from a patient. Our award-winning bipolar blogger, Natasha Tracy, details this egregious offense in Dealing with Doctors Who Won’t Tell You Your Diagnosis. This is a must-read for everyone; mental health patients, those who think they may have a mental illness, parents and loved ones. It should be shared with everyone you know.

I'm not going to re-state Natasha's article. What I'm hoping is that this type of professional behavior isn't widespread. Seeing your family doctor or a mental health professional for an initial evaluation of your concerns has been touted as the gold standard of treatment for decades. How can anyone begin to help themselves if they aren't armed with a mental health diagnosis they can count on?

Share your thoughts and experiences with this by commenting on the HealthyPlace Facebook page. The article is pinned to the top for the next two days. Also, we invite mental health professionals to share their opinions on this matter. Do you think there's a circumstance where it's best not to inform the patient of his/her mental health diagnosis?

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