Nurture Your Mental Health: Tips for a Great Summer

Our mental health can fluctuate with the seasons. Our overall wellbeing is intricately tied to nature. The amount of daylight we experience, the presence of green and blue spaces, seasonal foods that are naturally available, temperature, and air quality all impact our mental health.

The winter months are notoriously associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or seasonal depression. The summer months can equally impact our mood and brain health, too. The heat can be dehydrating, which reduces healthy brain functioning. Too much daylight can interfere in sleep and even exacerbate manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Many people report higher levels of anxiety in the summer months.

This doesn’t mean that an enjoyable summer is out of reach, however. Follow these tips to nurture your mental health this summer.

  • Establish new routines. Summer can throw off our usual routines, but routines are crucial for wellbeing and managing symptoms of many types of mental illness. Make sure your day has predictable structure.
  • Nourish your brain. Stay hydrated—the body typically needs more water during the heat of the summer. Eat healthy seasonal produce and avoid processed summer treats as much as possible to maintain brain health.
  • Enjoy nature. Take advantage of flourishing flora by stepping outside every day. Experience both green and blue spaces for mental health boosts that make a big difference.

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