Anxiety can happen at any age. Anxiety itself is part of the human condition, present in our lives merely because we exist. Sometimes, anxiety grows and expands and begins to take over our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; when this happens, we may qualify for a diagnosis of one or more anxiety disorders. Both existential anxiety and anxiety disorders such as separation anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and fears or phobias, can happen at any age. Let’s take a look at the anxiety that can happen at various ages. Keep reading »

Can you achieve bliss if you struggle with self-hatred and depression? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately because despite all of the positive things going on in my life, I still struggle with self-hatred and depression. How can I live a blissful life when I sometimes feel like my life isn’t worth living? Self-hatred and depression make living a blissful life difficult. Keep reading »

Holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, but when you have dissociative identity disorder (DID), handling holiday stress can be especially overwhelming. Anniversary reactions, sensory overload, and boundary violations are common stressors for those with DID, and are most prevalent around the holidays. It may feel overwhelming, but there are ways to handle the holiday stress when you have DID. Keep reading »

I travel with depression at least three times a year, and most of the time I find myself on solo trips. Whether I am traveling for work or vacation, it seems like my depression never takes a respite. Instead of seeing this as a weakness that prevents me from traveling internationally, I try to work around it with a few techniques I’ve learned over the years. I have learned to travel and vacation with depression. Keep reading »

There is a serious lack of treatment for dual diagnosis with substance abuse. A dual diagnosis is two co-occurring mental health conditions, in this case, one of which is a substance abuse disorder. The use of substances as a way to cope with psychiatric symptoms is so common there’s a term for it: “self-medicating.” Treatment for dual diagnosis with substance abuse is critical, but few get treatment. Keep reading »

Boundaries in bipolar disorder matter and over the holidays, bipolar boundaries matter even more. We set functional boundaries for a reason. Boundaries keep us safe. Boundaries keep us well. And that is not just as important during the holidays but, rather, more important. We must maintain boundaries with bipolar during the holiday season. Keep reading »

Stigma harms those with mental health issues, but it is possible to build a community where mental health stigma doesn’t exist. Building a community of stigma-free living takes time and effort, but when stigma in your community doesn’t exist, you will have a much more rewarding and stress-free life.

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Binge eating recovery during the holidays can make the holiday season even more anxiety-provoking. This time of year is especially food-filled and it can be tempting to dig in full force. It is important to remember what you are working towards and keep on your path toward binge eating recovery even during the holidays. Keep reading »

Even in times of great struggle with anxiety disorders, there are signs that tell you that you’ll beat anxiety. By definition, any anxiety disorder is something whose symptoms cause significant distress, interfere in one or more areas of life (such as work, family, or social functioning), is difficult to control, and endures over time, usually for at least six months but often longer.1 Anxiety in any form, then, can be daunting. But take heart: when you’re feeling thoroughly stuck, look within yourself for these five signs that you will indeed beat anxiety. Keep reading »

If your holiday is making you depressed, you should know this is actually pretty common. While it is a mental health myth that the suicide rate goes up during Christmas, that does not negate the fact that many people find the holidays to be a drag. It’s okay to feel that way–holidays are a stressful time, and our culture demands a “perfect” holiday so anything that falls short may seem like a personal failure (What Is Holiday Depression?). But the good news is you don’t have to have a “perfect” holiday, and there are things to try if your holiday is making you depressed. Keep reading »