What makes someone a likable person? You may think that some people have a better personality than you, have an easier time talking to others or that likable people are just born that way. Nope, you too can be a more likable person, it just takes some practice. If you learn to cultivate the tools in this post when interacting with others, you’ll feel more confident in social situations, have healthier relationships and feel happier in the skin you’re in. Keep reading »

There’s no doubt social media consumes many of our lives these days, but there is a dark side to social media that affects our young people. All you need to do is look at the outraged expression on the face of someone who finds out their friend doesn’t have a Facebook profile. It’s everywhere, and young people are especially caught up in their so called Internet lives. They almost stop living in the real world and it’s hard to go five minutes without checking their phones. Young people often compare what they see others doing on social media to what they’re doing with their lives, and it makes me question — can social media affect young people’s self-esteem, confidence and feeling of self worth? Is there a dark side to social media that affects young people? Keep reading »

People with binge eating disorder are prone to dieting, fad dieting, and even yo-yo dieting. A yo-yo diet, also known as weight cycling, is when a person loses and regains weight. This person’s weight swings back and forth like a yo-yo. Medical experts have shown this rapid weight loss and gain can cause health problems and health-related risks. Although more research is needed, what is currently known about yo-yo dieting is that it doesn’t lead to better health and weight management. Keep reading »

Mental health labels can cause self-stigma, but they don’t have to. An interesting realization came upon me the other day. When I think about it now, it kind of seems self-evident, but the it really struck me just how much of an issue it is. I’m talking about the self-stigma we feel when it comes to labels – whether the generalized “mental health” or “mental illness” label or more specific ones like depression or bipolar or whatever mental illness it is you deal with. But you can remove self-stigma from mental health labels. Keep reading »

A common effect of anxiety that can cause frustration is indecisiveness. Like depression and indecision, anxiety can make it difficult for people to make decisions, and not just the big, life decisions, either. With anxiety, it can be hard to make any decision, even ones that seem small and insignificant to others. This indecisiveness isn’t intentional; instead, indecisiveness is an effect of anxiety that creates a high degree of frustration.  Keep reading »

I’m in bipolar-related pain almost all the time but, of course, my job is to ignore the bipolar pain. This is a tall, huge, gigantic, herculean order (Anticipating Bipolar Pain Is Good?). It is not a small thing to ignore the pain you are in – regardless of type but, perhaps, brain pain is even worse than, say, the pain of a broken leg because at least there is some relief from the broken leg when you lie down and elevate it. This is not the case with bipolar pain. That said, these eight tips for ignoring bipolar pain might help. Keep reading »

Over the past month I’ve discovered that at any moment I can transform triggering emotions into happier ones. Wouldn’t you rather be happy by transforming your triggering emotions?  Keep reading »

Kindness can help you to improve your self-esteem, and that includes being kind to others as well as yourself. Kindness may be in the form of a smile, friendly words or thoughts, a random act on the street, volunteering, helping a neighbour or reaching out to a friend. Be kind to others as well as yourself and improve self esteem.  Keep reading »

You can live a healthy lifestyle and improve your body image even with anxiety. I’m currently trying to lose weight through joining a local slimmers support group. I won’t lie, it’s been an uphill battle with hurdles all the way. I’ll reach a much longed for milestone one week and the next I’ll find myself feeling as though I’ve tumbled, bruised and defeated, back down the mountain. I’m a sufferer of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and so ever since I’ve stopped growing up, I’ve been steadily growing out in such a way that I often feel as if I have lost agency over my own body. Moreover, I have an overly emotional attachment to food. But, even with anxiety, I am trying for a healthy lifestyle while improving my body image, too.

Keep reading »

You’re in college and you have binge eating disorder. You might be wondering how you can take care of yourself when stress can play a huge part in your eating disorder. College is a fun and exciting time which can also be incredibly difficult and challenging. Amid the demands of school work, how do you find the time to practice binge eating disorder self care and eat on a regular schedule? Keep reading »