Phentermine is a binge eating disorder medication as it’s an appetite suppressant. It works by stimulating the part of the brain that regulates appetite. With someone that has binge eating disorder, this area of the brain could be going into overdrive and causing binges. The binge eating disorder medication, phentermine, has worked to help me control my binges and stop grazing all day. Keep reading »

Life viewed through a lens of love can lead to blissful living. As I reflect on some of life’s journey, I remember painful times during my growing up years. I accepted a truth of myself as viewed through a lens of fear and poison. At that time, I wasn’t aware my view was one from fear. I had no idea that a life viewed through the lens of love could be blissful. Keep reading »

Nearly one-third of adult Americans do not drink alcohol at all. Furthermore, another one-third of adult Americans consume less than one alcoholic drink per week. These figures from a Washington Post article astonished me; far more Americans don’t drink alcohol or very light drinkers than I had realized.  Keep reading »

Doctors are affected by mental illness stigma, and, as service users, we are running into this problem time and time again. I have heard countless horror stories of mental illness stigma affecting doctors and other medical professionals, who are part of the patient’s journey. However, there still remains a number of doctors and medical professionals who stay true to their passion for medicine.

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There are many good quotes and conversations about the stigma attached to mental illness. We owe it to ourselves to listen to and discuss these quotes as an effort to acknowledge the mental illness stigma. Fighting stigma is one of the steps to recovery from mental illness. So here are three quotes, and some possible discussions to have about mental illness stigma.

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Creating alters (alternate personalities) in dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a helpful way to deal with different personalities. I don’t know exactly how to tell someone to create an alter, but it seems that when there is a need for one, it will come to be. One such time was with my little girl alter. Her name is Colette, and she is five years old. Colette taught me about creating alters with dissociative identity disorder. Keep reading »

Self-care is critical for parents raising children living with mental illness. As parents, we tend to put our child’s needs ahead of our own. This doesn’t work. I’ve put together a list of eight self-care tips for parents of children with mental illness. Keep reading »

Reminiscing without self-harm can be hard but you can make memories without scars. With the social media today, practically every step you take is recorded. Whether you are tagged in photographs from the night before or you tweet about the meal you had, life is not a secret anymore. Technology has made it so you cannot forget some of the memories from your past because, well, they may show up on an app or in an online journal or blog you forgot about. Sometimes the most difficult memories are the ones that crush you without warning and reminiscing about these memories can cause self-harm.

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Alcohol and self-injury definitely don’t mix and can lead to serious consequences. As you may know, self-medicating is a way many people with mental illness deal with the symptoms of their disease. I have fallen into this trap multiple times with heavy drinking. Of course, choosing to self-medicate over a doctor-prescribed treatment is never a good idea, but alcohol can intensify our feelings when we are already suffering from the addiction of self-harm. We may hurt ourselves worse than we ever thought we could, which is exactly what I did.

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Binge eating disorder can control your life — if you let it. It is a major mental illness that can lead to an entire host of problems in a person’s everyday life. There can be periods of relative calm where the problem is not at the forefront of a sufferer’s thinking every day. But there can also be days where the struggle is too much to bear and things quickly get out of control. At times binge eating disorder did control my life. Keep reading »