What Are Your Reasons to Recover from Self-Harm?

March 28, 2018 Kayla Chang

It's important to know your reasons to recover from self-harm. Without them, self-harm recovery will be much more difficult. Discover reasons to recover from self-harm at HealthyPlace, and learn how to uncover your reasons and use them for motivation in self-harm recovery now.You would think that the reasons to recover from self-harm would be obvious. In a way, they are. You would also think that those who currently suffer from self-harm tendencies would recognize these reasons and use them to motivate their recovery. In a way, they do. But that is the thing about mental illness: no one chooses to be sick. Rationale tells us that the drawbacks of self-harm far outweigh the benefits but our sick brains tell us otherwise. The trick is to access and strengthen our rationale — that is, the healthy part of our brains that still exists somewhere inside of us — to do what we know we need to do (Mental Illness Isn't a Choice, But You Still Have Choices). Finding reasons to recover from self-harm is part of the process.

Make a List of Reasons to Recover from Self-Harm

Making a list of your reasons to recover from self-harm is useful when first approaching self-harm recovery (How to Stop Self-Harm, Self-Injury Behaviors). It may be difficult in the beginning to get enough perspective on the scope of your self-harm problem to come up with a comprehensive list but it is a valuable exercise that helps strengthen our healthy voice. Think of it as "rewiring" the brain. Even if you do not feel quite ready to give up self-harm completely, do this exercise regularly until you feel ready.

Remember the worst moments. Consider the things you would never want to feel again, think again, or do again. Alternately, consider the things you do want to feel again, think again, or do again that you currently cannot.

Some Reasons to Recover from Self-Harm

  1. Self-harm isolates you from other people.
  2. Self-harm is addicting.
  3. Self-harm makes you into a liar.
  4. Self-harm takes up valuable space in your mind.
  5. Self-harm is a roadblock to self-improvement.
  6. Self-harm makes you see yourself as weaker than you are.
  7. Self-harm can leave lasting marks.
  8. Self-harm makes you live in fear of being "found out."
  9. Self-harm makes you feel empty.
  10. Self-harm keeps you stuck living a half-life.

Your list will most likely not look like mine. Your list will be unique to you. As you progress through your recovery you will gain greater mental clarity and health, which, in turn, will reveal additional reasons to recover from self-harm that you may not have recognized before. Feel free to amend or add to your list accordingly in whatever way feels most helpful to you. Have this list to refer back to your list when you are struggling to find motivation in self-harm recovery. This exercise may be overwhelming at first but it is important to just start. Just start wherever you are.

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