Overcoming Bullies and Negative Feedback

April 10, 2023 Teddy Mbukha

Bullying and negative feedback can be devastating to your self-esteem and massively contribute to feelings of being powerless, unworthy, and alone. Overcoming these things is an essential part of your self-esteem journey. In this article, I walk you through strategies to overcome bullying and negative feedback to build your self-esteem.

When dealing with bullies and negative feedback, people tend to internalize what's being thrown at them, and slowly, that begins to define their self-worth. When dealing with bullies and negative feedback, you need to understand and constantly remember that it's not about you. The bullies and negative people in your life have their own issues and insecurities, which they project onto others. You should never forget that when someone is mean, cruel, and critical of you, it is more a reflection of who they are than it is about you.

How to Overcome Bullying and Negative Feedback

Negative people and bullies always look to hit the spots that will hurt the most or elicit the biggest reaction out of you; that's why they always zero in on insecurities. Instead of dwelling on your insecurities and weaknesses, you should:

  • Focus on your strengths -- You have more positive qualities, talents, accomplishments, and strengths than you give yourself credit for, so focus on what makes you unique. Remind yourself of your strengths often to counteract the negative feedback you receive.
  • Invite more positivity in your life -- Rather than look at the downsides in every situation, become the kind of person who sees the silver lining. Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you gain the support you need to build self-esteem and drown out the words and actions of bullies and negative people.
  • Fight for yourself -- Learning how to stand up for yourself when someone is bullying you or giving you negative feedback is important. Speak up and send a message that you value and respect yourself. Bullies and negative people strive to chip away at people's self-confidence; don't allow them that power over you.
  • Seek help -- If you struggle with bullies and negative people dragging you down, seeking help can be very valuable. You can speak to a therapist, a counselor, or an authority figure to help you address the situation and develop strategies to cope with negative feedback and build self-confidence. Seeking help gives you access to a safe and supportive space where you can be heard and objectively explore your feelings and experiences.

Overcoming bullies and negative feedback is crucial to your self-esteem journey. When you understand that none of it is about you, focus on your strengths, stand up for yourself, seek help, and welcome positivity into your life, you begin to take back the power from bullies and negative people. You are worthy and strong; you deserve love and respect.

Below is a short clip you can have a look at that elaborates on my journey with negative people and bullies. 

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Author: Teddy Mbukha

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