What to Do When It Seems Like Problems Will Never End

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What to Do When It Seems Like Problems Will Never End

Living with mental health challenges can feel discouraging sometimes. Progress can and does happen, but it isn’t linear. Instead, it moves in loops and waves and involves both triumphs and setbacks. It can feel like a “one step forward, two steps back” approach to living, and this can be disheartening.

Know that isn’t an indication that everyone except you knows how to heal and move forward. Facing setbacks and feeling as though you’re stuck in problems that will never end is normal. Try these suggestions when challenges seem insurmountable:

  • Recognize your thoughts and feelings, and allow them. Being hard on yourself or struggling against your experiences is devaluing and can prevent you from changing your thoughts and feelings.
  • Step away to reset and refresh. Working on your challenges is important, but we all need a break from a heavy focus like this. Give yourself permission to be exactly how you are and do something relaxing and soothing.
  • Use mindfulness to pull yourself out of your thoughts. Problems have a way of dominating our thoughts. Catch yourself stuck in negative thoughts, and shift your concentration to something pleasant around you right now. Pause and express gratitude for it.
  • Seek help and mental health support. Many mental health challenges are difficult to overcome alone. Reach out to a friend, loved one, or a mental health professional.

Rest assured, you can get better, and just when it seems like problems will never end, you can do things to begin to move forward again.

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