Online? Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Information Overload

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Has information overload affected your mental health? Discover 3 things to prevent or decrease information overload on HealthyPlace.

Online? Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Information Overload

Has information overload affected your mental health?

We all have a wealth of information at our fingertips anytime we want it. This can be a good thing. Knowledge is power, and by looking up mental health concerns, for example, we can gain insight, learn more about what we might be experiencing, and gather information for overcoming these concerns.

This instant access to the information super-highway isn’t always good for us, however. Too much time spent surfing for data can be overwhelming and increase feelings of depression and anxiety. Sometimes, we find conflicting information about how to deal with our mental health challenges. Additionally, we can feel crushed under the weight of other people’s stories and struggles. Stories can be inspiring, as can chatting online with people experiencing mental health conditions similar to ours. Too much, though, can overload and upset us.

You can prevent or decrease information overload. Try:

  • Limiting your time online
  • Establishing a purpose for being online and sticking to activities that match that reason
  • Dealing with a flood of information, some conflicting, by writing down a few “facts” for later consideration (and maybe further online searching) then putting it aside

The online world offers many benefits. When you take steps to buffer yourself against information overload, your experience will be less overwhelming and more mentally healthy.

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